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100 Questions Going into the NFL’s 100th Season

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Written by: John Stocco

Twitter: @realJohnStocco

We’re getting closer to the biggest season in NFL History. The NFL turns 100 years old this year, and there are questions that will be answered this season that will dictate what happens to the future of some of the league's biggest players and biggest teams. Here are the 100 questions that are destined to be answered in the 100th season of the NFL.

1, Can Patrick Mahomes sustain his success?

Patrick Mahomes was the runaway MVP last season, and honestly, nobody deserved it more than him. With how bad his defense was, and losing Kareem Hunt mid-season, made it clear that everything was on the arm of Mahomes and he delivered. 50 TD’s, 12 INT’s, 66% completion percentage, and a QBR of 82. The NFL and the Chiefs are depending on Mahomes to be the future of this league, but can he pull it off again? The tape is out on him, and if he continues this dominance we have something special developing right before our eyes.

2, Will Kirk Cousins live up to the contract?

The Vikings were one game away from a Super Bowl appearance, and the next offseason they only made one move and that was at the QB position. The Vikings signed Cousins for three years, and $84 million guaranteed. With his time in Minnesota it will always be Super Bowl or bust for Kirk Cousins.

3, Will Cam Newton get back to his MVP standards or remain a one hit wonder?

After the Super Bowl loss and his MVP season it’s been a rough ride for Cam Newton. It’s like he’s dealing with the world’s longest hangover. 2016, he had 19 TD’s and 14 INT’s, 2017, he had 22 TD’s and 16 INT’s, and last year while dealing with a shoulder injury he posted 24 TD’s and 13 INT’s. In those three seasons the Panthers have a record of 24-24. When Cam is inconsistent, the Carolina Panthers are inconsistent.

4, Who will go to their rookie QB first?

I fully expect to see Murray and Haskins starting at quarterback week 1, but between the Giants and the Broncos which team will bench their veteran and give the keys to the rookie?

5, Is it time to move on from Jameis Winston?

Tua, Herbert, Fromm, Eason, it seems like the perfect time for the Bucs to move on from Jameis Winston. If we don’t see an improvement from Jameis Winston how can you not move on?

6, Did Miami accidently trip over a franchise quarterback?

Josh Rosen ended up with the Miami Dolphins and it’s not getting talked about enough. This was a guy in the same class as Baker, Darnold, Josh Allen, and by some Josh Rosen was the best quarterback in the draft. He was deemed the most NFL ready and the best pure passer with his accuracy and footwork. The Dolphins might be the luckiest team walking into the season.

7, Does the most pressure fall on the shoulders of Jimmy Garoppolo?

People might have forgotten, but Bill Belichick deemed Jimmy G as the future of football in New England. He may have reluctantly traded him to the San Francisco, and now the future is here for the 49ers.

8, Who’s the team facing the most pressure?

The team that’s facing the most pressure is by far the Dallas Cowboys. A coach on the hot seat, an aging offensive line, a quarterback, a running back, and a wide receiver playing for contracts. The time has to be now for the Cowboys.

9, How will Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur get along?

The Rodgers and McCarthy relationship went to hell over time and last season was the straw that broke the camel’s back. If Rodgers wants to go back to the Super Bowl he must do everything to make this relationship work. LaFleur doesn’t get a pass here either. He’s walking into a locker room full of veterans and on day one he must win their respect. Winning over Rodgers obviously helps.

10, Did the Packers surround Aaron Rodgers with enough talent?

First it was Mike McCarthy, then came the question of the talent surrounding him. They fired McCarthy, but Green Bay didn’t add any significant offensive weapons. They went all in on defense in free agency and the draft, now all the pressure is on Rodgers to get this right.

11, Did Seattle get better after losing Doug Baldwin?

It was a shocking blow when the football world found out that Doug Baldwin was forced to retire. Honestly it’s still hard to believe. The news broke during the NFL Draft, and the Seahawks responded by drafting DK Metcalf in the 2nd round, and Gary Jennings in the 4th. I never thought much of Metcalf, but him being there in the 2nd round you had to snag him up. Gary Jennings is a player to watch. He’s an excellent deep threat for Wilson, and he was 4th in catch rate last season catching balls at 74% and 100% on third and fourth down.

