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2017 NFL Draft (3rd Round) Re-Grade

Image Credit: (Cary Edmondson/USA Today Sports)

The 2022 NFL Draft is 22 days away. As a hype-up for the NFL Draft, I will continue my journey regarding NFL Drafts over the past few years. In the last article, I graded the 2nd Round of the 2017 NFL Draft. With this article, I focus on the 3rd round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Of course, a reminder if I label a grade a HACKENBERG it is obviously an F Grade. So let's get this started by looking at the 65th Overall Pick which was held by the Cleveland Browns.

65. Cleveland Browns - DT Larry Ogunjobi Grade B+

Ogunjobi is a really good defensive tackle. He has good run-stopping abilities and is also a solid pass rusher. He was an underrated part of Cleveland’s defense, but it is a shame he will be more known for his role in the whole Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph fiasco, pushing Rudolph to the floor after Garrett tried to wack Mason with a helmet. Ogunjobi was also solid in Cincinnati as well. He may be a free agent now but when he passes his physical, he should be signed to another team.

66. San Francisco 49ers - CB Ahkello Witherspoon Grade C+

Witherspoon is a sneaky underrated cornerback. He is really solid in coverage, has great hands, and has strong awareness. He has a lot of positives with his game and there is a reason why the Pittsburgh Steelers acquired him via trade and gave him an extension. The problem is that Witherspoon is inconsistent, a mediocre tackler, and is not the most durable player. But overall this was a solid pick.

67. New Orleans Saints - RB Alvin Kamara Grade A+

A slam dunk pick by the New Orlean Saints here. Alvin Kamara has been fantastic and one of the best running backs in the NFL today. I'm more amazed that Kamara has not gotten 1,000 rushing yards once in his career but he makes it up with his impact as a pass-catching running back. Kamara has been the best player on the Saints offense since QB Drew Brees announced his retirement.

68. Jacksonville Jaguars - DE/EDGE Dawuane Smoot Grade B

Smoot is a very underrated player on the Jacksonville Jaguars defense. Even though he is a rotational DE/EDGE Rusher did you know that for the past 3 years Smoot has had 6 sacks per season? That is impressive but it would be more impressive if Smoot was an every-down player which so far he has not. If he was this grade would have been higher but the Jaguars made a solid selection with Smoot.

69. Los Angeles Rams - WR Cooper Kupp Grade A+

Is there really a debate with this grade here? Cooper Kupp is one of the main pieces to the Rams Super Bowl 56 squad. Kupp has been the most valuable player on offense for the Rams no question. If the Rams had Kupp in Super Bowl 53 then they would have won that Super Bowl. Even though they really should not have been in that game after that disgraceful 2018 NFC Championship game where the refs screwed the Saints. Kupp is so great that he should be the 1st receiver taken in Fantasy Football this season.

70. Minnesota Vikings - OG Pat Efelin Grade: C

Pat Efelin has been a decent offensive lineman. He was not the best with the Vikings as they utilized him as a rotational offensive lineman using him at Center, guard, and even at tackle on some points. Efelin was not impressive and eventually got released. Efelin looked a lot better when he played with the New York Jets and did a solid job replacing guard Alex Lewis. Efelin was the luckiest guy as that season made the Panthers decide to overpay for Efelin and he was not that great with the team last season.

71. Los Angeles Chargers - OG Dan Feeney Grade D+

I was super surprised seeing Dan Feeney drop to the 3rd round of the Draft. But seeing how inconsistent he has played throughout his career I can understand why he dropped. But I would not call him a completely terrible offensive lineman but more like below average. He signed a second deal with the New York Jets and is still on the team today.

72. Tennessee Titans - WR Taywan Taylor Grade D

Taywan Taylor was mainly a depth piece throughout his career in football. He was not impressive at all but he was a solid special teams player. The Titans did trade him for a 7th Round Pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. If you want to know, that pick turned into QB Cole McDonald (Currently plays for the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts). Taylor did not impress in Cleveland and spent a brief tenure with the Houston Texans. He currently plays for the New Orleans Breakers of the USFL and I will be excited to see how he performs for the USFL.

