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Tre Lamar


College: Clemson

Height: 6'2"


Weight: 250 lbs

Injury History: 2017: Back (Missed South Carolina), Shoulder (Missed ACC Championship)

Scout: Cody Manning

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 6.97

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 7.15

He is quick inside the hashes but doesn't lose some as he gets closer to the sideline. Well balanced.

Flexibility: 6.50


He does have stiff hips and can struggle to flip them when he is in coverage. No bend on any rushes.


Explosiveness: 7.25


Very explosive upfield out of his stance. He has the ability to get to his gap to help bounce runs.

Playing Speed: 6.85


Fast between the hashes but loses speed. He does struggle to get to speedy backs on outside runs.


Coordination: 7.30


He does a great job at breaking down and keeping his body settled enough to make the tackle.


Position Versatility: 6.75

He would be more effective as an ILB but can line up on the edge. Not a rusher, but will set it vs run.


Pass Rush Ability: 6.63

Initial Quickness: 7.25


His initial quickness allows him to get some pressure. It allows him to get his hands on the lineman.

Rush with Leverage: 7.00

Gets underneath the lineman's pads to create separation to bull rush or be able to bat down passes.


Pass Rush Moves: 6.25

He lacks pass rush moves. He depends on his quickness and strength to get to the quarterback.


Pressure Consistency: 6.00

He doesn't get to the quarterback as much as I would like to see. Shouldn't be used as a rusher.


Coverage: 6.75

Pass Drops: 6.50

He gets back into his zone or tracks his man but struggles to stick to the receiver in open space.


Coverage Awareness: 7.15


He understands his responsibility and can diagnose the play well to react so he can make a play.


M/M Coverage: 6.50


Can be a liability against speedy backs or tight ends. He can be easy for them to create separation.


Zone Coverage: 6.85

He is more effective in zone so he can sit back and react. Just can struggle in open space at times.


Against The Run: 7.73

Play with Leverage: 7.75


He does a great job at exploding under the lineman's pads to hold his ground to help stuff the run.


Stack and Shed: 8.15

He is so strong he has the ability to move most lineman in any direction that he wants. Very effective.


Run at Him: 8.00


He does a great job at gliding himself in the box to help fill gaps or make the tackle. Run stuffer.

Runs Away: 7.00


He will make the right read on the play but will struggle against faster backs when they get the edge.


Tackling/Hitting: 7.75

He is an amazing tackler who breaks down, wraps up, and will run the back into the ground.


Competitiveness: 7.33

Toughness: 7.75


He isn't afraid of anybody. He will bring it against the biggest and strongest lineman. He is a fighter.


Production: 7.00


His production has steadily increased every year even with a strong line in front of him making plays.

Consistency/Motor: 7.25


He doesn't show that he takes plays off but understands his limits if the play is out of reach for him.

Intelligence: 7.22

Instincts: 7.25

He does a good job at reacting to the development of plays and understands where the ball is headed.


Learn/Retain: 7.25


Based on the tape, he shows that he understands his assignments and his role in the defense.

Concentration: 7.15


He keeps his eyes on the ball so he can react to the play in order to close the space on the runner.


His strong suit in his game is his ability to help stop the run. He has enough strength that allows him to get underneath the lineman to create enough separation to make the tackle. His initial quickness allows him to control the box and help fill gaps to bounce the run to the outside. He can lineup outside the tackle and does a good job at setting the edge. Very tough linebacker who won't back down from a challenge. He will get in the face of the toughest lineman even if he knows they are stronger than him. Overall is an effective run stuffer.


His biggest flaw against the run is the lack of his sideline to sideline speed. He struggles to close the edge against speedy backs. You won't see him running down guys from behind. He can be a liability in pass coverage. He can have stiff hips which is a problem when he goes to flip them and run with the receiver. Players can create separation from him with their speed and/or with effective route running. He doesn't get enough pressure on a consistent basis. He lacks pass rush moves and doesn't have enough bend to get around the lineman to get to the quarterback.



He is the prototypical run stuffing linebacker that defensive coordinators would love to have on their unit. He will fill gaps and disrupt plays. He does an amazing job with his tackling skills. If he wraps up, the ball carrier doesn't have a chance to break the tackle. He brings down most if he is only able to get an arm on them. He could be a matchup problem in today's NFL because of his pass coverage skills. He struggles with shifty players in open space as they can create space for the quarterback to drop the ball in. He also isn't a sideline to sideline backer, so teams can look to use outside zone against him with a speedy back to get the edge for yards. He has the talent to come in and play as a rookie. Any team that is looking to plug him in a run stuffing role can find a player that they can use day one. If he can develop his pass coverage, then he can be a key part of a team's defense by his third season.