Justin Madubuike

Defensive Tackle

Texas A&M

6' 3"

293 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2018 Vs: Auburn 2019 Vs: Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia

Report By: Peter Vandeventer

Scouting Report


Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 7.80
Flexibility: 7.40
Explosiveness: 7.60
Playing Speed: 6.90
Coordination: 7.80

Madubuike is unique in his ability to stay upright and keep his balance through contact that not many other DTs can. He is more quick than fast and it shows with his burst. He has a bit of an issue with changing directions after he is going full speed but that doesn’t detract from his great ability to move around the LOS and use his quickness. His balance ties together well with his flexibility as he has an innate ability to play through contact that throws him off his base and contort his body with his very good flexibility. By incorporating strong, heavy hands and a quick first step, and is able to create very good explosiveness no matter where he lines up. He is quicker than he is fast as you don't see him making chase down tackles but rather can cover a lot of space within the box before he gives up on the play. At the combine, he put up a 4.83 40 with a 1.73 10 yard split, wish he used that speed more on the field. Lucked into an interception in '19 which was a perfect display of his great coordination. Definitely fills out his frame and can control his movements.


Initial Quickness: 6.60
Use of Hands: 7.10
Leverage: 6.90
Pass Rush Moves: 6.30
Finish Ability: 7.60

Slow out of his stance, but does have a good first step that makes up for it and creates separation that allows him to force leverage and catch lineman flat-footed. He could improve this part of his game by timing up the snap better and causing more issues for an interior lineman. Has very strong hands and on several occasions rag-dolled lineman. He doesn’t always incorporate his hands which drops his grade. As stated before, he is slow out of his stance and for the large part, it's because he has issues with standing up out of his stance and not launching forward. He still is very quick which alone creates good leverage when he extends his arms. But by not having a lower pad level, it exposes his lack of a leg drive and puts too much pressure on his hands and arms to do the work. By tweaking his approach and keeping himself lower in his stance for longer, this part of his game could easily become his calling card. As a defensive tackle, he doesn’t have a whole lot of moves to his repertoire. He uses his bull rush, a bit of a club, and uses his long arms. Is a great finisher in passing situations. He has a wide range of motion which prevents QBs from escaping him but he also makes sure to get his hands up and bat down passes.


Toughness: 7.10
Consistency/Motor: 6.00
Production: 6.90

Anyone who lines up as an interior defensive lineman has to be tough. Tasked with taking on double teams and the occasional chips when he is on the outside, he takes it all and has suited up for 34 games in 3 years. A glaring issue though is his consistency and motor. He has issues with persuing the ball carrier after he leaves the pocket and jogs on occasion. His adequate consistency is something that can be improved upon with coaching and will likely be worked on heavily for him. Even with the lack of being consistent, Madubuike still had good production as he totaled 11 sacks over the past 2 seasons and five career forced fumbles.


Play with Leverage: 6.50
Stack and Shed: 7.10
Gap Shooting Ability: 7.50
Run at Him: 7.00
Run Away: 6.50
Tackling/Hitting: 7.70

Only a solid use of leverage against the run. He does a good job with hand placement and extending his arms to create leverage but he also has instances where he approaches lineman up high and without any hand usage which caused him to wiped out of plays. This goes back to his high pad levels which don't make it easy for him to create and sustain leverage as much as it should be for someone of his size and strength. Does a good job at stacking and shedding which is apparent with strong arms that allow him to, for the most part, disengage blocks easily and throw lineman to the side. He has a very good and quick first step which makes it easy for him to penetrate the backfield and shift the pocket and make the running back change directions. When running at him, he has a bit of an issue getting out of his lane which creates holes for the running back but also showed a good ability to close that hole and disengage and make plays when off his base at a high rate. This is a unique ability but not a habit that he should continue, in order to make a living along the defensive line. He isn't really effective in runs away from him as he doesn't pursue the play that much. He is just solid in these regards as he does pursue to the extent where, if the back cuts back inside, then he can be close enough to make a play. Madubuike is a heavy hitter. I did not see any RB or QB getting away from him and made sure to lay the stick when he did. His strong upper body and tendency to wrap up made him a greater tackler/hitter.


Instincts: 6.50
Learn/Retain: 7.20
Teamwork: 6.90

Madubuike has solid instincts and notices when guards are pulling but hesitates to attack the hip in the run game as well as had issues recognizing screens and trick plays consistently. His film from '18 and '19 was night and day better. He showed very good development physically and certainly learned a lot schematically. He began to play all along the defensive line in '19 and could definitely do that in the NFL. Teamwork was good and looked to have become a leader along the defensive line for the Aggies. He had some issues with going into ending up in the wrong rush lane with another defender but generally showed great teamwork and communication.


Madubuike is an all-around good DT. He has a strong first step that is coupled with heavy hands that can knock any lineman off their base. By extending and driving, he can create leverage and shift the pocket that is elevated by his quick feet and leg drive against the pass. Against the run, he plays through and around lineman while also having the ability to stay and make a play around the LOS or in the backfield. Can easily disengage from blocks which allows him to pick and choose where to attack.


Even though he can create leverage through his strong arms, he does have issues with too high of a pad level which makes it easier for lineman to nullify his push. In situations where he doesn't bring his hands, he looks sloppy as he losses his leg drive and has too high of pads. Against the run, he doesn't have quite the same leg drive as he does with the pass which would be way more troublesome if he didn't have a quick first step or the ability to penetrate the backfield. Another issue from him is an issue on the instinctual side where he fails to be on the attack and disrupt pulling guards as much as he could. He has also had issues with the consistency of his motor as he doesn't seem to play with top-notch level effort on all downs.


Madubuike is one of the top defensive tackles in the draft class and has the ability to play anywhere from 5T to 3T and occasionally 0T in obvious passing situations. Expect him to fit well into a 4-3 scheme where there is more fluidity along the line. He should fall in the 2nd round, and step in as a rotational player to begin with. His blend of quickness, coordination, and strength can be a very important asset for an NFL defense as long as he cleans up his pad level, becomes more consistent, and utilizes his arms/leg drive.

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