73. Cincinnati Bengals - DE/EDGE Jordan Willis Grade C-

Jordan Willis is not terrible but he has mainly been a rotational player. He was not that good in Cincinnati and just was not a fit so they eventually released him. But his athleticism gave him another chance as the New York Jets signed him to a contract but was not impressive. Willis was then traded to the San Francisco 49ers for a draft pick upgrade. Willis while not being an every-down back got more of an opportunity to make an impact as he has had 5.5 sacks in the two years he has been there. He is getting better but I need to see more from him to get a higher grade so he will be sticking with a C- for now.

74. Baltimore Ravens - DE/EDGE Chris Wormley Grade C+

Wormley was a pretty solid player for the Ravens to take at the time and he could have been a solid depth piece for the team. But he just did not fit into their defensive system. This is a shame because he showed some flashes that he could be an excellent pass rusher. But the Ravens decided to trade him to the Pittsburgh Steelers and he needed the change of scenery because he is more of a fit in the Steelers defense. Heck he even had 7 sacks this last season and was an underrated part of their defense

75. Atlanta Falcons - LB Duke Riley Grade C-

Duke Riley is a below-average linebacker in the NFL. He is not completely horrible as he has flashed as a solid tackler and is decent in special teams but he struggles a lot when covering offensive players. He spent time with the Philadelphia Eagles after they acquired him in the Jonathan Cyprin deal. Riley did not impress during his time with the Eagles. He is currently fighting for a roster spot with the Miami Dolphins.

76. New Orleans Saints - LB Alex Anzalone Grade C

Anzalone was pretty decent throughout his career. His best season for the saints was in 2018 when he had 41 tackles, 2 sacks, and an interception. Anzalone just was not the most consistent and due to the Saints being in salary cap hell he tested free agency. He signed with the Lions and was okay but again was very inconsistent throughout the season. It also does not help that he has constant shoulder injuries as well.

77. Carolina Panthers - DE/EDGE Daeshon Hall Grade HACKENBERG

Yikes, not a good selection for Carolina here. Hall is a terrible tackler and I can’t remember if he even had a single tackle with Carolina. Ever since he has been a journeyman player who is still fighting for an active roster spot. He spent time with the San Francisco 49ers, Houston Texans, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Jets. He is currently on the Miami Dolphins roster and he is going to need to stay healthy and play consistently to have a shot of making the roster.

78. Baltimore Ravens - LB Tim Williams Grade: HACKENBERG

At the time I was not a big fan of this pick. Especially as Baltimore had plenty of talent at Linebacker and had other needs that the Ravens needed to improve on. Williams did have a 1st round grade on him at one point but was plagued with off-the-field issues and admitted to failing drug tests. Williams I guess was seen as too talented to pass up for the Ravens. However, watching him play, Williams was abysmal. It also did not help that he could not stay healthy as well. At least he had 2 sacks but besides that, he really did not do much for Baltimore. I guess that is good but besides that, he has not done much and is out of the league after a brief tenure with Green Bay and Seattle. He was last seen on the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2021.

79. New York Jets - WR Ardarius Stewart Grade: HACKENBERG

I mean I legit could just copy and paste what I said in my article grading the 2017 draft class with the New York Jets. But I will just simplify it. He was abysmal in every way on offense, mediocre on special teams, only spent 1 season on an active NFL roster, and was suspended for PEDs. A complete disaster of a pick made by the Jets. Stewarts spent a brief time with the Oakland Raiders and Washington Redskins. He currently plays in the CFL with the BC Lions

80. Indianapolis Colts - DE/EDGE Tarell Basham Grade: C Basham is a pretty solid rotational backup player. He has shown flashes he could be a starter in the league but he is more of a fit as a rotational player. He is a solid pass rusher and a decent run stopper. Basham will likely be a journeyman player as he spent time with the Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets, and Dallas Cowboys

