Vosean Joseph


College: Florida

Height: 6'1"


Weight: 226 lbs

Injury History: No Major Injury History

Scout: Ryan Lippert

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 6.75

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.6.70


Has solid quickness and flexible hips which enables him to change direction quickly when the run is away from him or when playing man to man coverage.


Flexibility: 6.50


Has flexible hips but could work on his bend when blitzing to get around bigger offensive linemen.

Explosiveness: 7.40


Can come down and lay hits on opponents. Uses his speed to explode through tackles even with his lack of size.


Playing Speed: 7.70

One of the faster inside linebackers I've watched on film. Has no problem running sideline-to-sideline to make plays.


Coordination: 6.50


Doesn't get knocked off balance easily, pretty light on his feet fo the most part.


Position Versatility: 5.70

Mainly lines up at inside linebacker but showed ability to line up outside on rare occasions.


Pass Rush Ability: 6.25

Initial Quickness: 7.00


Times up his blitzes well and has a great initial burst through the gaps. Once he has read the play or timed up his blitz, he has a quick first step to guide him through that initial burst through the gap.

Rush with Leverage: 6.00

Plays with decent pad level but could still work on it at the next level. His lack of low pad level can make it difficult for him to get off blocks at times.


Pass Rush Moves: 5.00


Mainly just blitzes straight through gaps and tries to use his speed to beat linemen. Needs to establish some pass rush moves at the next level.

Pressure Consistency: 7.00

Does a solid job of using his speed and time his blitzes in order to beat linemen and put pressure on opposing quarterbacks.


Coverage: 7.50

Pass Drops: 7.50

Gets to his drops quickly and smoothly without much difficulty. Uses his quick his to turn and run to get to his zone before the routes develop. Mainly drops to the middle of the field but has shown ability to drop to outside zones as well.

Coverage Awareness: 7.50

Always seems to be aware of his assignments in coverage and carries them out effectively

M/M Coverage: 7.50

Uses his speed to stay in the hip pocket of the player he is covering. Mainly covered running backs out of the backfield but showed ability to cover slot receivers and tight ends.


Zone Coverage: 7.50

Gets to his area quickly and covers his zone with ease. He shows good anticipation of routes while in zone coverage and reads both the quarterback and receiver well.


Against The Run: 6.72


Play with Leverage: 6.00


Just like in his pass rushing technique, plays with decent pad level but could be better and is caught up in blocks due to his lack of low pad level.


Stack and Shed: 6.30


Struggles to get off blocks at times due to his lack of size. He gets his hands engaged inside but struggles to create separation to shed blockers.


Run at Him: 7.50


Diagnoses run quickly and hits gaps quickly. Doesn't tend to hesitate or get lost in the run game.


Runs Away: 7.00

Uses his speed to get across the field to support when runs go away from him. Uses good pursuit angles for the most part.


Tackling/Hitting: 6.80

Sure tackler in most instances but did have some missed open field tackles due to poor timing.


Competitiveness: 7.50

Toughness: 8.00

Is a hard-nosed player who isn't afraid to attack inside the tackles and take on bigger offensive linemen. Will bring the contact to ball carriers instead of standing back and catching.


Production: 8.00

2018 Stats: 93 tackles, 9 TFL, 4 sacks.


Consistency/Motor: 6.50


Was a pretty consistent performer as a senior but as far as his motor goes, hd to slow down or take off plays at times, especially when it was away from him.


Intelligence: 7.67

Instincts: 7.70


Diagnoses plays quickly and efficiently. Doesn't fall for play action often and is able to read screens and attack them.

Learn/Retain: 7.60


Learns from his mistakes and comes back strong the next play. Rarely has two bad plays in a row.


Concentration: 7.70


Seems locked in at all times which is crucial in reading plays and in the timing of his blitzes.



The biggest thing you're going to get from Joseph is his toughness. Although he isn't the biggest linebacker. he isn't afraid to get in the middle of the action. If that means jumping over a pile and moving up to make a tackle, or taking on a bigger ball carrier in the gap, whatever the case may be, he will do it. His speed is also a huge plus as it enables him to make plays in the open field as well as drop in coverage. He is very solid in coverage as he showed great ability to play both man and zone coverage from the inside linebacker spot.


The main thing that worries me with Joseph is his size. His 6'1", 226 pound frame is very small for an inside linebacker. The lack of size is shown when going up against bigger offensive linemen. Joseph struggles to get off of blocks in the run game. He also should work on pass rush moves at the next level. He relied on his speed to beat linemen in college, but as we all know, linemen in the NFL are much more athletic.




After three seasons at the University of Florida, Joseph decided to leave school early and declare for the 2019 NFL Draft. Joseph saw significant playing time in each of his three seasons at Florida. As a freshman, he played in 13 games, mainly on special teams, getting one start at linebacker. Joseph came into the spotlight as a sophomore as he started 10 of 11 games at linebacker. As a sophomore, he finished third on the team in tackles with 55 and also had four tackles for loss and an interception. In his final season with the Gators, Joseph started 11 of 13 games at linebacker. He led the team with 93 tackles and also finished with nine TFL and four sacks. Joseph is a very intriguing prospect at the next level. While he lacks the physical size, his athleticism and speed will help him rise up draft boards. With a good combine, Joseph will garner a lot of conversation among scouts in the league. I see Joseph being a player that will come in and be a contributor on special teams right away and could eventually even be a starter as a rookie.

Projected Round: 2-3

Team Fits: Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, Minnesota Vikings

Pro Comparison: Mark Barron

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