K'Lavon Chaisson



6' 3"

254 lbs



Injury History: Ankle Injury (2019), Torn ACL (2018), Broke Collarbone in High School

Games Evaluated: Alabama 2019, Auburn 2019, Florida 2019,Texas 2019

Report By: Jacob Patterson

Scouting Report


Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 8.50
Flexibility: 8.50
Explosiveness: 9.00
Playing Speed: 8.30
Coordination: 8.00

Chaisson's agility and quickness are through the roof due to being an extremely gifted athlete with a great frame. Displays great upper and lower body flexibility that allows him to use bend around the edge or drive opponents back with his arms while moving his hips in a different direction. His first step is lethally quick, which can at times catch OTs off guard. Plays a fast mans game that only knows one gear. Tape shows a very coordinated player that knows how to use his body well.


Initial Quickness: 8.50
Use of Hands: 7.00
Leverage: 7.50
Pass Rush Moves: 6.80
Finish Ability: 7.80

Initial quickness off the line is excellent. Knows how to time his jump and once he does, he uses his length to his advantage. Is is able to "long-arm" O-lineman and then uses his strength to almost guide them. Film shows good but not consistent hand usage. Chaisson knows how to leverage himself against an opponent which is made easier due to his length/strength. He is adept at "getting skinny" and shooting gaps which helps him in getting to the QB or RB quickly. Displays a more limited pass rush repertoire which will need refinement. Chaisson wins on pure athleticism most of the time but can normally be counted on to finish the play.


Toughness: 7.40
Consistency/Motor: 8.00
Production: 7.70

Very high motor on tape that also translates to game-changing plays as well as hiccups here and there too. Tough player that played in one of the top defenses in the country last year as well as one that won the National Championship. Production elevates yearly and would have been better if not for a torn ACL in the first game of the 2018 season. Over practically 2 years Chaisson totaled 92 tackles, 9.5 sacks, and 1 forced fumble.


Play with Leverage: 7.30
Stack and Shed: 6.90
Gap Shooting Ability: 7.80
Run at Him: 8.00
Run Away: 8.00
Tackling/Hitting: 8.10

Leverage is used well both against the run and pass-rush situations. Stack and shed ability are good although he can at times get overpowered by OTs. Is able to shoot gaps efficiently due to the ability to "get skinny" as mentioned before. His frame shows a long, lean athlete that is able to slip through the line and into the opponent's backfield. Chaisson plays and defends well in space due to his speed and explosiveness. He can run down ball carriers or mobile quarterbacks and is adept at making tackles or plays due to his length. He is not a liability in run support.


Instincts: 6.80
Learn/Retain: 7.70
Teamwork: 8.00

Instincts are good not great. He still needs to get better at rushing with a plan instead of with pure athleticism. Made a huge jump from his freshman to redshirt sophomore season while practically missing his 2nd year. Shows great potential. Shows to be a good teammate on and off the field.


Freakishly athletic with good length. Knows how to set the edge and contain. Displays good ability to stack and shed. Can get skinny when attacking a gap and shows a couple of quality pass-rushing moves. His football intelligence (FBI) is off the charts. Seems to always know his assignments.


At times can get thrown off his base by offensive linemen. Needs to work on cleaning up his pass-rushing moves. Also need to establish more of a plan when rushing the passer rather than rely solely on his athleticism to win.


K'Lavon Chaisson looks the part of a complete football player. Film is impressive and shows a smart and active player on the field. Chaisson has no problem being a pass rusher but is comfortable dropping back in coverage as well. A long and strong athlete that is able to use speed or power to beat O-lineman, he will be a nightmare once he refines his game more at the next level. Chaisson should be an early-round pick in the upcoming draft. His skill set will transition to the next level easily. PRO COMPARISON: Leonard Floyd DRAFT POSITION: Mid-Late 1st Round.

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