Josiah Scott


Michigan State


185 lbs



Injury History: Torn Meniscus (2018), Head Injury (2019)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Ohio State, Wisconsin

Report By: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report


Scott was left on an island while at Michigan State and he was quite comfortable going toe to toe with the #1 option each week. He has a low and balanced backpedal, and the hip fluidity to flip and trail WRs with ease. He is sticky in man coverage and doesn't allow a lot of separation vertically or when trailing WRs laterally. Due to trailing so close to WRs throughout the duration of the route, he was able to be a consistent pest at the catch point when QBs targeted him. He displayed terrific route recognition, especially being able to sift through bunch formations and pick up his assignment with ease. In zone coverage he let his instincts and closing quickness flash as he would key in on where the QB was targeting and disrupt the play. A willing run supporter who displayed great tackling technique and is especially impressive in corralling open-field playmakers.


Did not seem comfortable jamming WRs off the LOS. He would rather be patient off LOS and mirror WRs footwork rather than try to combat them off the ball. He is a sound tackler but bounced off bigger-bodied RBs who he tried to tackle with a higher target area. His lack of height (5'9") and more importantly length (29 3/8") will most likely pigeon hole him into being a Nickel CB at the next level, but the vast amount of his experience has come from play as an outside corner. Was able to corral playmakers in the open field at a high rate of success at the college level, but will bigger and stronger players be taken down so easily, I am not sure.


Josiah Scott is one of the most consistent CBs in this draft class and it would not surprise me if he had a big year one impact for the team that drafts him. He has gnat-like quickness and the tenacity to not back down from any challenge no matter how big the disparity is size-wise. He will be one of the targets that teams will look for if they have a need at Nickel CB. Expect his name to be called in the 3rd to 4th round range. Teams such as the Browns, Titans, Eagles, Rams, Raiders, and Panthers should keep a close eye on him to add to their roster. His playing style reminds me of Steven Nelson who just had a quality year with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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