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Terrill Hanks


College: New Mexico St.

Height: 6'2"


Weight: 218 lbs

Injury History: 2018: Missed three games (Ankle Injury)

Scout: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.23

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 7.30


Outstanding physique that looks like he was chiseled out of granite. Has great closing quickness and speed, but has only good fluidity to flip and carry players in coverage downfield. Long armed and plays with very good strength to stack and shed against OL.


Flexibility: 6.50


Showed solid bend when he was tasked to pass rush out of a two-point stance as a 3-4 OLB. Was able to get skinny to penetrate into the backfield for TFL opportunities.

Explosiveness: 7.30


Has quick twitch fibers and great closing quickness to set himself apart from the other interior LBs in this class. Also showed the ability to uncoil some explosive hits when given a chance to make a clean target on a ball carrier.


Playing Speed: 7.40

Play speed is very good, and should run a quality forty time at the combine. What enhances his speed is diagnostic skills are great which lets him switch from reading a play to reacting in a small amount of time.



Coordination: 7.30


Balanced athlete that will bring the entirety of his build when tackling a ball carrier. He also does not spend a ton of time on the ground and keeps his head up when trying to flow to the ball.


Position Versatility: 7.60


Great versatility. Saw time in both a 4-3 and 3-4 concepts and from both the interior and off the ball. He also has some experience as a stand up 3-4 OLB. He was miscast in 2018 by New Mexico State by playing the majority of the time out wide as a slot defender.


Pass Rush Ability: 6.05

Initial Quickness: 6.50


Does not possess an elite first step, rather he has great closing quickness to aggressive fly downhill towards the play. He showed a solid get off out of a two-point stance and was able to get pressure with strength and effort. Timed his blitzes from his slot position very well which allowed him to show off his closing quickness on pressures.


Rush with Leverage: 6.50


Shows a solid grasp on how to utilize leverage to his advantage and has the long arms to lockout OL and push them backwards with his strong build.


Pass Rush Moves: 5.70


Did not show a wide variety of moves as a pure pass rusher only showing a bull rush, dip, and counter move. He got most of his pressure on second effort.


Pressure Consistency: 5.50


Only adequate production from a pressure standpoint due to a lack of consistent opportunities. He played all over the formation and was only tasked with rushing the passer on a small percentage of plays.


Coverage: 7.05

Pass Drops: 7.10


Very comfortable dropping off into coverage, and excelled at being able to cover intermediate targets due to his instincts, processing skills, and short area quickness. Good fluidity to be able to mirror and match receivers and not let them get a lot of separation.


Coverage Awareness: 7.20


Very good feel and instincts in coverage. Keeps his eyes on where the QB is looking and has the athleticism to be able to flow to the spot to where they are going to throw.

M/M Coverage: 6.80


Good man coverage LB that is able to stick with TEs and RBs in the intermediate part of the field due to his good fluidity and athleticism, shows the ability to disrupt the timing on routes by getting a strong jam at the LOS.


Zone Coverage: 7.10


Terrific zone coverage player who uses his instincts, processing skills, and athleticism to be able to blanket his assigned spot. He reads the QBs eyes then closes in an instant to disrupt the catch or lay a big hit on pass catcher.


Against The Run: 6.68

Play with Leverage7.00


Stays low on contact when blocks are initiated. Able use his long arms to keep OL at bay and shed blocks with his strength and hand usage.

Stack and Shed: 7.20


Showed the ability to scrap with OL and FB then disengage to make a play on ball carrier in his vicinity. Strong hand usage and length give him an advantage from OL being able to ragdoll him.

Run at Him: 6.50


Quick processing skills and closing quickness make him a heat seeking missile in pursuit. He overpursues angles though which negates him being able to get into a solid tackling position.


Runs Away: 6.70

Gives great effort in backside pursuit and will chase plays with great effort downfield. Consistently hustled from opposite side of field to get to tackling spot.


Tackling/Hitting: 6.00


Has the ability to deliver explosive hits when he takes a good angle in pursuit, but his tackling generally leaves a lot to be desired. He showed the bad habit of either jumping at ball carriers feet, going for the big hit, or he simply overpursues ball carrier and flies by his target.


Competitiveness: 7.70

Toughness: 7.20


Uses his strengths and effort to be able to take on blocks and fight through them to be able to make impactful plays. Gritty player that is willing to do the dirty work in the trenches.

Production: 8.10

4 year starter that put up three straight seasons of at least 100 tackles, 9TFL, 1 sack, and an INT. He was an all around contributor that if given a chance to focus solely on the MLB position he could put up even more production.


Consistency/Motor: 7.80

High revving motor that is always running hot, he gives terrific effort in the second phase of plays and on downfield or backside pursuit.


Intelligence: 7.30


Instincts: 7.50


Trusts what he sees and will flash in an instant in pursuit. His processing ability is impressive especially since they miscast him as a slot defender for the majority of his snaps.


Learn/Retain: 7.50

Was able to be utilized from multiple positions which shows his acumen for film study and preparation. He is a willing learner and will ingest anything you throw his way.


Concentration: 6.90


Seamlessly flows to the ball, but will fill so aggressively that he will over run a pursuit angle or even fly past the action. Gives second effort though and will hustle back to where the play ends up.



Hanks is a terrific MLB prospect that played a multitude of different positions while at New Mexico State. He has terrific diagnostic skills and processes what he sees in an instant. Has great closing quickness and speed to be able to reach a lot of plays average linebacking prospect won't get to. Was utilized outside as a slot defender and has a prowess for being able to cover outlet receivers. Excelled as a zone defender due to his instincts, fluidity and an closing quickness. He is a powerful tackler and can separate ball from ball carrier. Build looks like it was chiseled from granite with long arms and great bulk which he utilizes in being able to take on blockers and use his strong hand usage to shed blocks.


Was miscast as a slot defender instead being allowed to excel in his most comfortable natural position. Processes so quickly and closes so fast that he will wind up flying past his target. For as much tackling production he put on tape the last four years he left a lot more on the field due to nipping at ball carriers' feet or trying to simply blow them up rather than wrapping properly. Does not have the best bend as a stand-up pass rusher. At times he shows a slight hitch in his transition as a pass defender in man coverage which gives his assignment separation.




Terrill Hanks has been a consistent force for New Mexico State the past four years as a tackling machine as well as a defender who can penetrate into the backfield for a lot of TFL. He had a strong week at the Senior Bowl and will look to build upon it at the Combine. I see a host of teams showing interest in him do to his build, athleticism, and production. He should hear his name called in the mid rounds as high as late round 3 to at the latest round 5. 

Team Fits: Steelers, Patriots, Lions, Chargers, Packers, Bengals, Jets.

NFL Comp: Darron Lee