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The Scouting Matrix 

The Scouting Matrix is a customizable interactive data service that provides football programs and fans with advanced predictive analytics regarding player performance, play calling tendencies, and team strategy. It’s a tool that allows the user to tune the application to a precise situation within a game in order to gain a statistical advantage by knowing the play probability before the ball is snapped. The Scouting Matrix takes into consideration a multitude of factors and unique statistics that have never been publicly tracked or recorded to this caliber. Blitzalytics charts every pre and post snap action, from personnel and formation, routes, defensive coverage, the play call itself, as well as it’s overall success. This allows the Matrix to accurately predict the situational tendencies of a play caller based on their current and historical data.

Status: Current Stage - Beta Test - Development & Demo 

Overview: Blitzalytics' Scouting Matrix 1.0 is the foundation and first step towards providing a flawless product with limitless potential in the football industry. It’s interactive capabilities currently give the user a completely new experience and access to unexplored data with advanced filtering and accurate predictive modeling.



  • Play Calling Prediction

  • Customizable Dataset & Dashboard

  • Situational Football Tuning

  • Success Rate

  • Player Usage Rate

  • Formational Stats & Tendencies

  • Personnel Stats & Tendencies

  • QB-Target Prediction

  • RB-Blocking Scheme Prediction

  • WR/TE-Route Prediction

Research Options:

  • Time

  • Down

  • Distance

  • Player Statistics

  • Quarter

  • Week/Opponent

  • Field Location*

  • Point Differential

  • Yards Gained

  • Formation 

  • Set

  • Personnel

  • Player Targeted

  • Individual Routes

  • Play Call

  • Play Results

  • Play Direction

  • Defensive Coverage 

The Scouting Matrix is currently in Beta testing, which means we could use all the feedback we can get. There are still several features of the app in development, as well as elements of functionality that aren't complete. We are working on these issues daily and can't wait to showcase a truly finished product.  In the mean time, Blitzalytics is looking for industry professionals, affiliates, and supporters to demo the current product and fill out our questionnaire down below.

App Features In Progress

  • Defensive Formation Tracking

  • Defensive Play Call Tracking

  • Automated Full Play Art 

  • Complete Player Stats

Free Football Play Designer - Google Chr
Free Football Play Designer - Google Chr

Scouting Matrix - 2020-21 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Matrix Key:

  • T&T - Touches & Targets

  • P1-P5 - Skilled Position Players (Left - Right / Front - Back)

  • YPT - Yards Per Touch & Target

  • Usage - Percentage of Target & Touch Share

Coming soon:

  • Field Location Sliders

  • Player Statistics (Comp %, Catch Rate, Turnovers)

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