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Jeremy Dennis
Data Analytics Researcher
Betting Analyst
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Atlanta, GA
B.S. in Microbiology at Auburn University, MBA from Kennesaw State University
Official football experience - none.  Unofficial football analytics hobby experience - Six years of working with numbers to build a better mousetrap in the world of gambling.  Non-Football Experience - 20 years in the coatings industry.

Derek Jeremy Dennis was raised on football. Born in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, he cheered for the Washington Redskins via his mother’s side of the family (located in Northern Virginia) and the Auburn Tigers since his older brother attended there. Jeremy would follow his brother’s footsteps to attend Auburn and graduate with a degree in Microbiology. This is when he would first learn how to play fantasy football and be quite bad at it. Jeremy would then move to Atlanta where he found work in the chemical industry. While he moved up the ranks in powder coatings, he learned how to wager on football games and learned that despite knowing a lot about the game, he was quite bad at that too.

In 20 years, Jeremy has been in technical service, operations, marketing, sales and business owner in coatings. On the side, he has discovered the world of football analytics where he has devoted countless hours on developing a better system for picking football games against the spread. Now that his business has wrapped up, Jeremy has decided to do a complete 180 degree turn in career by trying to turn his hobby into a new career.

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