Josiah Deguara

Tight End



242 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Memphis, Boston College, UCLA

Report By: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 7.50
Flexibility: 7.60
C.O.D.: 7.50
Explosion: 6.20
Deep Speed: 7.20

Very good athleticism and can be a mismatch for second and third-level defenders in space. He has the speed to keep safeties honest when running seam routes, and the size and strength to get open on horizontal routes. He has great fluidity in and out of his routes and doesn't lose have to gear down to move laterally thus gaining separation from the defender trying to cover him. He doesn't have a ton of explosive qualities to his game, rather he is a quality athlete in space and can surprise some defenders with his short-area quickness and burst to get open. He flashes the ability to bend and contort to off-target throws away from his frame as a pass catcher and is equally impressive at getting out in space to make a block at the second level.


Quicks Off LOS: 7.50
Route Running: 7.70
Separation: 7.60
Hands: 7.30
Yards After Contact: 7.20
Ball Security: 7.50

Very good first-step quickness and keeps his chest clean from jams by either hand checking them or even swimming them altogether. He ran a wide variety of routes during his time with the Bearcats as well as from a number of different positions. Has no problem getting separation from TEs due to his athleticism and fluidity, and can be too strong for Safeties to try and cover one on one. Is a sure-handed receiver who doesn't drop a lot of passes and has shown the ability to pluck passes away from his frame. The only time he struggles to complete a catch is when a big hit is coming. A rugged runner after the catch who keeps his legs chugging along and can break some tackles. He has no issues with fumbles and braces for big hits at the appropriate time.


In-Line Runs: 6.20
Motion Runs: 7.20
Blocking In Space: 7.50
Pass Blocking: 6.50
Situational Awareness: 7.20

A valuable asset in the running game due to his prowess as a wham blocker and the ability to get to the second level and fit on blocks. He uses that same fluidity as a pass catcher to get out in front, locate, and fit on blocks at on LBs and Safeties out in space. He gives tremendous effort and uses his hands well matched up with off the ball defenders, but when matched up in-line against heavy-handed DL and Edge rushers they can shed him due to his size. When in-line he shoots his hands quickly and will run his feet on contact, he just will not get a lot of movement due to being at a size disadvantage, that is why they schemed him a lot to block in space. He understands how to use angle to his advantage as well as the ability to scrape off his initial block and fit on blocks at the next level. Uses very good awareness, shuffle, and foot quickness in pass protection. He would try to run his assignment wide of his QB but was susceptible to bullrushes due to a lack of bulk. He plays the game aware of down and distance and was a clutch performer when the opportunities arose.


Toughness: 6.50
Production: 7.30
Consistency / Motor: 8.00

Inconsistent toughness when asked to make combative catches. On some plays, he would secure a pass and take big hits with no problems, and then the next time he would either alligator arm a pass or drop the catch when taking a hit. As a run blocker, he showed solid toughness to combat players of any size and flashed the necessary tenacity you want in a TE. He put up very good production over his last two seasons averaging over 12 yards a catch with 5 and 7 receiving TDs respectively in each season. He plays with a high-revving motor and an attitude to his demeanor. His effort was highlighted by a play where he runs down a defender who intercepted a pass 50+yds downfield to keep them from scoring.


Instincts: 7.60
Learn/Retain: 7.50
Versatility: 7.80

Great football feel. He understands when to sit down in zones or find soft spots in coverage. He also uses a variety of savvy ways to get open with his route running whether it is head fakes, varying his gait, stutter steps, or hand checks. Was deployed all over the field and had the knowledge of how to win from any spot you placed him. He lined up in positions such as: In-line TE, Move TE, Slot WR, and Outside WR.


Quicker than fast pass catching TE, who excels at getting separation early in the route and then picking up chunks of yards with his running style. Is able to be deployed from a number of positions and play solid football from them all. As a blocker, he will be best utilized as a wham blocker, or lead blocking out in space on counter traps. He also showed the ability to scrape off the initial block and fit on the second level. Also has experience playing special teams.


He lacks elite speed to be a big-time seam-stretching threat but will make a lot of money as an intermediate target who his QB trusts. If asked to consistently block in-line he will get manhandled due to his lack of bulk and lower body strength. He needs to get tougher at the catch point and bring in the tough receptions.


Deguara is a jack of all trades, master of none type TE. He will find a niche role on a team and have a long career due to his versatility and willingness to play special teams, but his upside will be capped as a high-end #2 TE. I can see the Eagles, Patriots, Chiefs, Steelers, Panthers, and 49ers as teams who should have an interest in him. He is slated to be a day three draft selections, most likely in the 4th-5th Round range. His playing style reminds me of Trey Burton.

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