Neville Gallimore

Defensive Tackle



304 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Texas, Baylor 2018 Vs: Texas

Report By: Peter Vandeventer

Scouting Report


Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 8.20
Flexibility: 7.60
Explosiveness: 7.80
Playing Speed: 7.60
Coordination: 7.60

Gallimore possesses a unique level of quickness for someone his size. He has excellent footwork which allows him to move, shift, and change directions well. Really flexible interior defender that often can move and bend in ways that you don't see from a 300-pound lineman.Great explosive interior rusher and has nice lower body strength to get off the ball better than most his size. Slow out of stance but creates explosivity when he launches into the opposing lineman. Plays quick and was seen chasing down screen plays and being able to move the pocket right off the snap with his get off. Pretty nimble for a 300-pound lineman. Rarely caught in a position that puts him on the ground.


Initial Quickness: 8.30
Use of Hands: 6.80
Leverage: 7.30
Pass Rush Moves: 8.10
Finish Ability: 7.00

Not the quickest out of his stance but iis quick with his hands and getting up the field, launching into lineman's chest plate. Not much of a false step when getting upfield. Won't beat anyone with his speed but his quickness is rare for someone his size. He has times where he has great hands usage and uses his powerful hands to push lineman to where he wants them. Still has some issues where he doesn’t get great hand placement from the snap and wasn't able to counter or get off the block after the lineman neutralized his quickness. Has a low center of gravity where he has a natural leverage advantage and keeps his arms in position to leverage his way around or through lineman.Excellent tools that you see from an edge rusher and isn't afraid to use them. He used his spin move and swim move in a timely fashion but doesn't overuse them and work well with the whole of his repertoire. Really helped Oklahoma mix there pass rush approach with his ability to stunt. Has long arms and strong hands where QBs and RBs can’t escape from when he has them in his grasp. Did a good job at closing out plays when near the ball.


Toughness: 6.80
Consistency/Motor: 8.30
Production: 6.50

Gallimore is tough and constantly takes on double teams in the run game and in the pass. In 2019, he developed this part of his game and was able to close out drives on the field (not on the sideline like he did in 2018). Excellent Motor but has issues with tiring out towards the end of the game and drives. He doesn't often give up on plays and sticks with screens/stretches runs. Didn't have a lot of production prior to the 2019 season but has put together a really impressive campaign this year.


Play with Leverage: 6.20
Stack and Shed: 5.90
Gap Shooting Ability: 6.30
Run at Him: 6.20
Run Away: 7.40
Tackling/Hitting: 7.20

In the run, he is often pushed around and doesn't play with as great of hands or aggression as he does with the pass. He showed development towards the end of the season but still adequate in these regards. Has issues disengaging with blocks and does not control the engagement with the lineman on most plays. Shoots gaps but to no avail. Didn't show the same leg drive/success as seen in the pass. Wasn't consistent enough here. Shoots gaps well when he identifies the outside run/stretch blocking but doesn't do much when it's more of down blocking. Doesn't stack and shed the way someone his size is supposed to. Not as dominant in this phase. Tries to maneuver around instead of playing through blocks. trails play well (very good). Does better when the play is going away from him/going towards the outside cause it allows him to use his speed to get around blockers. He does a very good job of stretching outside runs and making it difficult to cut back for a ball carrier. Finding his way into tackles or not, he is a sure tackler and delivers a lot of pop with his hits.


Instincts: 7.90
Learn/Retain: 7.00
Teamwork: 7.00

Great instincts, he reads screens well while still being aggressive. He gets a little too aggressive and instinctual at times and that leads to him being out of position more often than what you want/need for an interior pass rusher. instinctual in the ability to diagnose and find the ball carrier in read option. He has continued to grow and develop over the year as well as a clear show of progression from last season to this. He showed great ability to learn and retain new pass-rush technique but didn't show nearly the same retention against the run. Runs into other players rush lanes and doesn't have a whole lot of gap integrity at times which leads to huge gaps in the defense. He was tasked to stunt a decent amount and was able to time it well with the other rushers. Overall, is a quality teammate.


An interior defensive lineman with a surprising level of athleticism for his size. He has such a wide range of pass rush moves that will make it hard on all interior offensive lineman and can beat them off the snap. Gallimore has a high motor and is also very intelligent in the way he can diagnose screen plays. He trails plays well and has a great understanding of the game in those regards. Has flashes of Aaron Donald-like reps on his tape when he completely manhandles and walks lineman right back into their QBs.


Has issues with being too aggressive at times and doesn't have strong gap integrity. I don't see him as a 2-gap defender for his size and does not command the ability to stack and shed opposing lineman in the run. Not as dominant against the run and is easily washed out by lineman who out leverage him.


Gallimore is a rare athletic interior defensive lineman who will land with a team and immediately step in and make plays. For his size, it's hard to find a player as large as Gallimore who has the ability to be a 3 down lineman due to his pass-rushing ability. Should be a late 1st, early 2nd pick.

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