Kyle Dugger



6' 1"


217 lbs

Report By: Peter Vandeventer

Scouting Report

Athleticism:  7.80

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 7.60

Flexibility        7.80

Deep Speed   8.00

Explosion       7.90

Coordination  7.70

Is very quick and can run close gaps quickly. His acceleration and burst allows him to stay in on plays no matter how far away from the ball he starts. Really quick closing speed and can run with the best of them. Did not disappoint with his combine numbers and his senior bowl tape. Was consistently the fastest player on the field for Lenoir Rhyne. A few occasions where he chases down the play from across the field. Very flexible and has a very twitchy component to his game that isn't expected for someone his size. Unique ability to contour his body and make plays around the ball. Has great explosiveness and a quick and long burst to his game. This is a major reason for him playing FS at LR because of his explosiveness and speed. Had some issues changing directions when caught up in coverage and losses a bit of fluidity and transition when following a route that required quick/sudden change of directions.

Coverage Ability: 6.98

Man Press               7.40

Man Off                   7.20

Zone                        6.50

Hand Fighting          7.50

Hips/Turn Ability      6.30

Wasn't asked to play a ton of press man, butut near the goal line he did get a few reps. On those reps, he used his size and speed very well to take away routes. He has a smooth transition between his backpedal and when he turns and runs. Stays atop the receiver and does not allow much to get past him. Has issues dealing with double moves/breaks in routes and it causes him turn around and he loses a bit off of his technical side. Not a whole lot of handfight in his game but that's mostly because he plays off. But when dealing with hand fighting, its around the LOS and goalline and was suffocating (in a good way) in that aspect. Has some stiffness in his hips when moving horizontally and is turned around by receivers easy at times. He also has an issue with opening the wrong way when he turns to run with his man.

Play Making: 7.00

Closing Quickness 7.20

Ball skills 7.40

Route/play Diagnosis 6.40

One of his best skills, he can really run down hill and make a play without being too aggressive and overrunning pursuit angles. He tracks the ball well when it is in the air and can make late shifts in coverage to make a play at the catch point. His college scheme gave him the opportunities to make plays down in the the box because of his ability to read the QB and diagnose the play at a high rate of success. Route concept understanding could improve but has general knowledge of stuff like post-corner concepts and stick.

Run Support: 7.77

Quickness Upfield 8.20

Fight Through Blocks 8.10

Tackling 7.00

Comes down quickly and takes sound pursuit angles from his single high safety post. Might be able to chalk it up to his tremendous athletic profile in comparison to his opponents but he can control and shed blocks well. Sure tackler who did not have a single missed tackle from the games viewed. Will need to monitor his tackling mechanics as he takes a step up in competition.

Competitiveness: 7.90

Toughness 7.50

Production 7.60

Consistency/Motor 8.60

Is one tough player. He was asked to do a lot for LR and he did it all well. Returned punts, played single high as well as in the slot as SS and off the edge. Really was a tone setter for that defensive unit. Amassed 10 career INTs, 36 PDs, and 237 tackles during his storied career. High level producer from the moment he stepped on campus. High motor player that makes what he does look easy but really plays through the whistle. Makes a living by being around the ball.

Intelligence: 7.63

Instincts 7.70

Learn/Retain 7.70

Teamwork 7.50

Great instincts which could run him into issues at points when he gets overly aggressive. But he trusts what he sees and just does the small things right. He seems to always know where the ball carrier is going to appear when coming out of a pile. Wasn't challenged that much in college but still showed progression in his coverage through the last 2 seasons. His 42 career games helped him gain a better understanding of opposing offensive schemes like screen concepts and blocking schemes. Played all over the field and had to trust in his teammates to stay assignment sound. Which allowed him to be as aggressive as he was (especially in the run). In coverage, he passed off and took on routes very smoothly with other zone defenders.


Dugger is a freakish athlete who is clearly a man among boys. At Lenoir Rhyne, he was a defensive specialist and just roams all over the field. He has the speed, size, and athleticism to be a quality producer at the next level. Has great instincts that seem to always place him close to the action.


Dugger is extremely dominant but the weakness of his film lies upon his competition. Dugger is clearly larger, faster, and smarter than everyone else on the field but its hard to see exactly how he would look against NFL/FBS competition. It will be key to see what Dugger does in the Senior Bowl with greater level of competition. His technique can get a little sloppy at times and it'll lead to him relying on his athleticism and not what he was taught. He might have a little bit of a learning curve at the next level where he will need to rely on his technique more than his athletic ability.


Dugger is a unique athlete who can play a defensive specialist role in a defense that's willing to try and fit him into one. He is built like a LB but has speed and quickness to play Safety which might end up putting him in place to go to a team who runs a lot of cover 3. He is best fit to play a Cover 3 SS look where he can sit around the box and make plays both in the pass game and in the run. He could also could play as a subpackage LB/hybrid but I do think that would limit him. Dugger will end up in the discussion for top 3 SAF and could go anywhere from late 1st to late 2nd.

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