12, How will the Seahawks defense bounce back after losing Frank Clark and Earl Thomas?

Russell Wilson is a top 5 quarterback in this league and gets severely overlooked, but after losing Frank Clark and their leader in the secondary, Wilson’s talent might not be enough to carry them to the playoffs.

13, Is Todd Gurley healthy?

The health concerns of Todd Gurley might have cost the Rams a Super Bowl. There are still concerns about his injury and if Gurley isn’t healthy it leaves the Rams missing one of the biggest playmakers in football.

14, Are we overreacting to the Super Bowl loss?

Yes. The Rams are still really good. Sean McVay is still one of the best coaches in football. And Jared Goff is a top 10 quarterback in football.

15, Will the new breed of head coaches find success?

If you know Sean McVay you’re pretty much going to be a head coach in the NFL.

16, Will the winners of the offseason become the winners of the season?

This is all about the Browns. The Browns have made a lot of noise off the field, but the biggest test will be making that same noise on the field in a league and division that isn’t ready to bend the knee to the Cleveland Browns.

17, Can the Bears defense get better?

Losing Fangio, losing Bryce Callahan, losing Adrian Amos. None of it matters. As long as the Bears have Mack, Floyd, Hicks, Roquan Smith, and Eddie Jackson, they will be elite.

18, Is it Mitch’s time to shine?

Trubisky has everything he needs to succeed in the NFL. He has the coach, he has receivers, and he has the running support. It’s Mitch’s time to put it all together and bring back a championship to Chicago.

19, Can the Bears finally figure out the kicking situation?

Please, for the love of God, get this figured out so we I don’t have to write about the Robbie Gould curse.

20, Will the Jaguars defense bounce back?

All the blame was placed on Blake Bortles, and to a degree he deserved the blame. Nick Foles is the man that can pump the faith back into the Jacksonville locker room.

21, Is Nick Foles just a Philly miracle story?

Jacksonville was looked at as Super Bowl contenders, then the real Blake Bortles stood up. The quarterback position was their biggest need and they addressed it by giving Nick Foles a 4 year $88 million deal. If getting a quarterback was all they needed, and if Foles continues what he did with the Eagles they will be right back on top of the AFC.

22, Who are the next quarterbacks that take that next step?

Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Big Ben, Rivers, all elite quarterbacks in the game right now. It’s a quarterback league. Besides Mahomes, who are the next guys in line? Wentz? Goff? Trubisky? Watson?

23, Are we seeing the end of Drew Brees?

Besides the awful non-pass interference call, the Saints didn’t make the Super Bowl because of the play by Drew Brees. Brees was excellent in weeks 1-13 he was an MVP candidate, and he finished the year with 32 TD’s, 5 INT’s, and close to 4,000 passing yards. For any quarterback those are incredible numbers. Once he played the Thursday night game in Dallas, and the Saints finally looked beatable, Brees wasn’t the same. He missed key throws down the stretch, and just didn’t feel like he was comfortable.

24, Will Tom Brady finally fall off the cliff?

The question is asked every year, and I’m not going to be the person that says “he’s done!” And be wrong for the 1,000th time. The greatest of all time is going to be 42 years old when the season starts. You have to wonder.

25, How will the Patriots offense adapt without Gronk?

I find it funny when people say Brady is only a “system quarterback” because he’s been with Belichick his entire career. The Patriots have changed their offense over the years and Brady has proved to be the greatest in multiple systems, but now by losing one of the greatest tight ends of all time it could be the biggest adjustment for Belichick/McDaniels since losing Brady in 2008.

26, Who will win the triple threat match?

Too bad WWE couldn’t work something out between Big Ben, Antonio Brown, and Le'Veon Bell. It’s been one of the biggest stories all offseason and this season we will find out who’s better off without each other.

27, Can JuJu fill the WR1 shoes?

