Matt Hennessy




307 lbs



Injury History: Concussion: Missed One Game (2019)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: SMU, North Carolina 2018 Vs: Maryland, Boston College

Report By: Cody Manning

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 6.50
Flexibility: 6.00
C.O.D.: 6.00
Explosion: 6.50
Versatility: 6.00

He isn't the quickest or agile player, especially when he gets in open space, but has great balance when he is battling inside the trenches. Solid flexibility for an interior lineman, can create a wide base. Does not possess a lot of fluidity if he needs to change his direction, he is more of a look and go type of blocker. Good explosion after he snaps to get into his pass set. Outside 1 start at LG, he played his career as an OC. He should stick with his familiarity with the position.


In-Line: 7.30
Movement off L.O.S.: 6.50
Reach Block: 7.40
Pull & Block Outside: 6.50
Adjust In Space: 6.50
Use of Hands: 8.50

Very good when he is locking onto the lineman in front of him, can control his movement, seal rushing lanes, but doesn't get much drive behind his block. Capable of getting a push if he can get under the defender’s pads, but needs more consistency in doing so. Does a solid job when he is working to the second level, pretty smooth, and gets to the right spot. Hit and miss when he needs to pull & block, he can get out to seal the lane but isn't very quick so it is all about timing with him. Struggles at times when he is in open space with no one to block. Outstanding use of his hands, he can lock inside the defender, control where he wants to take them, can get drive under shoulders, and hardly loses them once he gets engaged with his assignment.


Quick Set: 7.50
Protect Corner: 7.00
Footwork / Redirect & Slide: 6.70
Anchor / Reset Ability: 7.00
Handle Games/Stunts: 6.50
Hands / Punch: 8.00

He does a good job of getting into his pass set after he snaps the ball, has good balance and plays with a low pad level so he can take on the pass rush. Understands his role within the offensive line, secures his area, and does a solid job at passing off players. His footwork is solid, can reset, and is able to slide over into protection. Does overset at times, this allows players to get around him. Stronger players can get leverage against him, he is able to anchor, but can get blown up by great interior defensive lineman. Smart player can pick up stunts as they happen in front of him. His punch combined his ability to lock on with his hands allow him to find success against most players.


Toughness: 7.50
Consistency / Motor: 7.50
Production: 8.00

Three-year starter, 3rd Team All-American, and 1st Team All-American Athletic Conference. He's not flying all over the place to find someone to block if he can't find anyone, but he is very consistent with his play. Always in the right spot, will look for work if it is there, and continues to fight for his teammates regardless of what the scoreboard says.


Instincts: 6.50
Learn/Retain: 7.50
Teamwork: 8.00

Very smart player, he finds a way to make sure he can get to his assignment on every player. Doesn't show the instincts to pick up a surprise blitz that isn't recognized pre-snap. Works hard on every snap, doesn't take a play off.


Offers plenty of experience at center, intelligent player, and has a well-rounded game. Very solid when run blocking, engages & locks onto his assignment, enough strength to move them around, and does a great job at sealing rushing lanes. Quick to his pass set, can anchor against most players, is able to process stunts developing, and doesn't give up much ground as he can hold his own.


Versatility is limited as he doesn't have the experience as a guard. Not super athletic, everything is about timing with him. He can arrive late to his assignments when he is pulling, reaching, or working to the second level. Average instincts and lacks the twitch to respond to a blitz if he doesn't pick it up as it develops. Gets lost in open space if there isn't anyone for him to block.


Hennessy offers a team at the next level a center that can come in as a depth piece as a rookie but also has the potential to start in the right situation as he comes in with plenty of experience at the position. He may struggle during Year 1 due to the lack of overall strength with the bigger and faster interior defensive lineman at the next level, but he is more than capable of holding his own because of his ability to get in his set quickly, and his great handwork. He doesn't offer a huge ceiling as a player, but because of his smarts, and willingness to work, he can be a quality starter on an offensive line. If he can work on refining some parts of his game, add some strength, and work under a great OL coach, then he should work his way on a starting unit by Year 3 if he comes in as a depth piece in Year 1. Barring any injuries, he can be a good player for a roster for 7+ seasons at the next level.

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