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Rashan Gary


College: Michigan

Height: 6'4"


Weight: 285 lbs

Injury History: Missed part of the 2018 campaign with an AC joint sprain

Scout: Jason Feiner

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.04

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 6.50


Possesses solid quickness off the line with a powerful first step and the body control to rip and bend in order to enclose on the quarterback. Rarely loses his balance in the trenches. Struggles to change direction and regain top speed once stopped. Straight line acceleration isn't a strong point.

Flexibility: 6.90


Has good flexibility at the point of attack and utilizes great technique in initial contact. Struggles to keep his pad level low when fighting on the edge or inside and often stands up giving away leverage.

Explosiveness: 7.00


A good burst off the line and the ability to blend his speed to power make him a nightmare to block in the trenches. Isn't especially explosive or smooth coming off the edge. Utilizes a solid first step, his length and power to win after get off.

Playing Speed: 6.60


Not the fastest player on the field and can't be expected to chase down runners in the open field. Quicker than one may expect for his 6'4" 280 pound frame.

Coordination: 8.20


Excellent coordination. He displays great contact balance and often uses his length to push lineman backwards. Effective straight arm provides him with leverage to beat bigger bodies or better athletes.

Pass Rush Ability: 6.54

Initial Quickness: 7.30


Displays a unique blend of power, speed and strength capable of bursting out of his four point stance with a quick first step off the line of scrimmage.

Use of Hands: 6.10


He needs to use his hands better, as he solely utilizes his length to win in contact. Needs to develop more hand moves to win at the point of attack in close quarters.

Leverage: 6.80


Has good initial leverage firing off the snap. Tends to stand up when he fails to break through immediately losing leverage in the process. Lengths helps him win at the point of attack often using his long arm to rip past tackles on the edge.

Pass Rush Moves: 6.40


Needs to develop a deeper repertoire of pass rush moves. Wins with his length and blend of speed and power, but rarely uses his hands in contact failing to separate in the trenches.


Finish Ability: 6.10


Has been a productive edge and interior rusher throughout his career at Michigan. Needs to become more aggressive and will need to improve as a finisher. Has to many close encounters with the quarterback, but couldn't bring them down to the ground behind the line.


Competitiveness: 8.20

Toughness: 8.10


An extremely tough player with excellent power and and a physical demeanor. He loves contact and has the power to push back lineman and stuff power backs. He has suffered injuries throughout his tenure at Michigan and the AC Joint sprain has kept him out an extended period of time. He Has battled through injuries and played with dents and bruises.


Consistency/Motor: 8.50


A relentless player who never stops until the play is whistled dead. Will always see him battling and chasing runners down the line. Needs to become a better finisher and gain more strength at the point of attack.

Production: 8.00


One of the most dominant defensive ends in college football. He is the heart and soul of Michigan and their best player on the defensive side of the ball.

Against The Run: 7.72

Play with Leverage: 7.20


Uses his length to keep tackles off his body with a good combination knee bend and a solid stance. He has the ability to ride a block and and power through to seal the edge or chase down runners. Does an excellent job of engaging and surveying in run defense.

Stack and Shed: 8.60


The best part of his game is in run defense, as he has the ability to utilize his strength and power to stack single blocks and set the edge. Can get ragdolled and held up against double teams.

Gap Shooting Ability: 8.20


A quick first step and fluid movement combine with a solid burst out of his four point stance in the trenches. An excellent rusher when tasked with delayed stunts and a very good run defender capable of plugging the inside.

Run at Him: 7.30


He knows how to set the edge and burst past a block to make hits in the backfield. Often lets backs reach outside where his pursuit and angles aid him. Doesn't have the speed to catch runner once they get the edge.

Run Away: 7.60


He is at his best in chase mode down the line. Uses good angles to stop a runner from breaking the corner and his relentless motor keeps him moving upfield in pursuit.


Tackling/Hitting: 7.40


A very good tackler with the power to drive through contact. Needs to work on finishing, as he doesn't always get the necessary strength behind his pads.

Intelligence: 7.83

Instincts: 7.00


Has good instincts with the awareness to survey the field and find the ball. Will need to work on finishing, as he can get lost in the contact of the block and run past or miss the quarterback.

Learn/Retain: 8.20


A versatile defensive lineman that has the power and quickness to be a hand in the ground 4-3 defensive tackle, and has the athletic ability to be a solid edge defender standing up at linebacker. He is a smart athlete with the knowledge to play all over a defensive line in multiple sets, packages and schemes who has been utilized heavily in stunts throughout his career.

Teamwork: 8.30


A team player with the commitment and motro to do whatever is asked of him. He is a leader on the defense and hard worker that wants to do everything to help his team succeed.


Gary has a unique blend of size, power and speed with the athleticism needed to bend the edge or burst through gaps coming out of his 4-point stance. He has the ability to convert speed to power on the edge while rushing the passer. From the snap, he has the talent to burst out of his stance utilizing a quick first step and solid technique while taking advantage of his length to lock out tackles with his inside arm before breaking, crossing their face, and winning inside. He has flashed the ability to bend the edge with impressive footwork when considering his size. Against the run, he has show the ability to use his length to engage in contact and survey the field finding the ball and reacting. He has the power to stack single blocks and set the edge. He is at his best in chase mode often taking good angles to make a hit at or behind the line.


He doesn't possess the speed wanted for an edge rusher and can't catch runners from behind once they catch the edge. More fluid rather than explosive and doesn't possess a quick twitch off the line to blow by interior lineman. Play strength is adequate and he will get caught and lost in contact against maulers and double teams. Needs to develop a deeper repertoire of pass rush moves and continue to grow as a pass rusher who continuously utilizes his power and hands to break off contact from tackles and interior lineman. Has to become a consistent finisher, as he lets too many opportunities slip through his grasp. Often runs straight into blocks and struggles to disengage when he fails to make initial contact extending his arms in the process. Often late to read and react and can be pinned by edge blockers as a result. Struggles to get off blocks and will run past the ball taking himself out of the play. He is a raw athlete who will need to grow in numerous areas to be a three down presence at the next level.


Gary is a talented player with three down upside who hasn't begun to tap into his potential. His style of play fits into every system, but he may be best tuned to play as a 3-4 defensive end or a 4-3 defensive tackle, rather than coming off the edge, but his versatility will provide a chess piece for all defensive coordinators to play him all over the line. He has all the tools to progress his game and dominate as a three down defensive lineman. His size, power, speed and versatility make him a top prospect in the 2019 NFL Draft class, but he will need to refine his game in pass rush, movement, get-off and play strength at the point of attack. He has the potential to be game changer at the next level.