You can make the argument that JuJu was Pittsburgh’s WR1 last year. JuJu was targeted 166 times, 1,426 yards, 13 yards per catch, and 7 receiving touchdowns. AB was targeted 168 times, 1,297 yards, 12.5 yards per catch, but beat JuJu in touchdowns with 15.

28, Will somebody new takeover the AFC?

I won’t bet against the Patriots until someone actually knocks them off their throne. The AFC is wide open this season because the Patriots have lost key players. Between the Chiefs, Chargers, Colts, Browns, Steelers, and Jaguars, it could be somebody else’s year.

29, How stacked is the NFC?

When you look at the NFC standings there are three teams in every division that you can make the case for winning their division. Anyone can come out of the NFC.

30, Which team is getting ready for a divorce?

Raiders vs. Carr. Giants vs. Eli. Bengals vs. Dalton. Titans vs. Mariota. Bucs vs. Winston. Teams are moving on from the face of their franchise.

31, Could we see teams get more active at the deadline?

We saw a glimpse of this in 2018, and there might be even more movement coming at the 2019 deadline. Jadeveon Clowney, AJ Green, Emmanuel Sanders, and LeSean McCoy are all on expiring contracts.

32, Can Carson Wentz put together an MVP season again?

If Wentz is healthy there’s no reason not to believe he can put together another MVP caliber season. No more Nick Foles, it’s all on Wentz.

33, Which sophomore quarterback improves the most?

The 2018 QB class was five deep, and now we’re going to see who separates themselves from the pack.

34, Which rookie head coach will have the best year?

Look for the teams who zig when everyone zags. Every team wants to find the next McVay, but Denver and Miami went the other way.

35, Will Brian Flores be just another failed Belichick assistant?

Flores is different. He shut down one of the best offenses in football in the Super Bowl, and he’s bringing that attitude and mental toughness to Miami. He’s not a talker, he’s not a self proclaimed genius, he’s a coach that puts in just as much work as the players and he “demands high expectations from you.” - Trey Flowers.

36, Who’s on the hot seat?

Ron Rivera, Dan Quinn, Mike Tomlin, Jay Gruden, Doug Marrone, Mike Zimmer, and Jason Garrett.

37, Who will be the new savvy offensive coordinator?

There’s always that one offensive coordinator that catches the eye of every fan base. Who will it be this year? Keep your eye on former quarterback Byron Leftwich who’s now learning from one of the best in Tampa Bay.

38, Who will be the leagues favorite defensive coordinator?

Kris Richard, who’s technically the secondary coach for the Dallas Cowboys will be on the radar of many NFL teams.

39, Can Damien Williams keep up his success in Kansas City?

Mahomes is great, but defenses are going to figure him out. The Chiefs need a stable running back that Mahomes can rely on week to week.

40, Is the Chiefs defense still holding them back?

If the Chiefs defense is anything like last years they’re not making a Super Bowl. They lost Dee Ford, but they acquired Frank Clark. The main problem is in their secondary.

41, Is 2019 the year Philip Rivers finally gets to a Super Bowl?

It feels like it’s now or never for Rivers. He’s 37, and you have to imagine the Chargers will start looking for his replacement.

42, What can the Chargers do to finally get over the hump?

Staying healthy, and getting more out of the edge rushing group. The Patriots sliced and diced the Chargers in the playoffs. By putting more pressure on quarterbacks which will lead to turnovers can make the Chargers one of the most dangerous teams in football.

43, Will the Raiders prove the haters wrong?

I see a much improved offensive team, but there are still far too many holes on the defense. I see the second year under Jon Gruden finishing with more losses.

44, Will the Raiders trade Derek Carr?

The writing is on the wall and it says Carr’s days in Oakland are numbered.

45, Who are the Denver Broncos?

I loved the Vic Fangio hire, but who are they? We’re going to find out if Lock is their future quarterback, and if their defense is still good enough to compete in the playoffs.

46, Have the Texans given DeShaun Watson the protection he needs?

If Watson keeps taking the abuse he’s taking he won’t survive in the NFL. After two torn ACL’s the Texans have protect Watson at all costs.

