Trey Adams

Offensive Tackle


6' 8"

318 lbs



Injury History: Torn Right ACL: Required Surgery (2017), Bulging Disc in Back: Required Surgery (2018)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Utah 2018 Vs: Ohio State 2017 Vs: Rutgers

Report By: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 6.10
Flexibility: 6.00
C.O.D.: 6.20
Explosion: 5.80
Versatility: 5.70

Tall, long, and nimble OT. He uses his length to steer and clear pass rushers away from his QB. He shows solid lateral agility to be used on pulling plays. He has solid foot quickness to be able to kick slide and set. Shows the ability to sit down and anchor against pass rushers who try and attack him with power moves. His height though can be a detriment when it comes time to combat athletic pass rushers who can bend around the edge. Played only LT while at Washington, but has the skill set to be used at RT.


In-Line: 6.50
Movement off L.O.S.: 6.50
Reach Block: 6.20
Pull & Block Outside: 6.30
Adjust In Space: 6.20
Use of Hands: 6.10

Uses his massive size, length, and solid strength to help collapse the LOS when going against smaller defensive ends. Is effective as a down blocker and on a few of the plays he completely collapsed a whole side of the LOS and open up huge rushing lanes. He has enough lateral agility and foot quickness to be used on counter trap plays where he is simply a mismatch when he engages on second and third-level defenders with his size. Uses solid hand placement, but does not have the heaviest hands and defenders who have stronger hand fighting can shed him.


Quick SeT: 6.50
Protect Corner: 5.70
Footwork / Redirect & Slide: 6.10
Anchor / Reset Ability: 6.30
Handle Games/Stunts: 6.60
Hands / Punch: 6.20

He shows the ability to get in his quick set efficiently and combat pass rushers off the ball, but he struggles with pass rushers who can dip around the edge due to his height. When he knows he is going up against players with that skill set he has a tendency to let his head drop and even lunge outside to be able to initiate contact. Flashes the ability to put up quality reps against power rushers because he will use patience to engage and then he will sit down in his stance to anchor. Needs to continually refine his power step against counter moves because when matched up with the quick, pass rushers with bend he gets in the mindset to set out wide, then they counter he gets off-balanced and grabby, which leads to holding penalties. He has a solid feel for how pass rushers are gonna attack him because of his limitations, and he maintains a consistent effort level without becoming frustrated. Also adept at picking up and passing off twists and stunts with his teammates. Solid hands that can land a strong blow, but will struggle get effective punch against bigger-bodied strong-side pass rushers.


Toughness: 7.50
Consistency / Motor: 7.50
Production: 7.20

A fiery competitor that is willing to play through pain. He worked his way back from two serious injuries and is able to put aside his failures to try and improve upon them. His playing strength is solid but will need to continually add and refine good strength and bulk, especially on his lower half to combat NFL caliber DL. Was a two-time All-Pac 12 First team performer.


Instincts: 7.20
Learn/Retain: 6.50
Teamwork: 7.50

Will feel how pass rushers are trying to attack him and try to adjust to them, but sometimes that is to his dismay because he starts to overset and overthink how to combat players who he knows he has a distinct disadvantage against. Overall though his field awareness is solid, and can be effective at recognizing and passing off stunts and twists. Football matters to him, and he takes his preparation seriously. Will hold his teammates accountable for their actions.


Tall, long-limbed blindside protector who is rock solid across the board. He has solid foot quickness and technique in his pass protection to be a steady performer for the next decade. Understands how pass rushers try to beat him and he will adjust his plan of attack accordingly. As a run blocker is surprisingly nimble and has enough lateral agility to be unleashed in the short pulling game. When he stays in-line he has the mammoth size, length, and solid strength to help collapse one side of the formation in order to open up rushing lanes.


He struggles to stay low in his stance due to his height, and pass rushers will exploit that with dip moves and upfield penetration. When matched up against players of that skill set he tries to overcompensate for his weaknesses by beating the defender to a spot, but he will duck his head or simply lunge off balance and it will lead to an easy QB pressure, or it opens him up for counter moves inside. He needs to continually add strength to his frame, especially by adding more bulk to his lower half. He needs to continually refine his hand fighting technique because players who fought with more tenacity than him could swipe them away. He has had two major injuries in his history so his long term durability will be questioned.


Trey Adams is a born and raised Washington kid that has an enormous frame and solid athleticism to be a contributor as both a run blocker and a sturdy blindside pass protector. He has had some problems with injury the last two years, but do not look past the tape he has put out against a ton of very talented pass rushers. He is an early day three candidate to be selected, especially with his injury history, but the team that selects him will be getting a consistent presence for their OL that takes the game seriously. His skill set reminds me of Dennis Kelly of the Tennessee Titans who has been perpetually undervalued throughout his career but has been a consistent player when given the opportunity.

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