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Kristen Mori
Sports Consultant
Avon, CT
B.S. Mathematical Statistics - Purdue University, B.S. Computer Science - Purdue University, Minor in Spanish - Purdue University, SMWW Football Analytics
Sports Analytics at Purdue club president and co-founder, Nielsen Data Science Intern, Houston Astros Research & Development Analyst


Kristen is an analyst in the Research and Development department for the World Series Champion Houston Astros.

Kristen graduated from Purdue University in May 2018 with degrees in Mathematical Statistics and Computer Science, as well as a minor in Spanish. Outside of the classroom, she frequented Purdue athletics events and was a tutor for student-athletes in a variety of subjects. Additionally, she was the co-founder and president of Sports Analytics at Purdue, a student organization devoted to uniting students interested in the sports analytics field. Kristen also was a Boiler Gold Ambassador, student hosts of football recruits during game days and official visits, and has furthered her interest in athletics through taking a course over Intercollegiate Athletics Business.

Her skills include programming (R, Python, Java, C, primarily), analytics, statistics, big data, mathematics, and Spanish.

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