81. Washington Redskins - CB Fabian Moreau Grade: B-

I was very high on Fabian Moreau entering this draft class. People were sleeping on him as they were worried about the injury risk. But I saw that when healthy he could be athletic and is solid in any type of coverage. Now has he fulfilled all of my expectations as an excellent player, No he has not but I can’t deny how solid he was with the Washington Redskins/Football Team, especially in 2019. Now Moreau did sign with Atlanta and was not great but he had some excellent pass deflections during his tenure in Atlanta. But he is not an every-down cornerback which hurts his grade. To be honest I am shocked he has not been signed yet.

82. Denver Broncos - WR Carlos Henderson Grade: HACKENBERG

Yikes, not a great move taking Carlos Henderson. He did not even record a single catch throughout his career in the NFL. He spent time with the Washington Redskins but was not there long. He is currently a part of the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders. What makes this pick worse is Chris Godwin went Two picks later and Kenny Golladay went later in the third round as well.

83. New England Patriots - DE/EDGE Derek Rivers Grade D

This pick always puzzled me when it was announced. Especially as they just acquired Kony Ealy via trade. Then again it's Bill Belichick and despite his dark side of coaching, you can’t deny how brilliant he is in the game of football. But this is a pick that he would like you to forget as Rivers did not work out whatsoever. It's not because of injuries because Rivers did have many injuries throughout his career. Although he did have 3.5 sacks throughout his career he just has failed to live up to expectations as he has been a liability as a run stopper and is an inconsistent tackler.

84. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - WR Chris Godwin Grade A+

There is no debate here on what grade I am giving Chris Godwin. He has been a big piece to the Buccaneers offense. He has been better and better every year that passes. Now he has had durability concerns but it doesn’t matter as he is a steal for a 3rd round selection.

85. New England Patriots - OT Antonio Garcia Grade D-

This one was not New England or Garcia's fault, as Garcia suffered blood clots in his lungs and never performed the same way he did in college. Garcia spent a brief time with the New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts, and Miami Dolphins. Garcia is currently playing in the CFL with the Edmonton Elks.

86. Kansas City Chiefs - RB Kareem Hunt Grade Grade: A-

This one I was going back and forth on as Kareem Hunt is an extremely talented running back right now. Imagine if he was a starting running back right now as he could have a statistically better career. There is no question that this was a great pick by the Chiefs here, but because of the whole video that came out where Kareem Hunt was kicking a woman in a hotel he was cut by the team and is now a part of the Cleveland Browns. But man I can’t deny the talent Hunt has but I can’t grade him an A+ due to the off-the-field issues, and that he is a backup RB.

87. New York Giants - QB Davis Webb Grade D-

Webb is not a good quarterback and I was tempted to label him as a HACKENBURG grade but he has kept getting multiple opportunities from other teams who see something in him. In my opinion, I was not impressed during his time in the preseason. But I decided to label him a D- as I feel teams still think there is potential in him. Heck, the Giants decided to bring him in for another shot. But Webb was overdrafted and should of went a few rounds later

88. Oakland Raiders - DT ​​Eddie Vanderdoes Grade HACKENBURG

Vamderdoes was not a great selection at all for the Raiders. He was a one-game wonder as when you look at his film against the Titans (as a raider) you see the brilliance and a ton of potential. But looking at the bigger picture my goodness he was a nightmare. He was an Inconsistent tackler, mediocre run stopper, and terrible pass rusher. It also hurts that he could not stay healthy as he kept suffering injury after injury. He spent time with the Houston Texans but did not do much as he opted out of the 2020 season due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. He was brought in by San Francisco in 2021 but was let go a few days later. He is currently a free agent as of now.