47, Are the Colts a sleeper Super Bowl team?


48, Are the Titans fully committed to Marcus Mariota?

The Titans record under Mariota is 27-28. Now it’s not entirely fair to blame it all on him because the talent surrounding him is average, but when is it time for him to takeover like all great quarterbacks?

49, Will the Ravens offense be just as electric on the field as it is on paper?

They have Lamar Jackson who’s a real life hotwheel, but now they added Justice Hill and Marquise Brown and the Ravens might be the most exciting team to watch in football. Never thought I’d say that.

50, Are there too many mouths to feed in Cleveland?

OBJ, Landry, Callaway, Njoku, Hunt, and Chubb. Somebody will have a sacrifice to make in Cleveland.

51, Will the Bengals trade AJ Green?

It’ll be a tough pill to swallow for the organization and Bengals fans, but if you aren’t going to extend him you might as well get what you can as every contending team should be interested in AJ Green.

52, What is going on with the Buffalo backfield?

Buffalo’s backfield is a mess, and it’ll get messier if and when Shady moves on.

53, Will Adam Gase last in New York?

Everything since the moment Gase was hired has been a disaster, or in some cases, meme heaven, but other then that it’s all about the success of Sam Darnold and I think Sam Darnold is going to be a really good quarterback.

54, Who will be the injured rookie from 2018 that helps his team the most?

Isaiah Wynn.

55, Who’s going to be the MVP?

Andrew Luck.

56, Who’s going to be the Offensive Rookie of the Year?

David Montgomery. The ground, pound, and twitch movement comes alive in Chicago as Matt Nagy gets his franchise running back as the Bears head coach.

57, Who’s going to be the Defensive Rookie of the Year?

Josh Allen. He will bring back the Sacksonville and the Jaguars will make their way back to the playoffs.

58, Who’s going to be the Offensive Player Breakout of the Year?

Mike Williams. The former 7th overall pick is ready for a breakout year. He was a star in Clemson, and he has all the tools to carry that over in the NFL. We saw flashes last year and I believe he’ll end the 2019 season as a top 10 receiver.

59, Who’s going to be the Defensive Player of the Year?

Minkah Fitzpatrick. He was the man that could do it all at Alabama, and now he’s filling in a similar role in Miami. Last year Fitzpatrick finished top ten in completion percentage allowed, passer rating allowed, and in coverage grade. Fitzpatrick might have already broken out, but this year he becomes a household name.

60, Which team will have buyers remorse?

The Jets. You don’t pay a running back $52 million over four years who didn’t play an entire year. And oh, he’s also been suspended for violating the league's drug policy.

61, Which team can be the last to first team in 2019?

The 49ers.

62, Which team can be the first to last team in 2019?

The Texans.

63, Who will be the steal of the draft?

Chase Winovich (Patriots)

64, Will OTA’s become “mandatory”?

OTA’s is like optional college orientation a month before class starts. Your best bet is to attend.

65, Who’s the face of the Dallas Cowboys?

Dak or Zeke. One of them is getting the keys to the city.

66, Will Saquon Barkley break the single season rushing attempt record?

I hope he does to get his name in the record books. The first thing I said when the Giants traded OBJ was poor Saquon.

67, Can the Redskins shock the world?

You bet that can. Just look at how they upgraded to an already solid defense. Adding Landon Collins, trading back into the draft to get the best edge rusher in Montez Sweat. Sweat adds pass rushing ability opposite of Jonathan Allen, and Landon Collins adds a physical presence in the middle of the field. Something the Skins haven’t had in years. Go to the offense and it’s filled with youth. Who else on the offense? The one person everyone is forgetting about, Derrius Guice.

68, How much of an impact will Desean Jackson make in his Philly comeback?

Jeffery is the possession receiver, Ertz is the safety blanket, and DJax answers the bell as the deep threat receiver.

69, Can the Falcons defense help the offense in 2019?

35 TD’s, 7 INT’s, 4,924 yards, 69.4% completion rate, and a QBR of 70.6. It’s kinda hard to put the blame on Matt Ryan when he has a year like that. Injuries didn’t help, but the Falcons defense is wasting the prime years of Matt Ryan.

