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Montez Sweat


College: Mississippi State

Height: 6'6"


Weight: 241 lbs

Injury History: Minor Heart Condition (Not off Teams Boards)

Scout: Jason Feiner

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 6.56

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 6.40


Solid overall athlete with good foot quickness and an ability to work upfield fast. His tight base limits his lateral movement and tight and narrow hips delay his ability to open up and cut in any direction.

Flexibility: 6.00


His flexibility is limited and he can struggle to disengage at the top of the arc failing to bend and getting ridden past the ball. Can't bend through contact. Will often get high in contact giving leverage to the blocker. Needs to stay low and power through the block combining it with his anchor at the line of scrimmage. Struggles to get small in gaps and won't utilize low pad level.

Explosiveness: 7.30


Displays very good burst and a quick first step that can eat up a lot of ground instantly. Often will generate good push out of his stance pushing the lineman back on their heels and winning with his length. Very quick off the line when his hands is in the dirt, but can struggle to be dynamic working out of a two point stance. Often will stand straight up rather than driving forward.

Playing Speed: 6.50


Doesn't play with a fast menatlity and glides through the play. Doesn't possess great straight line speed to catch ball carriers from behind and won't immediately get to the top of the arc in pass rush sets.

Coordination: 6.60


Can get tripped up and will sometimes lose his feet. Can struggle in traffic, and won't always disengage before he is already run past the QB.

Pass Rush Ability: 7.28

Initial Quickness: 7.60


Very quick off the line with the ability to gain chunk yards right off his stance putting the tackle on his heels. Much more fluid and comfortable out of a three point stance where he can explode through the chest of a lineman from the jump. Will tend to delay his release from the line when working as a stand up edge defender losing his burst and immediate push off the line.

Use of Hands: 8.60


His hands work tirelessly to set in the chest of blockers in order to gain leverage with his length before clubbing down or ripping through the body to change into a pursuit role. He times his punches well and has the play strength to kock off hands to keep his chest clean. Showcases a beautiful club and rip move at the top of the arc in order to disengage the blocker and close in on the quarterback.

Leverage: 6.60


Can lose leverage off the snap by losing displine and standing up with poor pad level often allowing hands to get pressed inside his pads. His length helps to defeat blocks and hand usage allows him to disengage effectively. Strong and sturdy base allows him to stand his ground and monitor the play in run defense.

Pass Rush Moves: 6.10


Doesn't have a large arsenal of pass rush moves and mainly relies on his length and play strength to win. Can generate a strong push in bull rush scenarios. Best counters include a push and pull combination, rip and club, and power rush. His explosiveness benefits the linear bull rush when attempting to collpase the pocket. Tight hips and lack of movement ability hinder atheletic and timed pass rush moves. He will often take wide angles to the corner and round the edge rather than fully bending and beating tackles at the arc.


Finish Ability: 7.50


Massive wing span and quality play strength allow him to take down ball carriers with relative ease. If he is in reach with good positioning, he will rarely miss the play. Can occasionally get run past the ball and his seocnd effort isn't anything to go crazy about. Has shown lack of motivation mid-play.

Competitiveness: 7.50

Toughness: 6.90


Good play strength and prototypical size make him a highly valued prospect entering the next level. Can get occupied by lineman when he allows them to get their hands into his chest; struggles to disengage. Poor second effort as a pass rusher and will often get swallowed up despite his length and size. Excellent at setting the line and engulfing ball carriers who cross his face with his wingspan.

Consistency/Motor: 7.50


Plays with good consistency and will play strong through the whistle while defending the run. Begins play with excellent burst and effort and will slow down when he gets brushed to the side and occupied or if the play moves to the opposite side of the field. He will often run down ball carriers making plays from behind with his length. His tenacity and effiort will never be questioned.

Production: 8.10


One of the best edge defender in the country accruing 30 tackles for loss and 22.5 sacks throughout his tenure at Mississippi State. Excellent production drive throughout his career.


