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Quinnen Williams


College: Alabama

Height: 6'4"


Weight: 295 lbs

Injury History: No Major Injury History

Scout: Jack Bourgeois

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 8.30

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 8.50


Excellent athlete for his size, great balance and acceleration up field, but lacks elite change of direction when stunting or redirecting his momentum.

Flexibility: 7.00


Doesn't possess the greatest bend or flexibility due to his overall size but as an interior D-lineman, it has little to no negative effect on his overall skill set.

Explosiveness: 9.50


Williams is extremely explosive off of the line and is practically undefeated with his 1st step. His quickness out of his stance is possibly his best attribute and weapon.

Playing Speed: 7.75


Fastest 300+ pounder in the draft and is super quick inside the trenches. Quinnen is the type of athlete that' can make a tackle across or down field but tended to conserve energy at Bama.

Coordination: 9.00


Physically gifted and technically sound. Williams tape is littered with examples of a massive man who knows how to control his body and use it to his advantage. From his hand fighting, to his footwork, he moves like a DB more than a DT.

Pass Rush Ability: 9.00

Initial Quickness: 9.00


Has an insane 1st step that instantly gives him the body positioning advantage over any would be blocker. His burst off the LOS allows him to dominate against reach blocks.


Use of Hands: 9.50


Excellent hand fights and leverage techniques. His length and powerful punch allows him to own the distance battle and keep blockers from gaining inside body positioning.

Leverage: 9.00


Often uses his reach advantage to keep blockers at bay but his length does allow offensive lineman to gain underneath/inside leverage at times.

Pass Rush Moves: 8.50


As a one year starter, he can still add weapons to his pass rush arsenal but Williams burst, hand speed, and foot quickness create a mismatch against any potential 1-on-1 pass block.


Finish Ability: 9.00


Williams is the definition of a finisher. What the stat sheet doesn't show is his ability to disrupt plays through out games allowed for his teammates to make plays.

Competitiveness: 8.83

Toughness: 9.00


Incredibly tough, rarely ever took plays off and has no notable injury history.

Consistency/Motor: 8.00


High motor player in between the tackles and down the line of scrimmage but isn't going to chase down a ball carrier in the 2nd or 3rd level.

Production: 9.50


Very productive in his 1st year as a starter, especially against the run. He recorded 19.5 tackles for loss and 8 sacks this past season.

Against The Run: 8.58

Play with Leverage: 9.00


Dominates the leverage battle with his length and pure strength. Williams does a great job at keeping his pad level low enough to not be stood straight up.

Stack and Shed: 9.50


Arguably his best trait is his ability to shed would be blockers with ease. Physically dominates opponents like a grown man playing with children.

Gap Shooting Ability: 8.50


His 1st step is so quick, Quinnen often flies right by offensive lineman before they have a chance to get out of their stance.

Run at Him: 9.50


A defensive anchor who never gives up an inch, stuffing running lanes, and wrecking would be lead blockers. Williams plays like an immovable object when facing runs towards him (which was rare).

Run Away: 6.50


The DT lacks top end speed and the film hardly shown signs of the big man chasing ball carriers down the line.

Tackling/Hitting: 8.50


A wrecking ball type of player who has a highlight reel of devastating tackles and big hits. He uses his massive wing span to wrap up and not allow running backs to get past him.

Intelligence: 8.50

Instincts: 8.50


Sniffs out run plays, misdirections, and play action better than anyone in the draft. Always knows where the ball carrier is and often gets to the QB on second chance efforts.


Learn/Retain: 8.50


Easily recognized as a high football IQ type of player. Reads plays well and never looks lost on the field.

Teamwork: 8.50


Communicates well with his D-line and linebackers. Shows team coordination on stunts, delayed blitzes, and other defensive line schemes.


Williams is one of the most physically dominant defensive lineman to come out of the draft in years and plays like a man amongst boys. He possess all the traits you'd ask for in a D-lineman; he's versatile as can be and can effectively play every position across the line. He reeks havoc against double teams and often looks unblockable, regardless of if it's against the run or the pass. His athleticism, aggression, and sound technique make him this year's top interior rusher and run stuffer.


His height and length does allow for offensive linemen to get underneath leverage. Once his momentum is halted, he struggles to regain push and gets heavy feet. And although Williams has an elite burst and first step, he lacks the overall quickness and speed to successfully execute stunts and redirects. He’s also a big-bodied powerhouse who isn't going to chase anyone down the field. His effort is lacking once the play has passed the line of scrimmage but as an every down player for Alabama, it’s easily assumed he was coached to conserve energy and save it for making plays in the backfield.


Quinnen Williams is a top 5 lock, a future All-Pro, and will make an instant impact on who ever drafts him in year one. Not only is he a massive physical specimen but he has the mental fortitude, high football IQ, and love for the game that is often rare for a player with all that natural talent. Williams is technically sound, he knows how to use his physical advantages but doesn't rely on simply over powering opponents. He's the defensive version of a Quinton Nelson (if that makes sense) and will prove to be this year's most pro-ready prospect in the entire draft class.

Projected Round: 1st (Top 5)

Team Fits: New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers

Pro Comparison: Fletcher Cox