Prince Tega Wanogho

Offensive Tackle



308 lbs



Injury History: Broke Left Leg in Senior Year of HS (2015)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Oregon, LSU, Georgia, Alabama

Report By: Mason LeBeau

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 6.50
Flexibility: 6.50
C.O.D.: 7.00
Explosion: 6.00
Versatility: 5.50

Prince is a fine athlete and fluid mover but doesn't offer anything exceptional or any extra versatility. While I like how he carries his weight his balance is highly questionable and is likely to be exploited early as he leans into his blocks far too much.


In-Line: 7.00
Movement off L.O.S.: 6.00
Reach Block: 6.50
Pull & Block Outside: 5.50
Adjust In Space: 6.00
Use of Hands: 6.50

Very solid off of the line. Uses his natural and fairly functional strength to move defenders and open lanes with a fair amount of each, but doesn't offer much in terms of dynamic blocking. He seems like he'd be able to pull off reach and pull blocks, but didn't seem to get the opportunity often, and didn't take full advantage of the reps he did get.


Quick Set: 6.00
Protect Corner: 6.00
Footwork / Redirect & Slide: 6.50
Anchor / Reset Ability: 6.50
Handle Games/Stunts: 6.50
Hands / Punch: 6.50

Very raw in this regard but was fairly productive still. Sacrifices technique with his physical ability that leads to a high-risk, high reward type of blocking, which is to be assumed with a player with as little experience as Prince. His hands were ahead as he flashed solid use of length and a strong punch to keep himself clean, but had trouble sustaining blocks with his grip, and wasn't too accurate with placement. Footwork has a ways to go, and he got by on his natural fluidity which can bail him out but exploited all the same.

Toughness: 8.50
Consistency / Motor: 7.50
Production: 8.00

No complaints really here, I didn't see anything to suggest Prince wasn't a competitor. His story is rather encouraging as well, coming to America all the way from Nigeria, switching sports because he excelled at football, and coming back from breaking his leg as a senior of high school. Alludes to a strong work ethic to come back from a major injury into a new sport and produce at a high level.


Instincts: 7.00
Learn/Retain: 7.50
Teamwork: 7.50

Was a bit more ahead than I expected here but his role seems to be rather dialed in and was suspect to tunnel vision occasionally.


Very good size and athleticism/movement ability. Good strength to his game and succeeds without much technical savvy. Very high upside, only began playing football as a senior in HS and OL at the college level. Basketball and soccer background are noticeable, he carries his weight well and uses +natural strength to his advantage. Solid production for playing at the highest level without much experience. Skates by on his physical tools, but uses some technique in the form of a strong punch.


Most technicality to his game is still missing. Balance will be an issue early, as he consistently leans into his blocks and has been exploited because of it. Troubles with grip made him easier to shed. Pass set is somewhat effective because of natural athleticism but very technically unsound, short choppy movement occasionally sacrifices the edges of the pocket. Decent, but not great awareness. Started to be used slightly more as a puller, but wasn't given much in terms of dynamic blocks despite his fluidity.


A true high ceiling, low floor candidate for a team that doesn't have a huge need for a start LT right away. A medical red flag at the combine, possibly stemming from a broken leg his senior year of HS could drop his stock further. The physical tools are impressive however and are well worth trying to develop. Gave very solid production at Auburn for being so new at the game. Natural strength and movement ability give Prince a very solid chance. Needs to learn most aspects of playing tackle still as he skated by on his size and athleticism, but has a lot of natural fluidity in his feet and upper body strength that he knows how to utilize without technique. Balance and a proper pass set will be the first things to worry about, his hand usage was a bit further ahead but will need to learn to sustain blocks without developing a holding problem. Great mid-round upside option.

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