Van Jefferson

Wide Receiver



200 lbs



Injury History: Arm Injury (2017), Jones Fracture: Right Foot/ Discovered at Combine

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Virginia, LSU, Auburn, Missouri

Report By: Joseph Yun

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 7.50
Flexibility: 7.00
C.O.D.: 7.00
Explosion: 6.50
Deep Speed: 6.50

This is one area where he struggles a bit in comparison to the rest of the class but the cleverness and suddenness of his routes hides it well. The deep speed just isn't there. Due to the pre-Combine injury, he did not test and that will hurt him as he needed to put up a respectable time. While he isn't the most explosive, his lateral quickness and the speed of his routes help balance that out by getting almost always open. The footwork will get him places on the field.


Quicks Off LOS: 8.00
Release VS Jam: 8.00
Route Running: 9.00
Separation: 8.00
Blocking: 6.00

He's very quick off the line and there are no wasted steps. He's one plant and go. Sets up the double move very well. One of the elite route runners, which isn't surprising given who his father is. Jefferson gets separation due to his instinctive pro-level route running even against the press. The blocking isn't there, however as he seems content with just being in front of the defender rather than fully engaging. Jefferson isn't the most overly athletic but he gets open with a constant awareness of the defense and setting up defensive backs. The speed won't wow you but the first step burst will.


Hands: 8.00
Yard After Contact: 8.00
Ability in Space: 8.00
Ball Security: 8.00

He has some of the strongest hands in the class. He catches nearly everything against some of the top cornerbacks in the country. Jefferson just knows how to get open using feints and tricks to fool the defender while not the most athletic. Athleticism in space is a question but due to his innate ability to get open, it doesn't matter. Ball security isn't an issue because of his strength and learning from his father.


Toughness: 8.00
Production: 6.50
Consistency/Motor: 8.00

One of the toughest guys on the team. The production aspect is dinged a little bit due to the substandard quarterback play that he had to play through. Even with the quarterback issues, he showed up every snap like it was his last. Teams will love that aspect.


Instincts: 9.00
Learn/Retain: 9.00
Position Versatility: 7.00

Instincts are a major plus as well as the retention of a route tree even if the Florida offense that didn’t always play to its upside. He's the most NFL ready receiver in the class right now. Position versatility might be an issue as he was primarily used on the outside.


Elite route-running ability. Constantly running motor and plus work ethic. Smooth footwork allows for a cleaner get off. Possesses strong hands and a willingness to scrap through the slimmest of margins to make the catch. Ball security is also a plus. Laterally dominant instead of vertically dominant receiver.


Deep speed and explosion aren’t the best in the world and he will struggle at times against press in the NFL. Can he play the X or is he limited to the slot due to size?


Hands down the best route runner in the class in terms of his ability to run the overall route tree. He profiles as a slot receiver type due to his size being what it is. He will stick around a long time in the NFL due to his route running and lateral agility. Teams won't ever ask him to be WR1 but he can be a solid WR2 type like a Harry Douglas, Mohamed Sanu, or a Jeremy Maclin. Jefferson won't wow anyone physically but he just gets the smaller and finer details of being an NFL receiver because his father taught him well. A team would be wise to draft him and forget about the second receiver spot for the next ten years or so. He does have an ominous foot injury to begin his pro career, however.

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