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Lil' Jordan Humphrey


College: Texas

Height: 6'4"


Weight: 225 lbs

Injury History: No Major Injury History

Scout: Ryan Goudy

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 6.72

Q.A.B.: 6.80


Plays with good balance and body control. For a player with his frame, he does a good job using his short area quickness to get across defenders faces on in breaking routes. Is dynamic with the ball in his hands.

Flexibility: 6.60


He is stiff hipped and struggles to create separation because of it. He doesn't have the flexibility to cut on a dime, and often rounds off routes.

C.O.D.: 6.70


Changes direction much smoother with the ball in his hands. However, does not display the best change of direction when in routes. Much better on vertical routes then slants or out breaking routes.

Explosion: 7.00


Demonstrates a good explosion for his body type. He is quicker than fast, and shows a good ability to explode off of the line of scrimmage. Is a jump ball threat and explodes to pluck it out of the air.

Deep Speed: 6.50


Quicker than fast. He is tall and long legged. He wins on deep routes but does so much more with his body than creating separation with his speed.

Without Ball: 6.74

Quicks Off LOS: 7.00


Good ability to get off of the line. Able to use his length to chew up cushions and get into the defenders body. Uses quick steps to get across the defender and uses leverage.

Release VS Jam: 7.00


Uses his long arms to get off the jam. Also demonstrates the ability to use hands and feet together to get off of the line. Strong enough to not get jammed.

Route Running: 6.50


Needs to get more consistent and sharper with his routes. Tends to round off routes rather than utilize sharp cuts. Runs a limited route tree, but does a good job on vertical routes.


Separation: 6.50


Does Not create alot of separation on short to intermediate routes. Does create seperation on double moves and vertical routes when given the opportunity. Able to use his size to win in the air.

Blocking: 6.70


He is a willing blocker and does a good job of getting in the correct body position to do so. For his size, he isn't as good of a blocker as he should be at this moment.


With Ball In Hands: 7.05

Hands: 7.00


Good hands. Does a good job of catching the ball away from his frame. Excels in jump ball situations, and does a good job at making contested catches.

Yard After Contact: 7.00


Elusive and tough with the ball in his hands. Uses his size well to challenge smaller tacklers. He does a good job of fighting through contact and falling forward.


Ability in Space: 7.00


Good in space. Utilized in designed screens, where he was able to set up blocks and cut across field. Can make people miss in a multitude of ways. Can tell that he is a returner with the ball in his hands.

Ball Security: 7.20


Once the ball is in his hands, it isn't going anywhere. During his time at Texas, he didn't lose a fumble. He also does a great job to secure the ball when he is in the air.


Competitiveness: 7.00

Toughness: 7.00


He is a tough player, who knows how to use his size. He is tough with the ball in his hands and did not come off of the field. Was a special teams contributor.

Production: 7.00


Extremely reliable in 2018. Went for 1,176 yards on 86 catches. Was used as a runner occasionally and even threw the ball a couple times. Jack of all trades.


Consistency/Motor: 7.00


Was consistent in every game. Showed that his motor was good from play to play. He produced consistently. He fought on every play through the whistle. .


Intelligence: 6.90

Instincts: 6.80


Has grown as a receiver, and plays the ball well in the air. Does a great job of finding space in zones and sitting down accordingly. He also has good instincts with the ball in his hands.


Learn/Retain: 6.90


Has developed as a receiver. He understands how to set up defenders on routes, just needs to do a better job of sharpening his cuts.

Position Versatility: 7.00


Was used all over the place on the field. Used some as a runner and return man. He can be used in the backfield, or in the slot. Has the frame to play outside, but has not done so often.



Humphrey has elite size. He is a big, long receiver, who knows how to use his body to create seperation. He is at his best when he is going vertically out of the slot. He is a jump ball threat, and does a good job of winning in the air. He is also very good in space when catching screens and shows good vision as a ball carrier.


Humphrey, doesn't does not create a lot of separation with his routes or his speed. He needs to refine his route running, and sharpen his cuts. He doesn't have great fluidity from the stem of his route and struggles to break and explode through his hips. Stiff and won't utilize clean cuts to break to the ball or in the open field.


Humphrey is a unique playmaker. He has elite size (6'4, 225) but is at his best when he is in the slot. He does a good job of using his size to win jump balls. He has a good catch radius, and good hands. He wins vertically, and can also creative with the ball in his hands. Humphrey needs to tighten up his route running, and become a sharper tactician with his feet. He also is a contributor in special teams as a kick returner, and on the punt coverage team. From day one, he should be able to contribute on special teams coverage. He can also be an asset for teams that like bigger slot receivers. Look for Humphrey to go off the board early on the third day.