Thaddeus Moss

Tight End


6' 3"

249 lbs



Injury History: Shoulder Surgery (2017), Broken Left Foot: Required Two Surgeries (2018)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Alabama, Oklahoma, Auburn

Report By: Bobby Greco

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 6.70
Flexibility: 7.30
C.O.D.: 7.80
Explosion: 7.60
Deep Speed: 6.20

Not very quick, but has great agility and balance for his size. He has the ability to change from his route and get open when a play breaks down. Made some great sideline catches during his career, that really show his ability as a pass-catcher. He has really good flexibility for a TE of his stature and is a really good emergency target and can catch the ball at all different angles. He has great C.O.D ability and his film was extremely impressive in this area. He is a great route runner and also can change direction mid-play to get open or make a block. Not explosive in a speed sense, but is very explosive in his playing style. I could watch him chip pass rushers and immediately get into his route all day. Moss isn't your modern faux WR type TE because he doesn't have great speed or size. However, once he gets moving downhill, he can surprise you and pull away from a defender.


Quicks off LOS: 8.00
Route Running: 7.70
Separation: 7.60
Hands: 7.60
Yards After Contact: 7.50
Ball Security: 7.50

Moss is always very fast off the line, no matter where he is lined up, or what his job on that play is. Very good route runner who shows great instincts when running routes and always knows where to settle in order to be most open. He also lined up all over and still always knew where to be. You can really see the impact his dad made in this area. He is very talented at gaining separation using quick bursts in a given direction, giving his QB a reliable target on most plays. This area is difficult to grade because he was part of one of the NCAA's all-time great offenses and catches were sometimes hard to come by. That being said, what he did produce was great. He even had a few highlight-reel catches. Almost every time he had the ball, he made a play. He is much more elusive as he looks and can get by defenders with finesse, or physicality. You can really see what he took from his dad's game when he is catching passes. Again this is tough to give a true grade because he didn't have huge numbers. What the film did show though, was a player who knew to secure the ball and was always aware of the best way to protect it from play to play.


In-Line Runs: 7.70
Motion Runs: 7.50
Blocking in Space: 6.90
Pass Blocking: 8.00
Situational Awareness: 8.50

Great in-line blocker. Moss always fires off the line and gets to his assignment. He is a very physical blocker and uses great technique. He is an every-down player who was very important to the LSU run game and that really allowed him to showcase his abilities. Moss is very smart, so always uses the right techniques and that really helps him when in motion. There were some times when he might miss his assignment by taking the wrong path, but it's nothing to be worried about. If Moss has weak spot blocking, it is in this area. Being a bigger guy and not as athletic as many of the new-age TEs, he can lose sight of his assignment at times. When this happens, he won't get a clean block and the other player will blow up the play. For a TE, it was surprising how much he pass blocked and how good he was at doing it. He is actually the only pure TE I have ever seen, that can block a DE 1on1 and win. He also understands the power of a chip and it is refreshing to see. He has incredible situational awareness. Whether it's in the run or pass game he always knows what to do. You can really see how much football he has seen in his life.


Toughness:: 7.90
Production: 5.50
Consistency/Motor: 7.60

Being an every-down player, you have to be a pretty tough guy and he has no problem showing how tough he is. Whether it's with the ball in his hands or laying down a block, Moss is never afraid of getting physical. He gets a low grade here because he really only played one season. After playing one game in his freshman year at NC St., he transferred to LSU and had to sit out his sophomore season. He redshirted in 2018 and then played his only full season this past year. He was productive in 2019 but still doesn't have enough for a high grade here. He is a very competitive player and gives his all whenever he steps on the field. He always plays until hears the whistle and isn't afraid to do some of the dirty work, like pushing a pile to gain a couple of extra yards.


Instincts: 8.40
Learn/Retain: 8.40
Versatility: 6.60

Moss has fantastic instincts and it shows he comes from a Hall of Fame pedigree because there is no in-game scenario that he isn't ready for. An important quality to have for a TE is the ability to get open as the hot option and he has that ability down to a science. He is a very smart player and again having a first-ballot HOFer as a dad is a huge asset. He understands every facet of the game and it really seemed watching him, that his football IQ made him one of the leaders on LSU's team. Unfortunately for him, his size and speed limits his versatility. Though he lined up at many different positions on the field, he always had the responsibility of a pure TE.


Every down player with really good hands and an incredible blocker. There were multiple times when watching him, that he really wowed me with his "circus" catchability. He is also an expert at the chip block when going out for a pass


He only played one full season, his production is a minor concern. He isn't the fastest TE you will see and athletically not as polished as a lot of TEs coming into the league.


He found out at the combine physical he had a fracture in his foot, so he didn't get a chance to perform. His draft stock definitely took a hit because of his already marked injury history, and will most likely be a late-round pick. However, as long as he has no setbacks in recovery, he could end up being the steal of the draft. Moss is a real diamond in the rough and can be a player who fits in any team.

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