Juan Thornhill

Position: Safety

College: Virginia

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 205 lbs



Injury History: 2018: Minor Lower Leg Injury, 2017: Lower Extremity Injury

Games Evaluated: 2018: Miami(Fl.), N.C. State, 2017: Navy, Georgia Tech

Scout: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.10

Q.A.B./C.O.D.: 7.50

Very good athleticism. Has good fluidity, speed, length, and ability to get up to the catch point and disrupt catches. Lateral agility is solid, but he struggles to stay balanced through his transition when he was used as an outside CB.

Flexibility: 6.80

Good flexibility and can slip past blocks or dip inside blocks to be able to fill rushing lanes. His fluidity lends itself to being able to trail slot type WRs adequate.

Deep Speed: 7.40

Very good long speed, and he has the range to make plays from the far has as a deep third safety.

Explosion: 7.10

Explosive vertical jump, and it is evidenced by his prowess to either collect passes defensed or INTs.

Coordination: 6.70

Overall he is a nuanced pursuit safety that trusts what he sees with his pursuit. At times though he will struggle to stay balanced through his transition when tasked with lining up as a CB.

Coverage Ability: 7.20

Man Press: 7.20

Good length and strength to be able to get a firm jam at LOS, which allows him to get himself into a good spot to trail throughout the route. Has experience back in 2017 of playing almost exclusively as an outside CB.

Man Off: 7.30

His instincts flash when he is allowed to play from off coverage. He would play from a quarter turn technique to give himself a chance of flipping his hips quickly and trailing his assignment. He was adept at getting head around and reading QB's eyes to make a play on the ball.

Zone: 7.50

His bread and butter. He is a ballhawk in zone coverage using his length, instincts, and closing quickness to always be around the ball. Has the hands to come up with a good amount of turnovers.

Hand Fighting: 7.10

Good pace and ferocity in his hand checking and jam at the LOS, willing to fight throughout play to try and disrupt WR.

Hips/Turn Ability: 6.90

Good hip swivel and transition, he at times though would get a little unbalanced out of his transition when going up against a faster WR.

Play Making: 7.80

Closing Quickness: 7.50

Very good closing quickness when the ball is in the air and he is tracking it. Seems to have GPS on where the ball is going to be, and he sets up camp trying to make a play on hit.

Ball skills: 8.10

Leaves Virginia with 13 career INTs and double that in Passes Defensed, which means he makes a living at being near the ball anytime it is in the air. Those 13 INTs make him the D-1 career interceptions leader.

Route/play Diagnosis: 7.80

Great route recognition and flowing ability as a safety. Will bait QBs into throwing his direction and will make them pay dearly.

Run Support: 7.10

Quickness Upfield: 7.50

Very good run defender who shows no hesitation coming downhill with fervor. Willing to run down backside plays.

Fight Through Blocks: 7.20

Feisty player who is willing to scrap with OL or TEs coming down to the second level. Strong hands fighter and will keep battling try to disengage.

Tackling: 6.60

Good tackler who takes good pursuit angles, he just has a bad tendency to dive at the ankles on tackling attempts which leads to missed tackles and RAC.

Competitiveness: 7.50

Toughness: 7.20

Gritty combination safety prospect who is willing to scrap with WRs downfield in coverage or more than willing to fill in rushing lanes.

Production: 7.70

Terrific production over his 38 career games in Virginia that includes 13 INTs, 26 PD, 208 Total Tackles, and 12.0 TFL.

Consistency/Motor: 7.60

Great effort and stamina for a safety that excels playing in the deep third and is willing to give great effort transitioning downhill.

Intelligence: 7.67

Instincts: 7.80

Highly efficient ball hawk due to his play and route recognition, as well as natural feel for where the ball is going to go to.

Learn/Retain: 7.70

Wore a number of hats while playing on the Virginia defense that included playing FS, SS, Outside CB, Dimebacker, ILB, and was able to transition seamlessly throughout their responsibilities.

Teamwork: 7.50

Was a leader on the back end of the secondary that helped get his teammates aligned and would help identify passing concepts. Hard worker and dedicated to his craft, who led by example.


A very good statured coverage safety who is a pest at the catch point. He utilizes his speed, length, jumping ability, and instincts to range all over the back end of the defense to come up with his pass disruptions or INTs. Not only does he look to create turnovers he looks to take them back to the house for 6. He is not just a coverage safety though, and is more than willing to fill hard downhill and pop pads in run defense as well. He has the versatility to be able to drop down and cover slot type WRs as well as bigger bodied TEs. Takes good pursuit angles and is a calming presence in the backend of your secondary.


Struggled as an Outside CB when tasked with opposing speedier WRs because he would become unbalanced out of his transition, but as a Safety he doesn't have to face up in coverage as much. Needs to tighten up his tackling skills, because he has a bad tendency of diving at runners feet instead of keeping his head up and tackling the body.


Juan Thornhill is a quality Safety prospect in this class that backed up his tape with a great performance at the Combine checking the boxes on his speed and jumping ability. He should be highly coveted come draft weekend and even has an under the radar chance of getting selected late in round 1.

Projected Round: 2
Team Fits: Seahawks, Steelers, Patriots, Eagles, Jaguars, Chiefs, Cowboys
NFL Comparison: Marcus Williams

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