Justice Hill


College: Oklahoma State

Height: 5'10"


Weight: 190 lbs

Injury History: 2018: Ribs v Oklahoma (Missed West Virginia +TCU) 2017: Shoulder Surgery (Offseason)

Scout: Jacob Patterson

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.92

Q.A.B.: 7.90


Quick, shifty and agile, Hill shows why he is as talented when he is on the field. Excellent athlete with a game that fits into any gametype. He isn't easy to tackle or stop and gives defenses fits.

Flexibility: 7.20


Hill shows good flexibility that allows him to twist and turn through tackles to shake off defenders. He has oily hips once he's in the open field that helps him make defenders miss.


C.O.D.: 7.90


Fluidity of his hips makes this an ability that stands out on film. He changes direction with pace and doesn't seem to slow down after making a move on a defender. He shows great instincts of knowing where defenders are is capable of putting opposing players where he wants them.

Explosion: 8.10


Shows fantastic burst once he finds a hole in the line and can break into the second level of the defense in the blink of an eye. He reaches his top gear quickly allowing him to get the jump on opposing LBs that are caught flat footed.

Top End Speed: 8.50


Shows home run speed that puts stress on defenses. Has the ability to come to a complete stop and reach that top gear again quickly. Rarely is caught from behind and shows the stamina to hold that speed for long distances. He is able to beat defenders around the edge and get to the outside. He is at his best on zone reads running to the sideline.


With Ball In Hands: 7.28

Vision: 7.20


Hill shows good vision with the ball in his hands consistently showing the ability to navigate through holes before they close to get out into the open field. He shows patience at the line and waits for running lanes to open that he quickly shoots through before reaching his top gear at the second level.

Cutting Ability: 8.20


Hill shows lethal jump cuts that jump off the screen when you watch him play. He uses his strong lower body to come to a screeching halt and plant his leg to cut in the other direction. When you add that to his lateral quickness, it makes his cuts that much more dangerous to opposing defenses.

Elusiveness: 7.80


Hill's elusiveness pops when watching his film. He shows oily hips that allow him to shake defenders.

Yards After Contact: 7.20


Hill gets YAC at an impressive rate of consistency. His strong lower body helps him to run through contact and break tackles. He shows excellent balance that allows him to control his center of gravity and stay grounded.

Ball Security: 6.00


Although Hill is not known for his turnovers, he needs to show better ball security when taking handoffs and powering through the line of scrimmage. There are times that Hill is running through contact and should put both hands on the ball to protect from a potential turnover.

Receiving: 6.10

Hands: 5.80


Hill has shown solid hands when targeted but shouldn't be expected to make show stopping catches or win contested catches. Not consistently utilized in the passing game.

Route Running: 4.70


Hill's routes have been limited to arrow, flat or arrow-stops. He isn't going to know the entire route tree but does show potential as a pass catcher. Hasn't been exposed to a full route tree and is exposed when attempting to run quick breaking routes. Needs to develop more fluidity in his route running.

Ability In Space: 7.90


Hill is at his most dangerous when he is in space and has room to make things happen. His ability to keep defenders off balance. His speed and athleticism help him blow past coverage. He is so quick that it makes it difficult for defenders to get a good grasp on him, which allows him to keep the play going. He is a mismatch against linebackers.

Ability to Separate: 6.00


Hill's quickness allows him to create seperation from LB's that are usually covering him. This allows a comfortable distance for a reception that will also give him the space he needs to create explosive plays in the open field.

Blocking: 5.60

Lead Blocking: 5.60


Seems to be more comfortable as a lead blocker than a pass blocker. Shows better skill as a blocker when he is able to gauge how he wants to block his man.

Blocking In Space: 5.40


Hill's blocking in space is decent. He isn't going to lock up his man but does enough that he isn't a liability.

Pass Blocking: 4.00


Hill's pass blocking leaves something to be desired. He seems lost and loses focus of where he needs to be. He also seems to be confused on who he should be blocking.

Situational Awareness: 7.40


Hill's situational awareness is good. He knows where defenders are on the field and shows it in his decision making. He has a good feel for the game and doesn't seem to get rattled in big games or situations.

Competitiveness: 7.30

Toughness: 6.80


Hill shows good toughness during games. He seems to seek out someone to hit at the end of a play and doesn't shy away from contact. He's a very physical player that has shown the ability to play after being dinged up in games.

Production: 7.10


Has shown good production over his collegiate career. Has never had a real issue with slumps and does just about what you would expect of him every game.

Consistency/Motor: 8.10


Hill's motor is impressive. He shows the same level of competitiveness on every play and fights until the last whistle blows. Never see him take a play off.

Teamwork: 7.20


Shows good teamwork and displays a true desire to win. Does what he is asked and plays hard on each snap.

Intelligence: 6.67

Instincts: 7.60


Has good instincts and makes the most of them. Shows good decisiveness at the LOS and takes his time when seeing the field. Moves through blocks and defenders as if it is second nature to him.

Learn/Retain: 7.40


Has learned the offense well and seems to have a good understanding of the play at hand.


Versatility: 5.00


Not extremely versatile. Isn't used much in blocking situations nor is he used much as a pass catcher.


Explosive and a constant big play threat. Has good instincts as a runner and player overall. Extremely elusive with a top gear that will scare defenses. Has a strong lower body that help him power through contact and break tackles. Shows fantastic balance. Physical runner that shows patience at the LOS. Dangerous in space and can turn nothing into something when lanes close.


Heavy workload could derail the time his body holds up at the next level. Undersized running back that cannot rely on his power constantly. May have trouble if he is the main attraction for the defense. Tries to do too much at times. Doesn't have much pass catching experience, which will limit his workload and versatility in the NFL. Will have trouble being a three-down back due to his pass blocking, catching and size limitations.


Justice Hill has become a force at Oklahoma State. He has at least 200 attempts each season and has averaged at least 5.5 yards per rush each year. He has the perfect game for the modern day NFL and should be able to fit into most schemes. Even though he is only 5'10" and 185 lbs, Hill shows the talent to be a big contributor right away in the NFL. He is at his best when given space to make things happen and shows excellent big play ability. He will be used best as a change of pace back at the next level and could be very dangerous if he becomes more of a pass catcher. He shows the top end speed and shiftiness that is sought after in todays game. Often displays the competitiveness and drive to win, which will be quickly welcomed in any locker room that drafts him. With the right coaching and guidance, Hill can become just as much of a problem for NFL defenses as he has been for teams at the collegiate level.


Pro Comparison: Ito Smith

Team Fits: Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles

Projected Round: Early 3rd Round

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