Against The Run: 7.28

Play with Leverage: 7.60


He has a great anchor at the line of scrimmage as a power player to squat and hold ground. His length helps him keep blockers from locking into his frame and his hand usage allows him to rip and drive to the ball.

Stack and Shed: 7.60


Can get held up by long tackles who can engage him early in the set. Displays an oustanding talent to engage with tackles while using his length and wingspan to leave space opening up a window to duck through the block and challeng the ball carrier.

Gap Shooting Ability: 6.00


Struggles to get small in gaps or creases, and can get pinned off balance once he attempts to cross a blockers plane of vison.

Run at Him: 8.00


Extremely efficent when runs are directed toward him. Often uses his wingspan to engulf the runner and twist them to the ground. Does an excellent job of setting the edge and won't give up the corner easily. Will occasionaly get out run due to hi lack of lateral mobility forcing him to chase dwon the runner from behind.

Run Away: 6.90


He will always enter pursuit mode when the play is directed away from him and can make a solid amount of plays from hashmark-hashmark due to his length and deterimination.


Tackling/Hitting: 7.60


His wingspan is massive creating an extremely impressive tackle radius. Possesses the talent to consistently get quarterbacks and runners to the ground by going outside his frame. He is a arm and warp up tackler with fundamental technique rather than a big hitter. Tends to drag and wrestle runners to the ground rather than making impact tackles. can go through offensive lineman to make a play on the ball. Would like to see him target the ball more in pass rush sets.

Intelligence: 7.50

Instincts: 8.10


Excellent mental processing in the run game capable of finding the football quickly and reacting to the play. He is rarely fooled or caught out of position and won't over pursue often keeping his edge and proetcting the perimeter. Asa pass rusher he needs to attack the ball and use inside moves more heavily. Tends to work back to the pocket once his pass rush is shut down.

Learn/Retain: 6.70


He needs to develop a wider arsenal of pass rush moves and the ability to keep his leverage firing low off the ball. He is a refined defender with a high football IQ against both the run and pass. Possesses a cieling as a pass rusher with limiting athetic traits in his movement ability.


Teamwork: 7.70


A team player who can be counted on to play hard on every snap. He is a leader on the field and in the lockler room.


A big bodied edge defender with exceptional length and physicality. He displays an excellent first step that eats up a lot of ground immediately and can get up the arc fast. His hand usage is among the best in the class showing tireless punches, rips and clubbing down to gain seperation from the tackle. His massive winspan and immense play strength combined with an explsive first step help him push tackles on their heels and get to the quarterback to finsih the play. His winspan allows him to drag runners to the turf without great positioning. He has a great anchor at the line of scrimmage in run defense. His length and power help him rip through blockers and get to the ball at or behind the line of scrimmage. He possesses excellent mental processing in the run game consistently finding the ball and setting the edge. He is more of a arm and technique tackler than a bg hitter capable of engulfing runners using his wingspan. He possesses the talent to consistently go outside his frame and bring quarterbacks and runners to the ground.


His athletcism and mobility are big time question marks, as he struggles with overall quickness, change of direction and lateral mobility. He struggles to bend at the top of the arc due to tight hip movement and poor flexibility. He struggles to beat tackles on their outside hip consistently and only works back inside as a last resort. He will often give away leverage due to his pad level and he struggles to get small in gaps often getting pushed off his intended route. His NFL impact as an edge rusher is capped with limitations in mobility. To succeed he will need to learn how to sell speed up the arc forcing the tackle into an overset then work back inside with physical hand play and timing.


Montez Sweat will succeed as a 4-3 defenisve end with his hand in the dirt at the NFL level. Sweat is a big and physical edge propsect who can win consistently at the line by creating seperation by attacking his blocks with full extension and powerful punches and rips. His mobility will limit him as a defender and with a lack of bend his pass rush ability will be capped. He is a domiant run defender and will need to be kept in a linear roll with his hand in the dirt, as he will get lost in space without loose and functional mobility. He has the potential to be a three down lineman rushing the passer, but his bull rush and physicality are what will help him succeed. He will need to learn how to work back inside more consistently rather than a last resort. His Ceiling is capped.