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Rock Ya-sin


College: Temple

Height: 6'2"


Weight: 190 lbs

Injury History: No Major Injury History

Scout: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.16

Q.A.B./C.O.D.: 7.60


Tall, linear, press cover CB, with good overall bulk. Has great length for press system, has very good hip fluidity for a taller DB, and shows good lateral agility. Only time you see stiffness in his transition is on quick crossing routes, where he anticipates route going deeper. It allows WR to gain a step of separation.

Flexibility: 7.20


Shows surprising ability to uncoil on WR with a jam at LOS, then flip hips to mirror and match receiver's actions, staying close on their hip pocket.

Deep Speed: 7.00


Has good deep speed to hang with deep threats at the third level of routes. Routinely stays physical throughout the confine of the route with hand checks, and pushing, which could be a detriment at the next level.

Explosion: 6.50


Not an overly explosive athlete, rather a fluid, and instinctive player that trusts what he sees. Will make impressive breaks on the football at the catch point, and is a pest to WR's throughout the entire process of the catch.

Coordination: 7.50


Former wrestler, who understands how to stay balanced from any platform. His backpedal, and transition is very balanced, which gives him a chance to keep his eyes up, and make plays on the football, rather than worry about staying close to WR in and out of their breaks.


Coverage Ability: 7.50

Man Press: 7.80


The coverage of his choice. He was left on an island 90% of the time at Temple, and excelled. Uses a one or two-handed jam at LOS, then shuffles, and flips hips fluidly. Does not allow a ton of separation for WR, and will stay right in WR hip pocket for the duration of play.


Man Off: 7.50


Also excels at being able to get physical with WR's in off man, still hand checking, and being physical with WR down the field to disrupt timing. Willing to fight back to the ball, and disrupt at the catch point.

Zone: 7.10


Is adept in zone coverage, it's just that he played predominantly in man coverage at Temple. He has great instincts, a very good ability to break on the ball, and shows the ability to process route concepts which allows him to be able to process bunch formations, and pick which responsibility is his.

Hand Fighting: 7.70


Excellent hands fighter throughout the entirety of play. Used a one and two handed jam at LOS, although predominantly he allowed WR's to get a release without one in Man Press. Will hand check, and club downfield until the ball is in the WR's hands. A pest at the catch point, and disrupts a ton of passes right at the last second. Hand checking could become a detriment at the next level, where hand fighting after 5 yards could be a problem for him to adjust to.

Hips/Turn Ability: 7.40


Very good hip fluidity, and can flip his hips from his backpedal with ease from intermediate, and deep depths. On short crossing routes he at times will allow separation, because he will anticipate a deeper route, and will over pursue in backpedal depth.


Play Making: 7.33

Closing Quickness7.30Trusts his instincts, and will break on the ball when he feels he has a chance to either disrupt catch, or come up with a timely turnover.

Ball skills: 7.30


With his ability to break on the ball, and disrupt at the catch point he comes down with his share of INT's. In 2018, at Temple he came down with 2, and at his previous stop at Presbyterian college in 2017 he came up with 5 INT's in a season.

Route/play Diagnosis: 7.40


Intelligent CB, who puts in the time in game preparation during the week to be able to pick up small nuances of the WR's he is facing to be able to jump route tendencies.


Run Support: 6.07

Quickness Upfield: 5.80


Inconsistent in his urgency to pursue on run defense. He will throw a shoulder in on a RB coming his way, but at times, he does not seem to give max effort to the ball.


Fight Through Blocks: 6.10


Willing to scrap with receivers and tight ends trying to block him, but due to his somewhat slender build he struggles to shed blocks, rather he stalls the progress, and sets an edge for pursuit to rally to the ball.

Tackling: 6.30


Solid tackling ability, and generally uses good technique, but at times though he will overpuruse an angle, or even dive at the ankles of ball carriers.


Competitiveness: 7.23

Toughness: 8.00


Gritty, and tough cover CB, who has an extensive background as a wrestler with merits such as three-time region champion, three-time county champ, and two-time state champion in high school. He even thought he was going to pursue a wrestling career with a chance of representing at the Olympics at one point, rather than get a chance playing collegiate football.


Production: 6.50


One year of good production at the division one college level, and put up excellent stats at his previous stop at Presbyterian college, including his final year in 2017, that included him having 5 INT's.

Consistency/Motor: 7.20


Was a standout press, cover CB for Temple, and most weeks turned their attention away from his side of the field. The only portion of his game that is lacking is his urgency in run defense.


Intelligence: 7.37

Instincts: 7.30


Intelligent CB, who uses preparation, and feel to make breaks on the football. He will scrap with WR's, and disrupt their ability to come up with the pass clearly.

Learn/Retain: 7.30


After three years at a FBS school, he elevated his game at the division one level, and shows a prowess for being able to play sticky coverage no matter the scheme.

Teamwork: 7.50


Was awarded a single digit number at Temple, which in that program means you are one of the hardest workers on the team, and are a revered leader in preparation, which shows because that distinction is voted on by the players.


Tall, long, press CB who enjoys getting right up on WR at the LOS. Will utilize a one or two hand jam to stymie WR off the ball, but most of the time he allows a free release, and sticks to his receiver's hip pocket. Is a monster at the catch point, and will pester WR's throughout the duration of the route with hand checks, and generally being physical throughout. Has very good instincts to be able to make breaks on passes whether he has a chance just to get a pass defensed, or an INT. Former decorated wrestler, who thrives on the gritty competition between he and the WR he is up against.


Yes, Ya-Sin has a good measurables, but he will need to continually need to add more strength, and bulk so that bigger bodied WR's cannot gain release from him. He shows a serious lack of urgency when he was asked to fly down from his outside CB position, and contribute in run defense. He will need to tighten up his tackling as well, because he has a tendency to dive or duck bigger bodied ball carriers. Extremely handsy throughout the route, which could lead him to being penalized at the next level due to only being allowed to make contact 5 yards downfield. Would like to see him be able to convert more of his pass defensed, to INT's.


Rock Ya-Sin is a long, aggressive press CB, who stepped up his game from an FBS level to being awarded a single digit, at the revered Temple University. With his meteoric rise, he has seen his draft stock rise significantly, and I could see him coming off the board in the 2nd-3rd round range, and teams that predominantly run man coverage concepts will hold him in higher regard.


Team Fits: Patriots, Falcons, Seahawks, Vikings, Panthers, Colts, Buccaneers

NFL Comp: P.J. Williams.