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Nick Bosa


College: Ohio State

Height: 6'4"


Weight: 270 lbs

Injury History: 2018: Groin/Abdominal (Required Surgery on Abdominals)

Scout: Jason Feiner

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.80

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 7.70


Nick Bosa is a great athlete with a good quickness and excellent balance to beat offensive lineman at the point of attack. Displays the ability to change direction instantly, allowing him to push away from blocks and turn down the line to make a play on the ball carrier. A solid base and outstanding muscular build help to keep his balance against powerful lineman inside or on the edge.

Flexibility: 8.10


Has shown excellent flexibility throughout his tenure at Ohio State often displaying good knee bend and firing off the line with great pad level and power. Displays excellent bend at the top of the arc to change his course and attack the ball.

Explosiveness: 7.40


Generates good burst upfield with a fluid and quick first step followed by explosive hands to power through blockers. Can eat up groud immediately in a pass rush set.

Playing Speed: 7.30


Great play speed with the capability to generate a speed to power bull rush coming off the edge or inside. Has the ability to chase runners down a line, but rarely plays at full speed when away from the play. Not a straight line sprinter, and won't chase down many runners.

Coordination: 8.50


Displays excellent coordination with a combination of good technique, balance, awareness and power. Often displays the ability to engage and disengage blockers freely utilizing powerful hands and a solid base. Rarely gets tripped up.

Pass Rush Ability: 8.54

Initial Quickness: 7.90


He is an extremely fluid athlete who seems to glide with every step. With a good first step, he has shown the ability to combine his quickness with solid burst and excellent technique.


Use of Hands: 9.20


One of the best parts of his game, often utilizing his hands to gain effective separation at the point of attack rarely allowing the lineman to fully engage his body. Has the capability and talent to throw multiple and powerful punches consecutively in order to win at the point of attack gaining room to maneuver and making the offensive lineman off balance. Has shown the knowledge need to be an effective pass rusher while utilizing his hands to win consistently.

Leverage: 8.80


Fires off the line in a low and controlled motion with the power and balance necessary to push the tackle back. Utilities excellent knee bend and good flexibility to gain leverage while continuously fighting to get to the quarterback.

Pass Rush Moves: 8.20


Doesn't use a variety of pass rush moves. Primarily uses a variation of the bull rush generating power through a combination of speed and hand usage. Focusses pass rush on the outside shoulder of the tackle with quick hand usage and an aggressive lean to pull the tackle off balance. Occasionally throws in an effective swim move often befuddling the blocker and swiftly moving past them. Has the ability to split defenders. Will enter the league with better technique and pre-snap plans than many NFL veterans.

Finish Ability: 8.60


Has a good track record for finishing when attacking the quarterback. If given the opportunity he won't let the quarterback escape his clutches. He uses fundamental tackling technique to bring ball carriers to the turf often dragging them down in the backfield. Rarely misses tackles.

Competitiveness: 8.60

Toughness: 8.60


An extremely tough player who has the ability to play in the trenches or on the edge. A strong D-lineman with a great build and solid muscle definition capable of beating blocker with raw power. Has dealt with injuries throughout 2018 and missed almost all of the 2018 season to recover and train for the Combine.

Consistency/Motor: 7.70


A relentless pass rusher with the capability to play until the whistle blows. When in a pass rush, his motor will never be a problem. When taken out of the play, he will rarely run at full speed to track down ball carriers or the quarterback escaping from the pocket.

Production: 9.50


One of the elite prospects in the 2019 draft class. He has been an outstanding and effective edge rusher for Ohio State throughout his tenure. Named the Buckeyes 2017 defensive MVP and awarded a 1st team All-American designation. He is a superb player with immense talent on the field.

Against The Run: 7.75

Play with Leverage: 8.80


Has excelent technique and hand usage to stand the lineman up and flow with the traffic. Uses arm extension and forward lean as a weapon to beat the lineman to the quarterback or ball carrier and can ragdoll tight ends who are not comitted to the fight.

Stack and Shed: 8.40


Capable of stacking and sliding along the line of scrimmage in pursuit of the ball carrier, and can plant his foot and drive toward the ball carrier if he cut upfield.

Gap Shooting Ability: 7.30


Has an ability to make himself small and fit through creases. Generally with engage a lineman placing his hands on the blocker first in order to gain leverage and use his swim move to break inside.

Run at Him: 8.50


Extremely effective at setting the edge and forcing the play inside. Has a knack for creating loss with his knowledge of the opposing offense and talent on the field.

Run Away: 6.70


When out of the play rarely goes full speed. He will continue to set the edge in case of a reverse of the field, but generally won't chase if the play is on the opposite field.

Tackling/Hitting: 6.80


His play strength isn't what is expected behind a powerful big bodied defensive lineman. Rarely gets a lot of bang behind his pads as a tackler and can get caught giving extra yards after contact to bigger and stronger runners. Will often go over after the legs and twist to bring runners down.

Intelligence: 8.43

Instincts: 9.10


Outstanding instincts, with a nose for the football. Has the ability to beat tackles on the edge and cut inside sniffing out the run.

Learn/Retain: 9.00


An extremely competitive athlete with a vast knowledge for the game of football. Has the versatility to play anywhere on the defensive line and the smarts to utilize his technique and beta blockers on the edge or in the trenches. Utilities excellent mental processing to read the offense and make plays on the ball.

Teamwork: 7.20


His teammate have praised him and his coaches admire him. A team leader on the defensive side of the ball, Nick Bosa was a big part of this Ohio State team throughout his tenure. Following an abdominal injury that would have kept him out of action until mid November, he elected to withdraw from school in order to recover and train for future pre-draft workouts.



He is an extremely fluid athlete with good quickness, solid speed and outstanding power as an edge rusher. Has an NFL-ready frame with good muscular definition and excellent flexibility. Displays a confident and competitive personality that has a knack for winning one-on-one battles. Displays solid upfield burst with active and powerful hands that usually engage blockers first. Uses his arm extension and a forward lean to gain leverage over the tackle and combines that with his speed to convert into an effective bull rush. Utilizes his effective lean and aggressive hand play to keep the tackles hands off of him wiping out the blockers weak side hand on route to the outside arc. Has the ability to slide along the line of scrimmage using good mental processing to analyze the play and find the ball carrier. Has the versatility to be used all over the defensive line and has continuously grown as a run defender throughout his career.


Doesn't play with much finesse and is very contact oriented in his pass rush. Has displayed a lack of play strength at the point of attack when O-lineman can set their hands on his body. Struggles to disengage in the trenches and has shown an inability to fight double teams. Struggles to fight back when being washed down by blockers and fails to release. Doesn't gain much power behind his pads as a tackler, and can give up yards after contact to big bodied backs. A fluid mover who lacks twitch in his movements and often needs to fight harder to get past blocks. Slow accelerator after quick change of direction with heavy movement in his initial steps. Can be slow to analyze plays when the snap goes live.



An NFL ready end with an excellent build and a fluidity in his movement. Has the talent and upside to play with his hand in the dirt or standing in space at the next level. Has the capability to play in any scheme, and will benefit from playing defensive end in a 4-3 scheme with his hand in the dirt or as a stand up outside linebacker. Possesses the versatility, play strength and quickness to slide inside in package schemes. Doesn't possess the speed to be a consistent speed rusher, but his hand usage and bull rushing capability provides him the ability to be a double digit sack artist at the next level. He is at his best when he is moved around the field playing matchups rather than a stationary one position player. Has the traits and potential to be a dominant player in the NFL, but will need time to grow and learn in an NFL defensive scheme. With a safe floor and a high ceiling, he will be an early pick come April.