Zack Baun



6' 3"


235 lbs

Scouting Report

Q.A.B. / C.O.D. 6.50
Flexibility 7.00
Explosiveness 7.00
Playing Speed 7.00
Coordination 6.00

Great athlete who has the quickness and speed to cover RBs and TEs in the passing game. Once in range of quarterbacks he will initiate contact by extending his arms. Very explosive off the line of scrimmage and will blow by tackles around the edge and will close in on quarterbacks. Will maintain balance thanks to his flexibility when going through contact. Is able to reach on ball carriers in open space. Moves well laterally in space and is able to accelerate back down towards the ball.

Initial Quickness 6.80
Use of Hands 7.00
Leverage 6.70
Pass Rush Moves 6.50
Finish Ability 6.50

Will beat tackles around the edge thanks to his initial quickness and ability to explode off the line of scrimmage. Lot's of arm extensions to create seperation and space. When Baun does rush the passer he does it with a high motor and will fight hard on every play. Lot's of different moves such as hand chopping, swim moves, spin moves, and speed rushes around the edges. Putting on more weight in the upper body will help improve his power. Will win off his first step, strides, athleticism, and with explosiveness around the edge.

Toughness 7.00
Consistency/Motor 8.00
Production 8.00

No doubt my favorite quality. Baun is a great competitor and high motor player who is always looking for the ball even when on the backside of the play. Was productive in all areas last season racking up 76 tackles, 19.5 tackles for loss, 12.5 sacks, a pick six and two pass deflections. A big question here is Baun had just one big year at Wisconsin in 2019 as he wasn't much of a factor in 2018 and was injured in 2017.

Play with Leverage 6.00
Stack and Shed 6.80
Gap Shooting Ability 5.00
Run at Him 7.00
Run Away 8.00
Tackling/Hitting 6.80

His eyes are always staring down the ball carrier. One of his biggest strengths is his ability to rip and run as he will rip off blockers and chase down ball carriers. Thanks to his high motor he is always looking to make the play and will always be in pursuit of the running back playside and is a great chase player on the backside. Good open field tackler and does a great job extending his arms out in the open field to make tackles and will also go low for the legs at the point of the tackle. Won't consistently shoot his way through gaps. Is able to react quickly and suddenly on who has the ball and the direction of the play.

Instincts 7.00
Learn/Retain 7.50
Teamwork 8.00

Does a great job showing patience on run-pass options as well as zone read plays which helps him recognize where the play is going. Always has his eyes in the backfield and is patient to attack. Improved greatly from 2018 to 2019 and showed he is capable of being a reliable defender in multiple areas of the game. Great teammate and was voted a team captain for the 2019 season.