Steven Montez




240 lbs



Injury History: Ankle Injury (2018)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Utah, Oregon, Colorado State

Report By: Pat Pryor

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 6.50
Flexibility: 6.40
C.O.D.: 7.30
Explosiveness/Speed: 6.60
Pocket Mobility/Avoid Pressure: 6.40

Possesses the ability to escape pressure but doesn't always utilize it. He's athletic enough to escape pressure but usually goes down to the sack instead of throwing it away. He's quick on his feet and able to change direction to get away from defenders. He is able to flip around an accelerate to find a running lane well. Would be well suited to climb the pocket more often instead of succumbing to pressure or tucking it and running outside.


Quick Release/Mechanics: 6.70
Delivery: 5.70
Short Accuracy: 5.70
Intermediate Accuracy: 5.90
Deep Accuracy: 5.20
Big Play Ability: 5.10
Avoid Errors/Mistakes: 5.30
Arm Strength: 7.40
Footwork: 5.70

Good release, but throws end up errant when he's even a little bit off. Will throw when his body is turned because of a bad decision to move outside the pocket. Would really improve his release to move up in the pocket confidently and throw it. He has bright spots in anticipation, but more often fails to connect. He makes throws into tight coverage but limits his receiver’s chance to get yards after the catch. Misses guys in the flat or out routes far too often. Throws deep and medium balls into dangerous spots that will get intercepted at the next level. He already throws interceptions at half the amount of touchdowns he throws. His arm strength gives him the ability to make big plays but doesn't have good enough accuracy to do so. He has good footwork in a clean pocket but sacrifices it to go outside the pocket instead of stepping up and keeping a good position.


Toughness: 7.70
Intangibles/Leadership: 7.10
Poise In Pocket: 5.80
Consistency / Motor: 5.30
Production: 6.40
Improvisational Ability: 6.40

He's never afraid to take a hit, but sometimes that backfires as he takes too many sacks in comparison to throwing it away. He hasn't been named captain but teammates and coaches vouch for leadership and he handled a poor Senior Bowl performance well. In the pocket, he lacks rhythm and doesn't make good decisions on his feet. He's very inconsistent, dropping a 40-yard bomb to throwing it deep out of bounds the next. Despite his issues, he's second in Colorado passing yards, but he couldn't do anything better than go 5-7 as a starter. He improvises well running but does it too often.


Instincts: 5.20
Blitz/Coverage Recognition: 5.40
Decision Making: 5.10
Learn/Retain: 5.00

When pressure comes from the outside, his instinct is to take the sack instead of setting up. He does know when pressure is coming but struggles to adjust to it. Can second-guess himself, causing throws to be off. Often fails to see defenders in coverage and throws easily defendable passes. His velocity is what gets him past this, as he can fit it into tight spots, but not always complete them. Struggles when the blitz collapses both his sides of the pocket and will take a sack.


Arm velocity above average. Enough speed to get defensive linemen. Knows when the pocket is collapsing despite struggling with how to react. Somewhat high floor if taught how to read defenses. Coaches and players praise leadership, although he wasn’t named a team captain. Fights against pressure, doesn't just lie down for sacks. Takes off from pocket well, but still too often instead of climbing up in the pocket.


Struggles to read defenses because he was never asked to consistently do so. Focuses on the first option for far too long, staring down his predetermined read instead of going through progression. Struggles when first read is heavily covered. Will focus too much on the receiver, allowing throws to be undercut by defenders. Misses many open throws downfield. Takes of running instead of looking for the second option as soon as pressure comes in. Throws checkdowns with little to no gain instead of looking for the second option.


He has the ability to be good because of his arm talent, but he won't succeed if he's asked to start early. If given the opportunity to work with a good coaching staff he can improve. His most important need is an offensive line. His biggest area of work is reading a defense, and if he has time to work there's no reason he can't learn to go through his progressions. He'd also do well with a reliable second option that he can go to quickly. Due to his need for a longer development path than the other quarterbacks in this class, expect his name to be called on day three. With a low floor, he could very well end up on a team that has an established starter for the time being with a replacement in mind. His best fit is with a team that has a good quarterback to rely on now for Montez to get ready to start.

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