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Julian Love


College: Notre Dame

Height: 5'11"


Weight: 195 lbs

Injury History: No Major Injury History

Scout: Cody Manning

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.44

Q.A.B./C.O.D.: 7.15


He able to cut and move smoothly so he is able to stick on his man. He can stick and go if he needs to.

Flexibility: 7.15

He is able to keep a good bend when back peddling which allows him to react and jump on routes.

Deep Speed: 7.65

He has enough speed to keep with most receivers but has his moments when he gets beat over top.

Explosion: 8.00

He goes an amazing job when he is reacting to an out route to explode up the field to jump for the pick.


Coordination: 7.25


He isn't the biggest corner but he does a good job at staying on his feet when battling for jump balls.


Coverage Ability: 7.29

Man Press: 7.15

He doesn't ever look to jam. He can allow an easy release because he can turn and run with his man.

Man Off: 7.85

Sits back and breaks down the receiver's route so he can close space quickly to make a play on the ball.

Zone: 7.50

He moves around his area pretty smoothly and understands where he is needed on a given play.

Hand Fighting: 7.10


Not much of a fighter but he will got up to the point of attack to use his body and arms to get in the way.

Hips/Turn Ability: 6.85

Needs more work on turning his hips because his footwork can be off and it allows separation to occur.

Play Making: 7.47

Closing Quickness: 8.00

He excels at closing in on routes and jumping the ball which leads to picks and even touchdowns.


Ball skills: 7.25

If the ball hits his hands then usually it will result in a pick. He needs work in some jump ball situations.


Route/play Diagnosis: 7.15


He does a great job when the route is being ran in front of him but struggles at the top of the stem.


Run Support: 6.72


Quickness Upfield: 7.00

He has the ability to explode up the field to help snuff out any runs to the outside. Needs to do it more.


Fight Through Blocks: 6.00

He doesn't show much effort to get the blocker off him. Easily blocked and pushed back far off the LOS.


Tackling: 7.15

He does a good job at exploding through the carrier and wrapping up. He needs to break down, leaves feed.

Competitiveness: 7.38

Toughness: 7.00

He will lay a hit if the opportunity presents itself. He just needs to fight through blocks more often.

Production: 8.00

38 games, 176 tackles (126 solo), 6 tackles for loss, 5 interceptions, 39 pass deflections, 4 FR, 2 FF

Consistency/Motor: 7.15

He doesn't give up on most plays and will attempt to get to the ball. Needs more effort versus blocks.

Intelligence: 7.42

Instincts: 7.50

He showed the ability to react to the receiver and jump routes. Also can recognize fumbles to jump on.

Learn/Retain: 7.25

Looks ready for anything when he is on the field. He looks like he did his work leading up to gameday.


Teamwork: 7.50

He will keep fighting for his team. He showed the same effort when they were up big on some teams.



He can fit most defensive schemes because he is solid in majority of the areas of his craft. He can line up across his man and flip his hips, so he can run side-by-side with him. When he is off or in zone coverage, he excels at breaking down routes as they develop which allows him to use his quickness to close space to break up the pass or get the interception which has led to touchdowns at times. He is a solid tackler as he will look to explode through the ball carrier and wraps up to make sure they go down. He also has plenty of football experience which shows because his play recognition skills help him be in place to make a play.


He does need to be feistier at times when he is pressing because sometimes when he allows an easy release his footwork can be off which allows an easy chunk play for the quarterback. He also can be suspect to allow a deep pass down the field because he can get lost in space at the top of some vertical routes. He also can be more effective against the run if he would get rid of blocks. He can be blocked easily once he is locked on and he can be drive down the field. He just needs to show more effort. He could break down more when he is going for the tackle, he can leave his feet too early.



Love offers teams at the next level a cornerback that has plenty of game experience, some athletic traits that allow him to excel, and the intelligence to come in and be a contributor in a secondary. He is a player that a coordinator can line up in the slot or on the outside. He can play man or zone coverage but tends to play his best when he can get back into coverage, so he is able to process the play and the routes which allows him to put himself in a position to make a play on the ball. He will need more refinement to his man coverage skills as his footwork can be off which allows receivers to get separation which makes it an easy toss for the quarterback. He can be a guy that helps force turnovers at the next level with his ability to jump routes for picks or deflections and showed the ability to scoop up a fumble to take it in for a score. He isn't the biggest guy or the most athletic player, but his competitiveness will allow him to play at the next level. He might not be the flashiest corner, but he gets the job done and always seems to be in place where he is needed. As a rookie he will be able to compete for the slot or CB2 position, depending on what a team is drafting him for. He should be able to pick up the scheme quickly and if he does then he could help improve a secondary immediately. I don't know if he will ever develop into one of the best corners in the league but if he is able to work on his technique while developing more size and speed then he has the capability of being a team's best corner by his third season. Overall, a team will be getting a solid player who understands his role and what it takes to get the job done.