70, Is the Atlanta Falcons window closing?

Julio Jones’ future with the team in doubt, a questionable defense, DeVonta Freeman not being able to stay on the field, and Dan Quinn on the hot seat. It feels like now or never for the Falcons.

71, Will the Falcons pay Julio Jones?

Unlike the AJ Green situation in Cincinnati I believe the Falcons will make sure Julio Jones is a Falcon for life.

72, Can the Saints bounce back after two heartbreaking losses?

Sure they can.

73, Will the Saints pay Michael Thomas?

The Saints are kinda in the same position as the Cowboys. They have to pay their two biggest playmakers. This is where it gets interesting for the Saints. If they pay Kamara and Thomas, then by that time Brees might be done and they have a QB on a rookie contract to work with.

74, How will the Saints offensive line look without Max Unger?

This blindsided the Saints, and just like the Seahawks it will hurt their offensive line.

75, Can Devin White save the Buccaneers defense?

All reports coming from camp are great when you hear Devin White’s name. The Bucs have a leader, and they have a franchise linebacker for many years.

76, What more can the Lions do?

They have a top 15 quarterback in Stafford, Kerryon Johnson who ran for over 600 yards in just 10 games, Golladay and Marvin Jones who are perennial deep threats, and oh, they added one of the best overall players in the NFL Draft.

77, Can the Vikings depend on Dalvin Cook?

Injury concerns at Florida State, injury concerns with the Vikings, I wouldn’t be surprised if the faith in Cook isn’t worth much in Minnesota.

78, How will Kliff Kingsbury’s offense transition to the NFL?

I’m getting my popcorn ready for this one. Texas Tech style air raid offense in the NFL. I can’t wait.

79, Will Kyler Murray change the way we look at quarterbacks?

If Murray succeeds, yes. Whenever Team Blitz or any team does scouting reports we can no longer use height as a reason why quarterbacks can’t succeed.

80, Will the Arizona Cardinals change the way front offices think?

It’s all about success, and if the Cardinals succeed front offices will go to the very extreme and just hire coaches for their offensive minds.

81, Will slot corner become a pivotal position in football?

The elite offenses attack the middle of the field. The importance of slot corners will be higher than ever before.

82, Will the running back position continue to be devalued?

The better question is which undrafted running back is going to turn into a pro bowler? Every year it happens and it’s the reason why teams aren’t putting all their eggs in their running backs basket.

83, Is the Tank for Tua real?

I’m sure there are teams who are preparing to compete for the number one overall pick, but this isn’t baseball, and it’s not basketball. Football teams do not and will not tank.

84, Is the NFL’s kicking problem over exaggerated?

It feels like kickers miss huge game deciding kicks every week in the NFL, no not just because I’m a Bears fan, it kinda feels that way, but surprisingly enough, kicking percentage is the second highest it’s ever been at 84.7%.

85, Will challenging for a pass interference help or hurt the NFL?

No matter what happens people will always find a way to complain.

86, What will be the game of the year?

Chiefs vs. Patriots (Week 14). AFC Championship rematch, and a game that could decide home field advantage in the AFC playoffs.

87, Who will be the surprise playoff team?

The Redskins.

88, Which division is the least stacked?

AFC East. They have the greatest team and organization, but other then that the rest of the division doesn’t even come close to touching them.

89, Which division is the most stacked?

NFC North. Looking at that division there are four teams that could make a playoff appearance, and one really talented team is going to be left out.

90, Who will win the NFC East?

The Cowboys.

91, Who will win the NFC North?

The Bears.

92, Who will win the NFC South?

The Saints

93, Who will win the NFC West?

The Rams.

94, Who will win the AFC East?

The Patriots.

95, Who will win the AFC North?

The Steelers.

96, Who will win the AFC South?

The Colts.

97, Who will win the AFC West?

The Chargers.

98, Who will win the NFC?

The Bears.

99, Who will win the AFC?

The Colts.

100, Who will win the Super Bowl?

The Chicago Bears.

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