Laviska Shenault Jr

Wide Receiver


6' 1"

227 lbs



Injury History: Right Turf Toe: Required Surgery (2018), Torn Left Shoulder Labrum: Required Surgery (2018), Upper Core Muscle Injury (2019)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Utah, Washington 2018 Vs: UCLA

Report By: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 7.60
Flexibility: 7.70
C.O.D.: 7.70
Explosion: 7.70
Deep Speed: 6.80

Possesses a unique build. He looks like an LB without pads on. He has a thick build that has muscle definition and strength throughout. He has good height, length, big hands, and fluidity in space. He possesses good, not great deep speed, but he has a second gear when the ball is in the air. His thick lower body allows him to stay balanced throughout contact, and that is also where he generates his explosiveness from in space.


Quicks off LOS: 7.60
Release Vs Jam: 7.50
Route Running: 7.50
Separation: 7.80
Blocking: 7.80

Strong, bullish strider off the LOS. He utilized his strong frame and hands to shed jams at the LOS with a high rate of success. His route running got more refined from his sophomore to junior season, but he has an instinctive understanding of how to get open using head fakes, hesitation, and hand-checking. His route tree also grew more refined in his final season at Colorado and runs the whole route tree from all three positions. He lined up the majority of the time though as the X receiver on the left side of the field. He is a feisty blocker who is adept at stalk blocking. He utilizes good technique in addition to his effort.


Hands: 8.00
Yards After Contact: 8.20
Ability In Space: 7.80
Ball Security: 8.00

Natural hands catcher. He does not fight passes coming his way. Catches the ball away from his body and doesn't have a problem with trying to body catch the ball too often. He is elite at meeting the ball at its apex and will not let defensive backs beat him to the ball. Is an absolute brute to try and bring down in a one on one situation. He runs angry with tremendous forward lean and leg drive that allows him to break so many tackles with ease. He maintains excellent ball security and will brace for big impact hits in anticipation. Even with being gang tackled so much during his career, he did not put the ball on the ground once.


Toughness: 8.20
Production: 7.50
Consistency/Motor: 7.80

Alpha male mentality on the field. He plays with an angry disposition and a my ball mentality when put in combative catch situations. He gives 100% effort on every play, sometimes to the detriment to his body. Put together two seasons worth of very good production that probably would have been better if he wouldn't have been dogged by some injuries.


Instincts: 7.80
Learn/Retain: 8.00
Position Versatility: 8.00

Clean kid off the field with no issues. He had a tough upbringing due to the horrific death of his father. He was struck and killed roadside with his family in the car. He was a quiet kid that plays and lives life with a confidence that he can conquer anything dealt his way. He has spent countless hours helping others out off the field in volunteer work. His football intelligence is off the charts and picks up on the small nuances of his position as well as a whole host of the other positions that he was deployed from such as: Wildcat QB, RB, and even Wing TE.


Unique build for a WR who is big, thick, and slippery that is a big play waiting to happen in a variety of ways. Was deployed from a variety of ways and can run the entire route tree. Excellent strength allows him to be a monster after the catch. His ability to win jump ball situations is terrific due to his ball tracking, second gear when the ball is in the air, and strength to fight through defenders. Terrific young man, who fought through a tragedy in his life to continually strive for greatness.


He possesses good, not great pure speed. He has to build up to top speed, but he seems to have a second gear when the ball is in the air. He is a natural hands catcher, but at times he will have the occasional focus drop. With his rugged playing style always seemed to be playing with an injury, or had to have snaps monitored. He has had a number of surgeries already and his long term durability will need to be monitored.


Shenault is a delight to watch on tape. He was the go-to target during his time at Boulder, and he flashed the dynamic playmaking ability that leaves talent evaluators salivating at the next level. He does have some durability issues that will need to be monitored throughout the draft process, but if everything checks out he should go off the board in the first two rounds. His playing style reminds me of A.J. Brown. Teams such as the Colts, Jaguars, Falcons, Eagles, Steelers, and Panthers should keep a close eye on where his draft stock is at.

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