Tyler Johnson

Wide Receiver



206 lbs



Injury History: Wrist/Hand Injury (2017)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Auburn (Bowl Game), Iowa

Report By: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report


Johnson looks like a Power Forward going up for a rebound when the ball is in the air. His ball skills, high-pointing ability, and body control are off the charts and not many defenders can separate the ball from his vice-like grip once the ball is in his hands. He understands how to get off of jams at the LOS with strong hand checks and upper body strength. He is a long strider, but he gets to top speed quickly and does not lose a lot of speed when he has to make breaks in his routes laterally. Uses quick footwork early in the route and can sell his route with head fakes and the savviness that not many college players have that type of refinement. Favorite route to run is a slant route and there weren't many players who could defend him one on one in situations he ran that route. Bonafide Red Zone threat who grabbed 25 TDs in the last two seasons. A willing run blocker who can steer and clear defenders out of the way, while he can be a devastating stalk blocker against smaller-bodied defenders in space.


He did not participate in the pre-draft process such as the East-West Shrine Game and sat out the testing at the Combine. Concerns about his long speed could be why he did so or maybe it was just that he got bad advice during the process. He dominated college-level CBs with play strength and athleticism but will need to refine his route running and gain more experience running the entire route tree to gain consistent success at the next level. At times suffered from the occasional focus drop or short arm a ball when a big hit was coming his way. Has experience playing the X, Z, and slot positions, but spent most of his time at the slot position so he will need further coaching to unlock his capabilities at the others.


Tyler Johnson was an absolute force as a Touchdown Machine for the Golden Gophers the last two seasons grabbing 25 TDs in total. He lives to win on slant routes and high-pointing passes over top of defenders. He will be a WR that teams will target if they need to improve their red-zone efficiency next year. I see him being an early day three target in the 4th to 5th round range and teams such as the Vikings, Steelers, Texans, Chiefs, Colts, and Panthers should be keeping tabs on him. He reminds me a lot of Stefon Diggs.

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