Robert Hunt

Offensive Guard



323 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Appalachian State, Georgia Southern 2018 Vs: Alabama

Report By: Peter Vandeventer

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 6.90
Flexibility: 6.20
C.O.D.: 6.20
Explosion: 7.10
Versatility: 7.30

For a man his size (6'5 and 323), Hunt is surprisingly nimble and has good quickness and balance throughout the play. Flexibility wise, he can improve here where you don't see nearly as much bend as can look stiff at times. At his size, it's difficult to change directions after he gets his mass moving in one direction but he is solid when around the LOS and when they move the pocket. WIth quick and strong steps, alongside his strong arms, Hunt possesses an explosive frame that can create a lot of power. He leaned a little too heavily on his very good explosiveness at times and is definitely an area to work on, at the next level. Versatility is key for a lot of offensive linemen and Hunt possesses that. Expect him to play inside at the next level but has experience on both the left and the right side of the line and as well as experience at guard and tackle.


In-Line: 7.60
Movement off L.O.S.: 7.20
Reach Block: 6.40
Pull & Block Outside: 7.00
Adjust In Space: 6.70
Use of Hands: 6.10

Hunt is a people mover, and nothing shows that more than when Louisiana ran the ball downhill and right at the opponents. He is great at mauling defensive lineman when down blocking where he can attack their nearside shoulder and drive them. Off the LOS, he possesses deceptive (but still very good) quickness for his size and was a key reason that he was able to stick at tackle for so long for Louisiana where they'd use him as a lead blocker and to reach block. When reaching the second level, his technique got a little sloppy where his upper body became disconnected from his legs which resulted in more hand play than actual driving of defenders. His reach blocks were still relatively solid due to his ability to reach the second level off of pulls. When pulling, he showed good lateral quickness and shuffle as well as the suddenness to go upfield and become a lead blocker. He was often asked to pull from RT and be the lead blocker across the formation and showed well. He didn't play in a scheme that utilized the outside zone run, but with runs outside, he traveled well, stayed in front of defenders. When on the backside of an outside run, he showed the ability to cut down opposing defenders. This skill could help him translate into a zone scheme even without the exposure in college. Even in space where he was obviously not as fast as LBs and DBs, he still was able to maintain control over his body and make good adjustments by keeping his feet under him and not exposing himself and having a poor block attempt. His hands are a recurring issue for Hunt. In the run game, he doesn't always engage and use his hands. Instead, he relies heavily upon his brute and overpowering strength whereas his hands tend to go all over the place. This doesn't happen all the time, but it appears to happen more when he faced with quicker opponents.


Quick Set: 7.00
Protect Corner: 6.20
Footwork / Redirect & Slide: 7.00
Anchor / Reset Ability: 7.40
Handle Games/Stunts: 6.20
Hands / Punch: 6.50

Hunt is at his best when he attacks and not reacts. This translates in pass sets when he can launch into defenders in a quick set. He falters when tasked with a more vertical set which he had to use with pass rushers who were set out wide or had quick and sudden steps. When rushed or surprised, he loses a bit of his technical side and becomes handsy. When protecting the corner, he did appear better here due to his long arms. He also tends to overset in these situations which makes him vulnerable to rushers who then attack back inside. Hunt has quick feet that stay clean for the most part. With his size, he never faced someone who was able to move him off the spot with much success. His very good anchor ability is in large part due to how sound he is with his feet and technique. With Stunts, he was only solid in these regards as he showed an area of weakness towards slower developing stunts or late rushes that caused him to be caught flat-footed and get handsy. Has very strong and heavy hands that pack a lot with each punch. The worry for him is bringing and engaging his hands all the time.


Toughness: 7.50
Consistency / Motor: 6.80
Production: 7.30

To play on the offensive line, you need to be tough and Hunt is very tough. He clearly shows in enjoyment in pushing people around and creating space and lanes. It takes a lot of energy and conditioning to be his size and though there appeared to be situations where he looked to have lacked in motor, he still had good effort and was consistent.


Instincts: 6.70
Learn/Retain: 7.00
Teamwork: 7.00

Good instincts and ability to read the defensive front. He has a good understanding of his role for Louisiana and became a leader in the process for the Ragin Cajuns. As a multi-year starter, Hunt played all over the line and build an awareness of different positions that will help him in the NFL. He performed well in double teams and creating lanes for the backs and showed a very good understanding of what he and everyone else is doing.


Robert Hunt posses the figure and frame of an NFL lineman. As a blocker, he mauled opposing defenders as well as acted as a lead blocker when pulling. His versatility and schematic variance will be an asset at the next level for any team that needs a people mover. Frame wise, he is big and looks to have filled into his body well and can move well within it. He doesn't show a lack of coordination which can happen for players his size. When in space, he relies on his lower half to stay sound and make plays at the second level.


Despite his very strong arms and hands, he doesn't always engage blockers with the best placement. Instead, his can get a little sloppy and that can be due to opponents being a lot smaller than him. Hunt doesn't have issues with his vertical or lateral movement but when asked to move backwards quickly off the snap, he begins to show signs of technique flaws. His quick feet don't always move him well enough when going against faster edge rushers which can point to a better trajectory at guard instead of right tackle.


Best characterized as a people mover, Robert Hunt is projected to go from late 2nd to the end of the 3rd. This is due to his great size, strong base, and sneaky athleticism. Het should fit into a number of schemes but will likely be most productive early on if he lands in a man scheme that relies on trap plays and pullers. Hunt will need to make the move from RT (where he spent most of his career) to OG where he best projects. This will help hide some of his larger issues and help utilize his tendencies.

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