Julian Blackmon




187 lbs



Injury History: Broke Hand: Senior Season of High School, Knee Injury (2019)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: USC, Oregon 2018 Vs: Northern Illinois 2017 Vs: West Virginia

Report By: Jacob Patterson

Scouting Report


Q.A.B./C.O.D.: 7.40
Flexibility: 7.20
Deep Speed: 7.20
Explosion: 7.00
Coordination: 7.10

Blackmon shows off his quickness and agility on tape. He has excellent flexibility in his hips that allow him to change direction on a dime. He has the speed to cover large distances that allows him to play single-high. Very explosive athlete that is always looking to make a play. Displays good footwork and technique in coverage due to good coordination and technique. Overall has great athleticism that allows him to go up against top talent on the football field.


Man Press: 7.50
Man Off: 7.10
Zone: 7.30
Hand Fighting: 7.50
Hips/Turn Ability: 7.10

Shows the ability to jam receivers at the line due to physicality and technique. Knows how to hand fight and knows how to time his attack. In off man situations, Blackmon does well but needs to be more disciplined. He can sometimes get beat by speedy receivers or react to quickly to try to make an explosive play. Knows his assignments when playing a zone defense. As mentioned before, Blackmon has excellent flexibility in his hips and shows good technique. He has no issue transitioning from jamming to backpedaling to running downfield step for step with his man. He knows when to open up his hips and turn. Flips his hips fluidly.


Closing Quickness: 7.60
Ball Skills: 7.00
Route/Play Diagnosis: 7.20

Blackmon's closing quickness is elite. Once he is zeroed in on where he is headed, he gets there quickly and with a purpose. His ball skills are elite as well. He knows how to read a play as it is panning out and is able to get himself positioned to make a play on the ball. He knows how to use his length to his advantage when in jump ball situations.


Quickness Upfield: 7.00
Fight Through Blocks: 6.60
Tackling: 7.40

Displays the quickness to get upfield in a hurry and with lay the wood when he gets there. Can be seen as a hard hitter at times and shows very good tackling technique. Blackmon doesn't get caught arm tackling or leading with his shoulder often. He wraps up his man to make sure he makes the play. His size and length help him against blockers but he still gets overpowered at times and sometimes struggles to get off of his blocks.


Toughness: 8.00
Production: 8.20
Consistency/Motor: 8.00

Tough competitor that comes to play every day. Was a very consistent player at Utah. Throughout his 4 year career ( 3 as a starter) Blackmon totaled 158 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 2 FF and 9 INTS.


Instincts: 7.10
Learn/Retain: 7.70
Teamwork: 7.90

Instincts as a DB overall are good but instincts at the safety position must be worked on some. As only a one-year starter at safety, Blackmon is a little bit raw in some situations. He was trusted by his coaches to make the position change which shows they believe in his smarts and work ethic. All around great player and shows he will do anything to help his team win, even switch positions.


Excellent ball skills. Excels in both man/zone coverage. Good tackler and helps in run support. Displays fluid hips. Can flip his hips and run with anyone. Able to change direction on a dime. Very smart player who knows his role on defense and doesn't get confused often. Versatile player can be thrown in anywhere in the defensive backfield.


Learned a new position for senior season. Still raw in some areas at the safety position. Needs to be a little more disciplined in off man situations. Knee injury late in the season will worry some teams.


Julian Blackmon is an extremely versatile player. After being a two-time All-Pac 12 cornerback, he switched to safety for his senior season. He is a very experienced player for Utah with over 35 starts under his belt heading into the 2020 draft. Blackmon will make an easy transition to the next level. He has a ball hawk mentality with exceptional ball skills. He was thrown in at safety last season and was already able to play two-man or single high. Moving forward, safety will be his best position. He has the size, athleticism, and power to play the position and has made a smooth switch over. Scouts will love that he was a star at cornerback and is now experienced at safety as well. Versatility is highly sought after nowadays.

PRO COMPARISON: Nasir Adderley
DRAFT POSITION: Mid-Late 3rd Round

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