K'Von Wallace




206 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Charlotte, South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio State 2018 Vs: Syracuse

Report By: Chaz Turnbow

Scouting Report


Q.A.B./C.O.D.: 6.60
Flexibility: 6.10
Deep Speed: 7.00
Explosion: 6.30
Coordination: 6.20

Moves around the open field very well. Quick feet allow him to change direction fluidly Solid ability to contort his body at the catch point. Solid ability to bend around blocks. Long speed is good. I don’t necessarily think he’s fast enough to play single high consistently, but he’s not slow. Can get off of his spot quickly when he diagnoses where he needs to go. When he is coming to make tackles he can get caught off balance more often than he should by a ball carrier.


Man Press: 5.70
Man Off: 6.00
Zone: 7.00
Hand Fighting: 5.00
Hips/Turn Ability: 6.50

Is adequate in the slot and not a liability matched up against quicker WRs. Marginal press technique, but carries receivers well in-phase and competes at the catch point. Seems more comfortable in off-man than in press. Better at figuring out leverage from route stems than he is at combating releases in the slot. Good sense of route combinations and being where he should be. Good instincts put him in a good position to take away a target for the QB. Doesn't hand fight. He leans on a WR in phase but he shouldn't be running step for step with a man downfield and have to hand fight. In coverage, he understands leverage well and doesn't put himself in a position to have to flip his hips a significant amount. In the run game, I've seen his hips get exposed on more than one occasion by a ball carrier.


Closing Quickness: 7.50
Ball skills: 6.20
Route/play Diagnosis: 7.00

Will come downhill on a player catching the ball in the open field with consistency. Also closes on routes in off man very quickly once a receiver commits. Competes at the catch point. Ball production increased in his last season. Understands route concepts and his job well in order to be decisive and break when he needs to break.


Quickness Upfield: 6.60
Fight Through Blocks: 7.60
Tackling: 7.30

Gets into position very quickly, typically as a force/control defender. Would like to see him get in the face of the RB more but he likes to stay disciplined and lets them flow into another tackler. Sheds WRs like a snake sheds skin, naturally. Gets clamped by OL but that’s to be expected as a DB. Is a great tackler when he gets his hands on you. Led Clemson in tackles in the National Title Game against LSU.


Toughness: 6.60
Production: 6.90
Consistency/Motor: 6.50

Will not hesitate to pop a WR when closing, but doesn't do the same in run support. Ball production increased mightily this most recent season. His tackling numbers improved each season while at Clemson. Does his job very well but can go a stretch in a game where he seems invisible because he’s staying disciplined.


Instincts: 6.80
Learn/Retain: 6.50
Teamwork: 7.00

Diagnoses quickly and gets to where he's supposed to be consistently. Reads screens early, and can bait QBs into throws like a play against OSU in the CFP where he almost came down with a game-changing INT. Seems to have learned quite a bit and trusts what he sees.. Gets to his spots and allows his teammates to do their jobs knowing he has their backs.


Fluid athlete in the open field. Best in run support. Great at shedding blocks against players of similar builds and is always where he needs to be for his run fits and is a sure tackler. Is not detrimental in any coverage and plays with good instincts in Zone and the run game. Once he diagnoses where he needs to be he gets to where he needs to be and does his job. A good teammate that can contribute around the line of scrimmage.


Not the most physical player. In press coverage, he leaves a lot to be desired in hand usage at the line of scrimmage. Can play single high from time to time but definitely shouldn't be his primary deployment. Looks low effort during gang tackles instead of helping the pile or trying to force a fumble.


Is an ideal nickel defender or box safety for the current NFL due to his solid athleticism and very good skills in run support. An instinctual player who is adequate at any coverages asked of him and will be a good addition to any secondary as the league puts more of a premium on nickel defenders. Look for him as an early day 3 target who can be a starter by the end of his rookie year. Any team without an entrenched starter at the nickel should be interested in Wallace.

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