Mike Edwards

Position: Safety

College: Kentucky

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 200 lbs



Injury History: No Major Injury History

Games Evaluated: 2018: Florida, Mississippi State, Texas A&M

Scout: Ryan Lippert

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.10

Q.A.B./C.O.D.: 7.50

He has a solid amount of quickness which he uses to flip his hips when covering receivers. Also moves sideline to sideline smoothly.

Flexibility: 7.00

Good hip flexibility which he uses when dropping to his zones and making plays on the ball.

Deep Speed: 7.00

He can keep up with most wide receivers when tested deep.

Explosion: 7.50

He is very explosive when coming down to help in the run, isn't afraid to lay big hits.

Coordination: 6.50

Reads receivers well and stays on the right path/angle in order to keep up with them.

Coverage Ability: 6.76

Man Press: 5.30

He wasn't asked to play much press man in college. However, did show some ability to when called on.

Man Off: 7.30

Played mostly off man in college. Used his speed and quickness to stay in the hip pocket of receivers.

Zone: 7.20

Drops to his zone with ease and is very aware of the coverage and his surrounding area.

Hand Fighting: 7.00

He isn't afraid to get aggressive with receivers, doesn't allow them to get separation often.

Hips/Turn Ability: 7.00

He is able to turn his hips quickly to run with receivers when tested deep as well as redirecting when mirroring routes.

Play Making: 6.93

Closing Quickness: 7.50

Closes on plays with a good amount of quickness, uses his instincts to know when to break on balls.

Ball skills: 6.50

He does a good job on breaking on the ball but has missed his timing by just a split second at times and missed what could've been an easy interception.

Route/play Diagnosis: 6.80

Reads receivers well, he diagnoses their routes quickly and makes a decision or mirrors them.

Run Support: 7.70

Quickness Upfield: 8.20

Comes down hill with a great amount of quickness. Fills the lane very well. Due to his quickness, Kentucky also used him off the edge as a blitzer on many occasions.

Fight Through Blocks: 7.40

He isn't afraid of contact, will take on blocks when necessary. However, his lack of size hurts him in some situations.

Tackling: 7.50

He is a sure tackler for the most part. The tackles that he misses are due to poor timing or angles.

Competitiveness: 8.57

Toughness: 8.50

Edwards uses his toughness to make up for his lack of size. He never shies away from being in the mix.

Production: 8.70

Senior Season - 82 tackles, 9 TFL, 2 INT, 1 FF, 1 QBH. 2nd Team All-SEC

Consistency/Motor 8.50

Edwards always plays with a high motor and a ton of fire. He is also very consistent in production.

Intelligence: 7.20

Instincts: 7.50

He uses his instincts to read routes of receivers quickly. Was also used as a QB Spy at times with more mobile quarterbacks.

Learn/Retain: 6.50

Very rarely makes the same mistake twice in a row.

Teamwork: 7.60

Edwards is always one of the first players to celebrate with his teammates. Also, when someone else makes an interception, he quickly tries to find someone to block.


The one thing that you're always going to get from Edwards is heart and toughness. He may be small but he doesn't let that hold him back. Edwards has a very high motor and he has used that to become very successful in college.He also never shies away from contact, whether it is a ball carrier or a blocker. Some of his best traits as a player come in his run support. He comes downhill hard and fills his lane with a great amount of quickness and is a force on the outside against the run.


One thing that scouts will look at with Edwards is obviously his lack of size. Not only is he shorter, but he also doesn't have much weight to him. This could hurt him at the next level against bigger wide receivers and ball carriers, as well as taking on blocks. Something that Edwards will have to get used to in the league is playing more press man if he is used at the nickel. This is something I believe that he can handle but he just wasn't asked to do much of it in college.


Mike Edwards has been a key piece to a Kentucky football senior class that is arguably the best they've ever had. Edwards saw his first action as a redshirt freshman as he started in the last five games of the season. However, it was his sophomore year that he truly burst onto the scene. He started in every game as a sophomore, finishing with 100 tackles, 5.5 tackles for loss, 0.5 sacks, and three interceptions on his way to being named AP Second Team All-SEC. He continued his successful career as a junior, finishing with 96 tackles, four TFL, one sack, and four interceptions. There was speculation that Edwards may enter the draft early following his junior year but he decided to return to school for one last season. As a senior, Edwards finished with 82 tackles, 9.5 tackles for loss, two interceptions, and one interception returned for a touchdown. He helped this Kentucky team make history as they finished at a record of 10-3 after a victory in the Citrus Bowl over Penn State. Edwards was named Second Team All-SEC and will play in the Senior Bowl following a great end to his career. As far as the next level goes, I see Edwards being a solid option at the nickel spot and as a strong safety. I believe a team will draft him between the 3rd-5th rounds and use him in the nickel and on special teams to start. However, I can definitely see him turning into a full-time starter at strong safety if he develops as a pro. With that being said, I believe Edwards will have a solid NFL career and could possibly be talked about one day as one of the steals of this draft.

Projection: 3rd-5th round
Team Fits: Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers
Pro Comparison: Tyrann Mathieu

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