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Te'Von Coney


College: Notre Dame

Height: 6'1"


Weight: 240 lbs

Injury History: No Major Injury History

Scout: Ryan Lippert

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 6.13

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 6.30


Possesses a solid amount of quickness and shows ability to flip his hips quickly in order to change direction.

Flexibility: 5.50

Displays flexible hips and an ability to move around. Flexibility doesn't jump off the charts.


Explosiveness: 6.30

Is very explosive when hitting his gaps in the run game. Coney comes down hill hard and uses that explosiveness to drive through ball carriers.


Playing Speed: 6.50

He shows a great ability to run all over the field even when the play is away from him; however, he can get lazy and not use his full speed occasionally.


Coordination: 5.50


Just like with his flexibility, he shows traits of coordination when moving around the field but nothing that jumps off the charts.


Position Versatility: 6.70


Notre Dame uses him inside the box, outside, and on the line off the edge as a stand up outside linebacker. I believe he is at his best inside the box attacking the ball down hill.

Pass Rush Ability: 5.55

Initial Quickness: 6.20

The linebacker has a solid first step off the edge against slower offensive tackles. He has struggled against more athletic tackles when he faced Michigan and Stanford.


Rush with Leverage: 5.50

Displays an occasional ability to rush with leverage. He struggled to match up against bigger lineman due to his lack of size and length.


Pass Rush Moves: 5.00

He has very few pass rush moves. Mainly rushes straight off the edge or through a gap and tries to beat linemen with his speed.


Pressure Consistency: 5.50

Has some work to do in the pass rush, There were plays where he was in the quarterback's face and others where he was a non-factor.


Coverage: 6.10


Pass Drops: 6.00


Gets to his drops at a steady pace and makes sure he gets to his zone.


Coverage Awareness: 6.10


Very rarely gets lost in coverage often following his target or stepping into lanes in zone.

M/M Coverage: 6.00

He hasn't had to play a good amount of man coverage in college. When he is asked to do so, it is mainly covering tight ends or backs in the flats or down the seams and he does an adequate job.

Zone Coverage: 6.30

Good awareness and processing ability in zone coverage, but he lacks the mobility to attack the ball in the air or stick on a receivers hip. Slow reaction time.

Against The Run: 6.10


Play with Leverage: 5.50

Just like in his pass rush, he shows ability to play with leverage but struggles due to his lack of size.


Stack and Shed: 5.30

This is an area that Coney needs tremendous improvement in. Once bigger offensive lineman get their hands on him, he struggles to shed them.


Run at Him: 6.50


Teams don't like to run to Coney's side and for good reason. He fills his gaps and comes downhill to finish tackles.


Runs Away: 6.00

He uses his speed to get to the ball when it is away from him. Takes plays off occasionally once the ball has gone away.

Tackling/Hitting: 7.20

A sure tackler who will come downhill to finish off ball carriers. He is strong in contact and will rarely miss when engaged.

Competitiveness: 6.53

Toughness: 6.30


He is a very tough linebacker for his size. He could use some physicality getting off blocks but he holds his own.

Production: 7.30

He has been a very large part of Notre Dame's success and one of their leaders on defense this season.


Consistency/Motor: 6.00


Possesses a nice motor but lacks consistency as he tends to take plays off. Needs to improve his aggressiveness and chase down ball carriers from behind.


Intelligence: 6.87

Instincts: 7.40


He has a great nose for the football. Coney uses his quickness and speed to find the ball and get to it.

Learn/Retain: 6.40


When he makes mistakes he tends to learn from them and continue to come back hard.

Concentration: 6.80

Coney rarely seems lost in the field of play and has a knack for finding the ball.




Coney's top trait is his instincts. He always seems to be near the ball as he is able to utilize his speed to find the ball once he reads the play. He is also a very productive linebacker who can lead a defense in many aspects. One of those aspects is tackling in which Coney is as sure as they come. You will rarely see Coney be out of place or miss a tackle.



As you can see by just looking at his measurables, Coney is undersized. With that being said, he must learn to get more physical with offensive linemen. Linemen at the next level are going to be a lot quicker so he must get better in stack and shed situations. Coney also must develop some pass rush moves if he wants to be a productive rusher in the league, whether he is coming off the edge or through a gap in stunts and delayed blitzes.



Te'von Coney is a player who has been able to truly show his worth the past two seasons. He saw some playing time as a reserve in his first two seasons in South Bend but was mainly seen as a role player. Coney was finally able to break out in his junior season as he finished the year with 116 total tackles, 11.5 tackles for loss, and three sacks. He is having another outstanding season in his final year with the Fighting Irish as he leads the team in tackles. He also had his first career interception earlier this season. As far as the next level goes, I believe Coney will be a name that a lot of scouts will be talking about. He played inside and outside linebacker in college but he will be best suited at inside linebacker in the league playing downhill in run support with the ability to play sideline-to-sideline utilizing his speed. Will need to grow in coverage if I he is expected to be a three down linebacker. Coney will be a rotational and special teams guy in his first few seasons with the potential to become a solid starter in the NFL. Look for Coney to rise up the boards and be a Day-Two selection in the 2019 NFL Draft.


Round Projection: Second - Early Third 

Team Fits: New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders, New York Giants

Pro Comparisons: Roquan Smith, Haason Reddick