89. Houston Texans - RB D’Onta Foreman, Grade D

Foreman has a lot of potential with the Texans and even showed a few flashes during his rookie season. However, he had a poor work ethic and was always late to team meetings resulting in him being released by the team. He signed with the Indianapolis Colts but suffered a Torn Bicep which resulted in him sitting out the 2019 season. He signed with the Titans and Falcons but did not go anywhere. But in Foreman's second tenure with the Titans he once again showed the flashes he showed during his time with the Texans. He currently is signed with the Carolina Panthers and if he keeps this up he should make a roster spot.

90. Seattle Seahawks - CB Shaquill Griffin, Grade A+

No question in this grade here Griffin has been a great contributor for the Seahawks defense. He would probably still be in Seattle Right now if they were not struggling cap-wise. Honestly, for the best as Seattle, the next season would miss the playoffs and blow up the entire team. He signed a deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was not great with Jacksonville but then again the head coach was Urban Meyer who is one of the worst head coaches in NFL History. I think he will rebound next season with Doug Peterson as the head coach as it is certainly an upgrade over Urban Meyer.

91. Los Angeles Rams - S John Johnson, Grade B+

Johnson has been a great player entering the league. He does a fantastic job in coverage, utilizing his hands, and is very athletic. One thing is for sure, John Johnson is a tackling machine as is extremely physical and does a great job wrapping his arms to make the tackle. He currently plays for the Cleveland Browns but has still been solid with the Browns despite a hint of regression.

92. Dallas Cowboys - CB Jourdan Lewis, Grade B+

Lewis has been an under-the-radar player for the Dallas Cowboys Defense. He has done a great job in coverage and he is extremely athletic. Now he did have off-the-field issues, and durability issues, and was not an every-down starter until 2020. But Lewis is a solid player to have on their team and Dallas made a great choice picking him.

93. Green Bay Packers - DT Montravius Adams, Grade D

Adams has not impressed at all since he has been drafted by the Packers. He has mainly been a depth piece on the defensive line mainly used in a rotational role. But Adams lasted 3 years in Green Bay and then spent a brief time with both the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints. He is currently on the Pittsburgh Steelers fighting for a roster spot.

94. Pittsburgh Steelers - CB Cameron Sutton, Grade B

Cameron Sutton has been solid for the Pittsburgh Steelers. For the first few seasons, the Steelers did not know how to utilize Sutton. Luckily the Steelers figured it out and he started performing well in a rotational role. This season he came out and showcased he could be an every-down starter. Sutton has been solid with his hands, coverage, foot quickness, and awareness. He signed a two-year extension with the team which is a plus. If he performed this well at the beginning of his career then I would have graded him a B+.

95. Seattle Seahawks - S Lano Hill Grade D

Not a great selection by Seattle here. Hill was terrible in coverage, could not stay healthy, and could not control his emotions on the field. Hill was solid on special teams and is a decent tackler but Lano Hill did not impress. He currently is a free agent and I wonder if a team will give him another chance in the league.

96. Detroit Lions - WR Kenny Golladay Grade A-

I debated this grade a lot. Kenny Golladay deserves a high grade as he has had two 1,000 yard seasons. In the 2019 season, Golladay had 11 touchdowns which were impressive. Ever since that season hit, Golladay has just not performed that well. He suffered a nagging hip/hamstring injury. He signed a massive contract with the Giants and so far he has not worked out. Hopefully, they can rebound but there is no question the Lions made a great selection with Golladay.

97. Miami Dolphins - CB Cordrea Tankersley Grade C-

Tankersley is a mediocre player. He had moments of brilliance as a rookie but was never fully translated in the seasons to follow. A big issue with Tankersley is of course he could not stay healthy, it started the moment he suffered his Torn ACL and he just never showed the same flashes that he did as a rookie and it led to the team cutting ties. He spent time with the Vikings but did not do much. Now he is out of the league and I don’t see an NFL team bringing him in for another contract.

98. Arizona Cardinals - WR Chad Williams Grade D-

Williams was abysmal through his time in the NFL. He lacked awareness, had horrendous route running, and failed to create separation. At least he had solid foot quickness and was alright on special teams. He spent time with the Indianapolis Colts and Kansas City Chiefs but was mainly a practice squad player. He currently plays with the USFL New Orleans Breakers.

