K.J. Hamler

Wide Receiver

Penn State

5' 9"

176 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Michigan, Minnesota, Pittsburgh 2018 Vs: Ohio State

Report By: Pat Pryor

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 7.40
Flexibility: 7.20
C.O.D.: 7.40
Explosion: 7.50
Deep Speed: 8.10

Very good quickness and agility, but doesn't really go up for balls very often, and being 5'9" he'll need to improve that to beat corners. His cuts in the open field make him electric and dangerous. He has the ability to get around one defender while keeping his speed to beat the next. He can go deep or come in on a reverse and still be a threat to score. Despite being injured at the combine, estimates put him at 4.3 speed or even better, as he did track in high school.


Quicks off LOS: 7.30
Release Vs Jam: 5.30
Route Running: 7.30
Separation: 7.40
Blocking: 6.40

Very quick off the line, accelerates to fast to get separation. Relies on his shiftiness to avoid jams as he gets overpowered physically. He's a very smooth route runner, but can also cut quickly to get past defenders. Always a threat to separate with his speed and agility. Can often get downfield past his defenders with his route running ability. Attempts to block and can succeed but is usually outmatched in size and power.


Hands: 6.30
Yards After Contact: 6.10
Ability In Space: 7.80
Ball Security: 7.40

He doesn’t always extend for the catch but fights for the ball when it comes to him. If the ball isn't spot on he needs to do a better job reaching for it. His yards after contact is solid for his size, but if he builds up more he can expand his ability there. Always a threat for big gains with his shiftiness and speed. Didn't fumble once in college, but doesn't fight for balls coming to him.


Toughness: 7.00
Production: 7.40
Consistency/Motor: 7.20

Always gets up after being knocked down. When he's overpowered while blocking he resets and goes back at it. However, when the ball is coming towards him he needs to do better going for it. Last year he had 4 one hundred yard receiving games and at least a 20-yard reception in 11 out of 12 games.


Instincts: 7.40
Learn/Retain: 7.60
Position Versatility: 6.50

Knows where defenders are and what to do to beat them. He really understands the game of football and combines his knowledge and athleticism to make big plays. Almost exclusively a slot receiver but runs every route in the book for that position and produces well.


Very shifty in the open field and a threat as a runner or after the catch Does well blocking for his size and always gives it his all despite often being overpowered. Quick off the line straight into his routes. Runs every route for a slot receiver and does it well. Smooth routes and always is aware of defenders and how to beat them.


Small frame and is very much lacking physicality. Doesn't go for the ball instead lets it come to him, losing opportunities for gains. At the next level, this will turn into interceptions that he hasn't shown the ability to fight off. Can't beat press unless the defender gives him space. He gives it his all but is usually overpowered on blocks. Is limited to the slot due to his frame until he bulks up.


KJ is NFL ready as a slot receiver with some big fixups that he can do by the time the season comes around. His first is going for catches instead of letting them come to him. At Penn State, these passes were often broken up but in the NFL they'll be interceptions. If he can be coached into reaching for the ball and giving maximum effort it will diminish the worries of his small frame greatly. He also needs to learn how to block without getting overpowered. It'll be tough, as he's small, but he gives it his all every time and can learn strategies to make his attempts successful. No matter what, he won't be big and be able to "Moss" defenders but he can be ready to be a reliable slot receiver. With great route running and the ability to go for any route from the slot, he's a threat. If his athletic abilities translate well from college to the NFL he'll be a weapon for an offense. In 2019, he had 11 games with 20+ yard receptions, 4 one hundred yard games, and 16.1 yards per catch. Currently, he's got the base aspects to be an option for any team that needs a slot receiver, but if he can master these he will trouble defenses from the slot weekly. Round prediction: 2-3. Team fits: Broncos, Saints, 49ers

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