Troy Dye



6' 3"

231 lbs



Injury History: Meniscus Tear (2019), Broken Thumb (2019)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Auburn, Washington, Utah

Report By: Joseph Yun

Scouting Report


Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 7.00
Flexibility: 7.50
Explosiveness: 7.00
Playing Speed: 7.00
Coordination: 7.00
Position Versatility: 5.00

Oh my, the athleticism. Dye's first step is fun. He has lateral speed and agility for days. One of the more explosive athletes for the linebacker position. He plays fast once he figures out where he wants to go. However, he wasn't used much at anything other than inside linebacker so his positional versatility is somewhat limited. He just explodes like out of a cannon. The flexibility is nice. He's can contort his body like Houdini to make plays.


Initial Quickness: 8.00
Rush with Leverage: 6.50
Pass Rush Moves: 6.00
Pressure Consistency: 7.50

When he was used as a blitzer off the edge, he has exceptional first-step quickness. While he doesn't have leverage against the bigger linemen, his burst is incredible enough for it not to matter. He will need to work on his pass rush arsenal since he wasn't asked to do it in much in college. Dye gets pressure in nearly every rep he was asked to do it.


Pass Drops: 7.00
Coverage Awareness: 7.00
M/M Coverage: 6.50
Zone Coverage: 7.00

Not the greatest in pass coverage. A willing one. Likes to impact the receiver more than playing the actual pass. Tends to lose focus on the back coming out of the backfield. Can be easily fooled by the play action. A better zone than man cover linebacker.


Play with Leverage: 6.00
Stack and Shed: 7.00
Run at Him: 6.00
Runs Away: 7.00
Tackling/Hitting: 6.50

Has the ability to shed the blocker but it's not consistent given his size limitations. Has a tendency to get lost in the wash. Excellent at chasing down a play when it's away from him. Often won't be the first to be in the picture, seems content to have teammates to make the play for him.


Toughness: 9.00
Production: 8.50
Consistency/Motor: 7.50

He played with a broken thumb against Washington and missed only the time he was treated plus one other game. It was reported that he played with a torn meniscus the last four games of 2019 so toughness is not an issue. Elite production as he led the team in three of four years in tackles. Motor tends to run hot and cold but when he's on, it's ON.


Instincts: 6.50
Learn/Retain: 7.00
Concentration: 6.50

Dye tends to take a second to diagnose what's going on and that could make the difference between a touchdown and tackle for loss. He has done well to learn two very different systems in three years. Due to his instincts being what it is, he has times where he loses focus.


Athleticism is quite evident and he just explodes off the ball. Has strong sideline to sideline ability. Tough as they come. Productive linebacker who thrived in less than ideal situations. Has four years of experience. Play speed is faster once he diagnoses the play. A chase down artist. Scheme versatile.


Frame is less than ideal as he looks really skinny and can't add on weight. Medical history is quite frightening. Diagnosing skills are lacking so it will take him a second to process the clutter. Dye isn't position versatile. Once a lineman locks onto him, it's game over in most cases.


Dye projects as a special teams ace to start off his career and could develop into a starter down the road if coached right. He will have a place in the league with his athletic talents but can become a high-level starter if he hones his diagnostics. He's a consummate team leader as he was the fire to Justin Herbert's ice-cool demeanor. He could be a very good outside linebacker given his athletic talents dropping back and blitzing off the edge instead of an inside linebacker. It can be assumed that he will get some looks at safety in certain packages as well.

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