Mekhi Becton

Offensive Tackle


6' 7"

364 lbs



Injury History: Right Ankle Injury (2019), Unspecified Injury (2018)

Games Evaluated: 2018 Vs: Alabama, Georgia Tech 2019 Vs: Notre Dame, Wake Forest, Clemson, Kentucky

Report By: Mason LeBeau

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 7.50
Flexibility: 5.50
C.O.D.: 5.50
Explosion: 7.50
Versatility: 8.00

All over the board here. He faces obstacles that come with his size in the form of balance, agility, and flexibility. As his 40 time showed, however, he carries that weight surprisingly easy and can still move very well. Explosive out of his stance in the run game, and fairly nimble on his feet in pass pro. Frequently switched between left and right tackle in 2018 before staying on the left side in 2019.


In-Line: 8.50
Movement off L.O.S.: 8.00
Reach Block: 6.00
Pull & Block Outside: 6.00
Adjust In Space: 5.50
Use of Hands: 6.50

Becton is at his best when he can just block those in front of him. His length and strength combined with explosive movement can drive back defenders easily. For being a good mover however, he isn't reliable at making any dynamic blocks. When the LB works their way up on PA he can easily meet them and send them backwards, but when trying to reach or meet a defender deeper at the 2nd level, he usually misses. Lack of agility makes him easy to avoid.


Quick Set: 5.50
Protect Corner: 6.00
Footwork / Redirect & Slide: 6.50
Anchor / Reset Ability: 8.50
Handle Games/Stunts: 5.50
Hands / Punch: 6.00

Troubles start to really show up here, and his projection is based a lot on upside. His punch is solid and his length helps him keep his inside clean, but his feet aren't technically sound at all. His quick set is choppy, and he let's the corner get shaved off more than I'm comfortable with. Getting through him is nearly impossible, going around him is easier than it should be. He's also slow to pick up on stunts and twists, maybe because he focuses in on his guy without keeping up with his peripherals, but he was beaten by these more than once in one game, and occasionally at other times.


Toughness: 6.50
Consistency / Motor: 6.00
Production: 6.50

No major complaints here. I didn't see an overactive player on the field and could be slow to get up or get back to the huddle, but it can't be easy lugging around 360 pounds. Consistency certainly wasn't there, but the improvement was.


Instincts: 6.00
Learn/Retain: 7.00
Teamwork: 6.50

His instincts for being a pure football player are encouraging, he liked to bully people. The finer things took time, but he showed he could learn and improve.


His upside is vast. Very rare size and plus movement ability anyways, let alone for his size. That movement ability didn't translate as well as it could have but alludes to a great ceiling. Very effective as an in-line blocker with a mean streak. True mauler. He knows how to use his length, just not soundly yet. Capable of bullying lesser competition and also did so against Clemson. Played left and right tackle, but also consistently switched between the two spots IN GAME in 2018. OL coaches have to be drooling at the thought of developing this guy.


A high ceiling often means a low floor and that's very much the case for Becton. Reliant on his size and length, especially in pass protection. Footwork needs to be rebuilt and needs to learn to use his hands better. Relied on initial punch and had a hard time sustaining blocks. Worries about balance and area awareness, which aren't as easy to develop. Eyes would narrow a bit too often and would miss a late blitzer and stunts. Struggled early in career against lesser competition. Weight control could be an issue.


I personally can't get on board with how high the NFL is with Becton. I prefer each of the other four top tackles in the class, but I understand the upside is alluring. Becton's size/speed combination is rather absurd, even if it didn't quite translate into success. He should have success early as an in-line blocker, but if you want to provide secure pass protection for your QB or want a more dynamic run blocker, you'll have to be patient and hope you have a quality offensive line coach.

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