Zack Moss

Running Back


5' 10"

222 lbs



Injury History: AC Separation: Shoulder (2019), Knee Surgery (2018), Ankle Injury (2018), Arm Injury (2017)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Oregon (PAC 12 Championship), Colorado 2018 Vs: Stanford

Report By: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report


Q.A.B. 7.30
Flexibility: 6.50
C.O.D. 6.30
Explosion: 7.20
Top End Speed: 6.50

Possesses a thick build, with lower body bulk, and a thick torso, and well-proportioned muscle throughout. He has quick feet that he unleashes on cutback runs. Flashes enough bend and fluidity to be able to stick his foot in the ground and get downhill in a hurry. For such a thicker back he has a nimbleness to him that allows him to bounce around between the tackles. Quick feet and has good short-area burst to get upfield but lacks the fluidity to make defenders miss in open space, rather he is at his best at one-cutting and getting downhill. Explosive run strength and leg drive, he is able to blast through smaller-bodied defenders. He runs with terrific forward lean and short-area quickness to get consistent gains. He needs a runway to get up to top speed, but once there not many defenders can bring him down with his bulk.


Vision: 8.00
Cutting Ability: 7.60
Elusiveness: 6.20
Yards After Contact: 8.60
Ball Security: 7.50

Has the innate feel to be able to fight through a crack and get what is blocked for him. He presses the LOS with patience, allows his blocks to develop in front of him while using quick footwork to maintain a good place to cut and get upfield in an instant. Quick and light feet allow him to unleash some jaw-dropping cuts for a runner of his size. He is not the most agile player in space, rather he is at his best trying to run you over rather than dance around you. Elite at being able to break the first defender to contact him. He runs with excellent leg drive, forward lean, and balance that simply makes it almost impossible to bring him down unless you have a group. He is even harder to bring down once he gets to top speed, because of the momentum in addition to his skill set. Has had 8 career fumbles in over 40 career games. Runs with the ball in the appropriate arm compared to where pursuit is coming from.


Hands: 7.50
Route Running: 7.30
Ability In Space: 6.20
Ability To Separate: 6.50

Soft, natural hands catcher that can make the difficult catches look easy. Showed the body control and ability to snag off-target throws in his direction. He was not just used as a last resort outlet target, rather he ran a variety of routes, and showed surprising nimbleness to get open underneath. He Is not an elite open field jitterbug, and would rather run through you after corralling the pass than trying to juke defenders in space. He uses his physicality, play strength, and short-area quickness to get separation and present his QB with an outlet target.


Lead Blocking: 7.30
Blocking In Space: 7.60
Pass Blocking: 8.00
Situational Awareness: 7.90

Was a willing and adept lead blocker on a number of QB draw plays, and if needed could be deployed as a FB in some creative packages due to his playing demeanor. Uses outstanding field vision, technique, effort, and bulk to simply stonewall oncoming opponents in space. One of the most complete and efficient blocking RBs I have ever graded. He uses quick feet to mirror and match incoming blitzers, displays outstanding vision on which defender is coming, and then his technique is nearly flawless by either being able to sit down and absorb the blitz or by simply running them past the QB. He is keenly aware of down and distance as well as being able to identify where blitzing players are coming from. Clutch and will come through in critical situations.


Toughness: 8.00
Production: 7.80
Consistency/Motor: 7.80
Teamwork: 8.00

Bulldozing, rugged running style that simply will not be denied what he can get. Consistently carried a heavy workload and the team on his back, and never backed down from a challenge. True workhorse RB. He was one of the most respected runners in the Pac 12 throughout his career and produced gaudy numbers when healthy. A highly motivated and dedicated player who never seems to take a play off. He is a rock of consistency. A well-respected member of the Utah locker room and university. He chose not to leave early in the draft last season due to injury questions, but also because he wanted to help foster the younger players on the roster. He is a mature player who gets it and handles the media well.


Instincts: 7.90
Learn/Retain: 7.70
Versatility: 7.20

He has the rare ability to utilize his terrific field vision while he allows his blocks to develop. He seems to be able to sense when rushing lanes are gonna open, then he bursts through them with power and punch that not many can contain one on one. A dedicated worker in the classroom and film room that you can see the benefits of out on the gridiron. Able to digest whatever is thrown at him. Mostly a between the tackles runner due to a lack of long speed unless given a runway, but he has three-down ability due to his underrated pass-catching prowess and ability to contribute as a pass protector.


Big, burly, sledgehammer style runner who has surprising agility and nimbleness that backs his size usually don't possess. A terrific pass protector who will endear himself to a coaching staff early. A true workhorse who gets stronger later in the game and with more carries. It is almost impossible to bring him down one on one due to his running style and determination. Locker room presence is outstanding and is a leader of men.


He needs a runway to get to top speed, but look out when he gets there because it is like a boulder rolling downhill. He is at his best one-cutting and getting downhill, and he is not a huge threat in space. He has a history of nagging injuries that will need to be vetted, and his long term durability will need to be monitored.


Moss leaves the Utah program as the first player to rush for three straight thousand-yard seasons, in addition to a host of other rushing records. He was the face of their program and outstanding presence off of it which will endear him to talent evaluators at the next level. He has the skill set of a three-down, workhorse RB, but his injury history may knock him back slightly. Do not overlook him though, because I believe he has the value of a late first-round talent who most likely will hear his name called in the second round do to the laundry list of injuries. His playing style reminds me of a poor man's version of Ezekiel Elliott.

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