Shane Lemieux

Offensive Guard


6' 4"

310 lbs



Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Utah, Washington, Colorado, Auburn

Report By: Jack Bourgeois

Scouting Report


Q.A.B. 7.25
Flexibility 6.50
C.O.D. 8.00
Explosion 6.50
Versatility 6.75

Good functional athlete, who's quick off the line, possesses a well-balanced base and keeps his feet underneath him at all times. His athleticism isn't anything to brag about but it translates very well in the run game and is at his best when working across the line or into the second level. Lemieux is versatile in the sense that his run game will translate into any scheme (zone, gap, man) but has much room to grow as a pass blocker. The guard has a highlight reel of explosive blocks but lacks consistency.


In-Line 8.25
Movement off L.O.S. 7.50
Reach Block 8.75
Pull & Block Outside 8.50
Adjust In Space 8.50
Use of Hands 6.00

Tremendous down blocker with functional strength to maul even the biggest of defensive tackles. His reach blocking is likely his best trait. Lemieux does a great job of getting his head to the opposite shoulder of his opponent and squaring them up to the rush lane and sealing the edge that often leads to big gains by his running back. A majority of Oregon's positive plays on the ground were attributed to Lemieux's run blocking and ability to pop and peel into the second level. Shane has an excellent understanding of blocking angles and knowing where both his target and the ball carrier are at all times. His athleticism allows him to adjust in space and make contact in the second level at an NFL rate for a guard. His hand technique needs some serious refinement as he relied heavily on body leverage and underutilized his reach.

Quick Set 7.00
Protect Corner 7.00
Footwork / Redirect & Slide 7.00
Anchor / Reset Ability 6.75
Handle Games/Stunts 8.00
Hands / Punch 5.50

Strong quick set, choppy/happy feet, and explosiveness out of his stance are his strengths as a pass blocker. He moves well and consistently keeps his feet turning. His footwork has a lot of room to grow but possesses a ton of power in his lower body. The guard struggles with pad level and seriously needs to improve his ability to get low when anchoring. When loosing in pass protection it's often due to his inability to maintain distance with his hands, allowing rushers to gain inside leverage and drive him backwards into the pocket. Shane’s hand technique is his Achilles heel as he often struggles with placement accuracy and maintaining his blocks.


Toughness 8.50
Consistency / Motor 7.00
Production 7.25

Shane Lemieux has a mauler’s mentality and looks to impose his will on opponents every play by relentlessly driving them into the ground any chance he gets. No major injuries and was a staple of Oregon's offensive line for 3 straight years. A lack of effort is not something NFL teams will have to worry about at the next level and although his technique is very inconsistent, the effort is not! Plays hard from the first planet to the last and often gets better as the game goes on, wearing on defenders play after play.


Instincts 8.25
Learn/Retain 7.75
Teamwork 8.50

The Oregon prospect is an outstanding student of the game and features instincts you see from a seasoned vet when it comes to reading blitzes, sensing redirects, and recognizing stunts in order to relocate his blocking responsibilities in a split second. Shane does a great job at assisting his center before peeling off into the second level.


Has all the tools necessary to play on the interior at the next level. He's a functional athlete with play strength to maul guys in the run game and open up massive running lanes. At his best when moving down the line of scrimmage or in space. Lemieux is a pro-caliber mauler as a run blocker, especially when reach blocking. Very instinctual, he always knows his assignment and locates defenders, blitzers, and IDL on stunts. Tough as nails and plays with a mean streak!


The guard struggles at times as a pass blocker, he lacks hand tech and understanding of leverage. He often sits too high in his pass sets and allows defensive tackles to displace his hands with simple rip and swim moves. His abilities as a pass blocker solely come from his inconsistent hand, footwork, and body control technique. Often relied on lunging off the snap and will certainly need to clean up his pad level in order to find success against athletic big men. Lemieux’s heavy feet negatively impact his redirect and recovery when beaten off the snap.


The man started 52 games for the Ducks, springing open huge gains in the run game year after year. His aggressive nature and attitude as a blocker is something you can't teach, while technique and consistency can be coached. All in all, Shane Lemieux is a solid interior line prospect with a ton of potential and upside. He's not the greatest athlete but undoubtedly has the play strength and agility to make it in the NFL and will have success doing so! If he can correct the flaws and consistency issues as a pass blocker, clean up his wide base, and hand tech... he's going to have a long career ahead of him. His versatility to play in any scheme will 100% help his draft stock but a run heavy team like the Seattle Seahawks would love to get their hands on a durable, moldable ball of clay that is Oregon's #68.
Draft Stock: Late 2nd - early 4th
Team Fits: Seahawks, Ravens, Broncos
Pro Comp: Graham Glasgow

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