Michael Deiter


College: Wisconsin

Height: 6'5"


Weight: 309 lbs

Injury History: No major injuries

Scout: Jack Bourgeois

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.25           

Q.A.B.:    7.25  


Athletic, good mobility, quick out of his stance, and adequate balance after contact.   

Flexibility:    7.50    

Decent knee bend but stiff hips led to the move inside as he struggles against speed rushers.  

C.O.D.:    6.50    

Smooth mover who's light on his feet and shift lateral momentum quite well for being 6'5".             

Explosion:    7.00    

Aggressive at the point of attack and burst off of the line of scrimmage but his game doesn't feature many devastating blows.   

Versatility:    8.00  


Equally efficient in all aspects of playing interior line. Run, pass, pull, second level, blocking in space, zone and power schemes, there's nothing he can't do at an above average level. Can play completely across the line with 24 at left guard, 16 at center and 14 at left tackle.                     
Run Blocking:    7.42

In-Line:    7.75    

Strong, technical in-line blocker who understands leverage points and body positioning like the seasoned vet he is.         

Movement off L.O.S.:   7.75  

This pile mover always keeps his feet driving forward with a powerful lower body and ruthless effort to win every snap. Creates movement very well both laterally and when head up against his opponent.    

Reach Block:    7.00    

Struggles at times with body positioning when trying to get his hat across his opponent's face and occasionally misses his target due to over aggressive play but can certainly play in a zone blocking scheme.    

Pull & Block Outside:    8.00    

Wisconsin often took advantage of Dieter's fluid movement and athleticism by using him as a pulling guard and lead blocker. Dieter accels in the second level                     
Adjust In Space:    7.00    

His lengthy frame and long strides work against him when attempting to adjust his targeting location but takens smart angles and moves well blocking down field.       

Use of Hands:    7.00  

Powerful hands and inside grip but explosiveness is nonexistent in his punch. Will need to improve his ability to maintain his blocks when stalemated.                    
Pass Blocking:    6.88      

Quick Set:    7.00  

A strong quick set and well balanced base.  

Protect Corner:    5.75  

Lacks the kickslide and hand tech to be able to protect his QB from the speedy edge rushers but gets the job done against outside moves from the interior.                    
Footwork / Redirect & Slide:    7.25    

His footwork wasn't up to par as a tackle but is more than enough to get the job done on the inside. Mirrors well for a guard, possesses quick, active feet that never stop turning.      

Anchor / Reset Ability:    8.00    


Eats up bull rushers and was rarely ever overpowered or pushed into the pocket. At his best against big bodied DT's who he can beat to the POA.       

Handle Games/Stunts:    6.50    

Occasionally missed or was late when redirecting his attention to faints, stunts, and delays.          

Hands / Punch:   6.75    

Can improve as a hand fighter and disrupting his opponent's path with his reach and widen his blocking radius.                     
Competitiveness:    7.50

Toughness:   8.00    

Started a Wisconsin Football record 54 games straight while playing with attitude and tenacity every play, enough said right?  

Consistency / Motor:    7.00    

Michael has a 4+ quarter motor that delivers 100% effort from start to finish and from snap to whistle.                    

Production:    7.5    

Very productive but inconsistent at times. Got the better of Nick Bosa in there 2018 matchup, winning more snaps than he lost and flatbacking Bosa multiple times.                    
Intelligence:  7.08

Instincts:   7.00    


A 4 year starting veteran coming from a pro style offense who is always on high alert when in pass pro. 

Learn/Retain:   7.50    


Massive improvement from 2016 to 2018 in technique and noticeable from year to year.          

Teamwork:   6.75    


Decent double team ability but has shown to be inconsistent in communication with fellow linemen.                    

Dieter is not a flashy athlete but possesses the functional mobility needed to plsy the position. Arguably the most versatile, well rounded guard in the draft, there's not a whole lot he can't do well. A mauler in the run game, who thrives as a lead blocker, and mobile enough to get to the second level. Great anchor ability              


The Wisconsin senior doesn’t use his length to his advantage as much as you’d like to see and could improve his hip rotation when having to adjust to an outside move. The initial punch could get stronger and his footwork needs to be more consistent.
BIG PICTURE                            
Deiter was asked to play both guard and tackle while at Wisconsin, where he started a school record 54 straight games, one behind Ohio State center Billy Price’s Big Ten record. He was voted first team All American and the Big Ten’s Offensive Lineman of the Year in 2018. It’s safe to say, he’s pretty good at what he does. Deiter is a decent athlete who’s functionally sound in terms of mobility, balance, and quickness, but doesn’t flash raw power and likely won’t impress with his forty time.                             

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