Logan Wilson




241 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Bosie State, Missouri, Utah State

Report By: Ashton Moore

Scouting Report


Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 6.20
Flexibility: 6.00
Explosiveness: 5.60
Playing Speed: 6.20
Coordination: 6.70
Position Versatility: 7.00

Can get exposed from sideline to sideline and in a foot race, but has the other tools needed to still consider him a solid athlete. His play recognition and lateral agility make up for his straight-line speed. He can still cover a satisfactory enough space to not be considered a liability or exposed. Has strong hands for the position (was a WR in high school) and has experience at WILL, MIKE, and SAM.


Initial Quickness: 5.80
Rush with Leverage: 5.90
Pass Rush Moves: 5.50
Pressure Consistency: 5.30

Will not be known for his pass-rushing prowess. Doesn't possess the wiggle or overall technique refinement to be considered a valid option from a consistent blitzing standpoint. Once there is a clear path and there is more of a "pursuit" process of getting the QB in the open field he will finish the job, but Wilson requires a bit of time for his 2nd gear to kick in and gain his 4.6 speed.


Pass Drops: 6.50
Coverage Awareness: 7.20
M/M Coverage: 5.70
Zone Coverage: 7.20

Very comfortable in zone and has a good grasp of his responsibilities in a given play. Will struggle if he is forced to track and shadow a given player. Uses his intellect and instincts to put himself in a position to utilize his effective ball skills and make a play on the ball. If you assign him a given area to roam, he will handle it well and ensure that there isn’t much progression beyond his spot.


Play with Leverage: 6.20
Stack and Shed: 6.30
Run at Him: 7.20
Runs Away: 6.60
Tackling/Hitting: 7.50

Very effective at locating and tracking down the ball carrier. Once he gets to the ball, there isn't any progress beyond that spot. He is very adept and consistent with his tackling fundamentals and ensures that he goes down with the carrier. He's like a bear trap with his size and how he clamps on. His lack of range gets him in trouble on plays away and behind the line of scrimmage, but his motor and hustle make sure that he is never out of a play. There is legitimate concerns about how his playing speed will adjust to NFL tempo, but he will make his fair share of plays every time he's on the field.


Toughness: 7.30
Production: 7.80
Consistency/Motor: 7.90

Amassed 400+ tackles and was a lockerroom favorite throughout his tenure with the Cowboys. The "Governor of Wyoming" made his mark during his time with the team, and made sure to be the leader and example that the team needed. Will be a positive influence on any locker room he joins.


Instincts: 7.80
Learn/Retain: 7.50
Concentration: 7.50

Was the clear defensive leader and field general throughout his tenure. Always seemed to have a grasp of where he needed to be and what his responsibilities were while playing all three LB positions. Maintained production and quality of play, so I don’t see focus/concentration being an issue for Wilson.


Very instinctive and productive linebacker who was a three-time captain and leader for Wyoming. Heat-seeking missile once the ball carrier is established. Shows fantastic instincts, tackling ability, and fundamentals. Latches on once he gets near. May be the most "sure tackler" in this class. Former Wide receiver with strong hands for the position. Is capable of making a play on the ball if he gets a chance for it. Plays very smart has a great motor and puts himself in a position to succeed. One of the better zone coverage LBs, and has experience at WILL, MIKE, SAM. Has comfort moving backward and occupying the middle of the field. You can tell that he puts in the mental work necessary and it translates to in his play recognition and overall awareness of where he needs to be throughout a play as it develops.


Is scheme dependent due to his lack of range and man coverage skills. Adjustment to NFL speed could be a cause for concern. Doesn’t have the movement skills or speed needed to match-up one on one with RBs out of the backfield. Needs to turn and run to cover the deep middle of the field, exposes his back to the QB in the process. Not a very good blitzer, lacks the pass rush skills necessary to be counted on as a consistent threat as a rusher. Can get caught up in blocks, doesn’t show a consistent ability to get out of traffic if he gets in the masses of bodies.


Would be a strong fit for a cover 2 scheme that has him hold down the middle of the field and would be a capable defender his rookie season. Not going to be a good fit for teams that want to utilize him from a man coverage perspective. Was a leader for the Cowboys and was a three-time team captain and became known as the "Governor of Wyoming". At the end of the day, Wilson is a heat seeker who goes and finishes plays. Nobody in this class shuts a play down like he does with, just great sound fundamental tackling. He knows where he needs to be and once a ball carrier is determined he will typically be involved in the end of the play or at least will be in the area. I could see him making noise for a zone team that just needs him to hold down the middle of the field and locate ball carriers. With this offseasons lack of LB depth, Wilson may end up in the 3rd/4th range. He does what he does well, but due to some athletic limitations, he's pretty scheme dependent. I think Wilson will ultimately have a solid NFL career as long as he is in a situation that caters to his strengths and doesn’t expose his weaknesses.

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