Nick Harris




302 lbs



Injury History: Unspecified Injury (Missed one game:2019)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Utah, Oregon 2018 Vs: Auburn

Report By: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 6.80
Flexibility: 7.10
C.O.D.: 6.90
Explosion: 6.80
Versatility: 7.50

Possesses a shorter than ideal frame, but has good bulk and strength throughout. He has quick and efficient hand usage teamed with adequate length to be able to stonewall DL. His calling card is his agility, short-area quickness, and lateral agility which are great and allow him to be a force in the short trap game as a lead blocker. Light feet that he uses to shuffle, mirror, and set against pass rushers. He has good playing strength coming out of college but will need to continually put on good muscle and bulk to combat the bigger and badder DL at the next level. He the versatility of playing some reps as an LG and RG in addition to his time as a starting C.


In-Line: 6.60
Movement off L.O.S.: 6.60
Reach Block: 7.50
Pull & Block Outside: 7.60
Adjust In Space: 7.60
Use of Hands: 7.30

As a run blocker, he is able to hold his ground against bigger-bodied DL who have strength due to his understanding of leverage and positioning. Where he really shines though is when he is called to block out in space. He is great as a short trap puller, and is good and locating and fitting on targets at the second level of the defense. He has impressive footwork and doesn't look clumsy out in space as he moves with great balance and vision. He is a consistent hands fighter that keeps working through the whistle.


Quick Set: 7.10
Protect Corner: 7.20
Footwork / Redirect & Slide: 7.40
Anchor / Reset Ability: 6.80
Handle Games/Stunts: 7.60
Hands / Punch: 7.30

Great at being able to recognize blitzing defenders pre-snap, which allows him to vary his attacks against the pressure. He is adept at quick setting and understands how to use his natural leverage to his advantage. When he engages with DL he has shown the ability to sit down into his stance and anchor. Utilizes a wide base that is hard to walk back. He struggles against elite upfield penetrators due to his lack of length. He never rests on his laurels if he doesn't have a one on one matchup and will look to chip in and help the OL around him. He is adept at being able to pass off and navigate stunts and twists.


Toughness: 8.00
Consistency / Motor: 8.00
Production: 8.00

Was the anchor of a veteran OL at Washington. Will have had 50 games experienced after his bowl game as a Senior, and most of those games he was a key contributor to the winning efforts. He is a player that commands accountability and will lead by example. Is a highly decorated player winning multiple awards for the standard of play that was recognized by his peers.


Instincts: 8.00
Learn/Retain: 7.80
Teamwork: 8.00

Great intellect and feel for how the defense is trying to attack his blocking scheme and is great at communicating and adjusting to combat such attacks. He is keen to stunts and twists from defensive fronts and is able to pass off and reset his attack on the fly. He could initially find himself being a key reserve in the NFL because of his intellect and experience at OG and C.


Good-sized and athletic IOL who has the instincts, athleticism, and technique to become an early contributor at the next level. Great pre-snap communicator and will get his teammates prepared for battle. Is equally impressive in pass protector as he is as a run blocker. In pass protection, he has light and quick feet, intellect, and ability to mirror that makes it tough for blitzing defenders to get past him. As a run blocker, he can get movement off the LOS and is an excellent short trap pulling option with his ability to flow and fit and the second level of the defense.


He is shorter than ideal, but it is not a true disadvantage because of his ability to utilize his natural leverage advantage. He also only has adequate length and that can lead him to lose pass-rushing reps to interior pass rushers who have an elite first step. He will also try to lunge at defenders off the snap when he knows he is at a quickness disadvantage.


Harris is a highly respected, and decorated member of veteran Washington OL. He was the brains and the brawn behind a ton of winning football, and I see no reason why he cannot become a highly effective and efficient starter at the next level. His skill set is one that all 32 teams will value, but I can see him being knocked down into day two of the draft due to a lack of elite measurables, but I would be comfortable drafting him on the second day of the draft and plugging him in for the next decade along my IOL. His playing style is reminiscent of Rodney Hudson.

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