Michael Pittman Jr

Wide Receiver


6' 4"

223 lbs



Injury History: Injured Left Shoulder (2018)

Games Evaluated: 2019 vs. BYU, Utah, Colorado

Report By: LaMarr Fields

Scouting Report

Q.A.B. 6.60
Flexibility 7
C.O.D. 7.50
Explosion 6.50
Deep Speed 6.80

Pittman has the perfect blend of height and strength. At 6'4 his ability to keep his body control and make contested catches over defensive backs. Pittman does not have great deep speed but does have build up speed to sneak pass defenders. He was able to get past cornerbacks often last season at USC with sneaky speed.

Quicks Off LOS 6.00
Release VS Jam 6.00
Route Running 7.50
Separation 6.70
Blocking 7.00

Pittman can clear tight coverage underneath with hands and his physical ability. Although he is not fast, Pittman is able to get in and out of his breaks to provide separation from defenders. The receiver prospect can run the full route tree. Also Pittman is a willing run blocker, who will get after it. Pittman struggles with press coverage at times.

With Ball In Hands 7.00
Hands 7.50
Yard After Contact 6.50
Ability in Space 6.50
Ball Security 7.50

Pittman has good strong hands and for his size does so some ability to make plays in space using nice stiff arms at times. He can make contested catches in all three levels of the field, short, intermediate and deep. Pittman is a big receiver and it is hard for defensive backs to bring him down after the catch.

Toughness 7.00
Production 7.60
Consistency/Motor 7.50

In his senior year Pittman's production went way up, he caught 41 passes in 2018. Last season he caught 101 passes for 1,275 yards and 11 touchdowns. He has outstanding size and toughness to be able to compete on the NFL level. Pittman works hard and makes plays.

Instincts 7.10
Learn/Retain 7.10
Position Versatility 7.00

Pittman has good football instincts and it helps that his father played in the NFL as well. If Pittman can improve on his quickness he could work some out the slot, with his hands and size he could be an outstanding slot receiver making big catches on third downs.

Pittman is big, smart, and reliable.He is a good route runner, who can run all the routes on the route tree. Pittman is a big target that can make contested catches on all three levels.Not a big deep threat but does have sneaky speed to run past some defensive backs. He is a hard worker and will get after it on blocking.

Big press corner could cause Pittman trouble at the line of scrimmage. He takes time to get open on intermediate routes and in the NFL his quarterback will always be throwing in tight windows.

Pittman can be a player that will play in the NFL right away, his hands, being able to run the full route tree, and ability to make contested catches will make him an effective receiver. Hopefully he can work on his quickness to get off the press man a little better. I can see Pittman being a receiver like Michael Thomas from the New Orleans Saints. A receiver who is not fast but can get open and makes tough contest catches. With time and hard work I can see Pittman maybe developing into a No.1 receiver some day. I think Pittman will go in the mid 2nd to 3rd round.

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