Kevin Dotson

Offensive Guard



310 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Miami OH, Georgia Southern, Appalachian State

Report By: Bobby Greco

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 7.60
Flexibility: 7.40
C.O.D.: 7.30
Explosion: 7.70
Versatility: 6.70

For being such a big-bodied guy, he is actually a really good athlete. He gets lower grades because he loses balance very easily and can play a little top-heavy. He has the explosion and movement abilities to be a starter in the NFL, but lacks in technique. It is really impressive to see the way he is able to climb to the next level, pull across the line, but he loses his balance too often and it gets him beat. He gets a low score in versatility as he is a one position lineman and that doesn't bode well for someone who is not a day one starter.


In-Line: 7.60
Movement off L.O.S.: 7.80
Reach Block: 7.80
Pull & Block Outside: 8.40
Adjust In Space: 7.30
Use of Hands: 7.40

A very strong lineman and knows how to finish a block. You can really get a feel of how good he can move when run blocking, he is fast off the line and gets to the second level with ease. However, he doesn't get as high of grade because he doesn't always block the first level before climbing and that gets the play blown up in the backfield. A major plus for him is his pulling ability, he moves so smoothly and is always on target with his block. Honestly, he has one of the best pull blocks I have seen in a long time. Unfortunately, he isn't at adjusting in space, because he gets so unbalanced. Another casualty of his balance is his hand use because when he starts to tip it's a lot harder to reset his hands. His initial hand placement is great, it is the reset he needs to improve.


Quick Set: 7.80
Protect Corner: 7.90
Footwork / Redirect & Slide: 7.60
Anchor / Reset Ability: 6.50
Handle Games/Stunts: 7.40
Hands / Punch: 7.00

Pass blocking is another area that again comes down to a lack of balance. There were too many plays that he couldn't complete his block, because he just isn't steady on his feet. It is very rare for one weakness to impact so many areas, but that is the case here. A good example of this is how often he dips his head when pass blocking, your weight should never be going forward in pass pro and this happens to him a lot. This affects his hands and at times his ability to handle stunts. With all that being said, he possesses all the tools to be a very good starting NFL guard. He just needs some refinement and that is something a good coaching staff in the NFL can bring. He is very fast into his pass set and has a ton of power, so the beginnings of a great player are there.


Toughness: 7.70
Consistency / Motor: 7.10
Production: 7.70

Toughness is not an issue with him, he regularly flattens his opponents and plays a physical game. He doesn't get a grade in the 8s however, because he is not the best at recovering after getting beat. It seems like he gets unsure of himself when he gets beat and is unable to refocus and reset. This is also why his consistency is low too, it's only because his personal win-loss ratio is inconsistent. It has nothing to do with motor and he never quits on, this is strictly a consistency problem. He did, however, start every game of his career after redshirting, so he has high production value.


Instincts: 7.80
Learn/Retain: 6.90
Teamwork: 7.50

It's difficult to grade him accurately here because he has very good instincts and always knows his job. He just doesn't good technique and it gets him trouble. He is a smart football player and has no problem doing the dirty, pushing a teammate over the goal line/first down marker. Even with the weaknesses he has, he should be able to overcome them and become a good NFL starter.


Powerful player and moves very smoothly. He is a smart football player and has the instincts you want to see in an NFL caliber lineman. Has a lot of athleticism for his big frame. Great at pull blocking.


Very unbalanced and top-heavy, which leads to him getting beat. Has a tendency to dip his head in pass pro and miss his target to block. Needs to protect at the first level before releasing on runs and going to the second level.


Overall I think Dotson has a good chance of being a good NFL starter, but he is definitely a bit of a project. He comes from a family that has an NFL pedigree, so that should help him transition. He just needs some coaching to get him to that next step in his development. His accolades speak for themselves, so I think any team looking for line depth should take a chance on him. He grades out as a day 2 prospect but has a lot of value there. I think he is very comparable to Giants Will Hernández.

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