99. Philadelphia Eagles - CB Rasul Douglas Grade B

Rasul Douglas has been a solid cornerback in the NFL. He showed a lot of talent during his first two seasons in the NFL and was a part of the Eagles defense that won Super Bowl 52. He was solid in coverage and had a great utilization of his hands. He did regress during the 2020 season on final cut day. He was immediately picked up by Carolina and was up and down. He spent time on the Arizona Cardinals, Las Vegas Raiders, and Houston Texans. Then came his time with the Green Bay Packers who picked him up and he has had a career resurgence. I am very excited to see if he keeps this up next season.

100. Tennessee Titans - TE Jonnu Smith Grade C+

This one is a tough one to grade as Jonnu Smith still has a ton of potential. He just has not been able to stay healthy. He has played a lot of games hurt and it has affected the way he plays. I got to say it shows how tough Jonnu Smith is and that impresses me a lot. But excluding the 2020 season where he had 8 Touchdowns and 448 receiving yards. He has not statistically impressed. But he is a solid blocking tight end which is a plus. He spent 4 seasons with the Titans and is signed with the New England Patriots. He has not been a great fit in New England’s offense and he needs a strong season unless he could be a cap casualty..

101. Denver Broncos - CB Brendan Langley Grade HACKENBURG

Not a good pick by the Broncos as Langley has mainly played on special teams throughout his time with the Denver Broncos. He was so bad at corner that he decided to switch positions and play wide receiver. He spent a brief time with the XFL’s Houston Roughnecks but did not last due to the Covid-19 Pandemic shutting the league down. He had a brief time in Seattle but did not impress. Langley now plays for the CFL Calgary Stampeders.

102. Seattle Seahawks - DT Nazair Jones Grade D

Nazair Jones was mainly a depth piece with the Seattle Seahawks. He showed a few flashes he could be a solid pass rusher and has decent hands. Heck, he had an interception against Aaron Rodgers one week. You can’t take that away from him. Jones has not been able to stay healthy. Once Seattle released him he spent time with the Buffalo Bills but did not last long. Nazair Jones has since retired from the NFL.

103. New Orleans Saints - DE/EDGE Trey Hendrickson Grade A

Hendrickson has earned this grade as for the past few seasons has been a productive pass rusher. He still would be a Saint if it was not for the team being in cap hell for many years. I thought his breakout season would be a one-year wonder and that he would disappoint but boy was I wrong. He deserves this A grade and I am excited to see how well he plays in Cincinnati for years to come.

104. San Francisco 49ers - QB CJ Beathard Grade D

Beathard was terrible as a starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. But I would not grade him as a HACKENBERG grade as he has been a solid backup QB for the 49ers. He is currently signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars backing up Trevor Lawrence.

105. Pittsburgh Steelers - RB James Conner Grade B

This turned out to be a very useful pick for the Steelers. Especially when the whole Le’Veon Bell saga happened he was a great replacement for his services. Now he did regress the following years but Connor was very solid for the Steelers. James Connor took the old cliched Steelers next tenure signing with the Arizona Cardinals. He impressed during his time there and received a 3-year extension with the team.

106. Seattle Seahawks - WR Amara Darboh Grade: HACKENBERG

Darboh was a disaster throughout his tenure with the NFL. He only had a total of 8 catches for 71 yards and did not impress at all on special teams. Darboh spent time with New England, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Carolina, and Denver. He is currently a Free Agent in the NFL and I doubt a team gives him another chance.

107. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - LB Kendell Beckwith Grade: C-

Beckwith had a ton of potential and was very impressive during his rookie season with the Buccaneers. I thought he was going to continue to have another strong season. Unfortunately, it is a shame that Kendell Beckwith got in that car accident and suffered a fractured ankle which required surgery. He has never played snap since the wreck and was released in 2019.



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