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2020 East-West Shrine Bowl: Seven Shots Preview

Written By: Roy Countryman @PreacherBoyRoy

We have finally gotten scouting season kicked off NFL fans, with the playoffs down to the final four teams there are 28 others that are looking at who can help them get to the final four next year. I am gonna give you seven prospects on offense and defense for each of the squads to key in on for your selective teams.



QB: Tommy Stevens: Mississippi State

Stevens is a former lauded recruit that spent time with Penn State prior to his time with the Bulldogs. He is an athletic specimen standing at 6’5” and has very good arm talent to be developed as a long term starting caliber QB, but what really will intrigue teams about him is that he has the speed, strength, and playmaking ability to be unleashed in a similar manner as Taysom Hill, which would allow him the time continually refine his game while still contributing on game days. He has experience being deployed in this manner during his time at Penn State

RB: Benny LeMay: Charlotte

Sturdy built RB, who really excels running in between the tackles. He has quick feet and has good cutting ability to be able to gain what is blocked for him. He finishes his runs with attitude and doesn’t shy away from contact. Runs with great balance, vision, and forward lean. His bowling bowl style build makes it hard to bring him down with initial contact.

WR: Isaiah Wright: Temple

One of my favorite sleepers in this draft class from the WR position as well as a Return Specialist. He checks all the boxes you want in a playmaking pass catcher at the next level: height (6’2”), length/catch radius, good bulk (220lbs), understanding of how to run the entire route tree, field vision, elusiveness, and ability to get in and out of his routes without having to gear down. He is a big play waiting to happen and will be an explosive playmaker at the next level.

WR: Diondre Overton: Clemson

The forgotten WR at Clemson behind Justyn Ross and Tee Higgins, but he has some tools that will have NFL teams salivating. He has a background of a basketball player and knows how to play above the rim in red-zone situations. He has good deep speed that in addition to his height and catch radius make him a mismatch nightmare for smaller bodied DBs. He has god hands, but, will need to refine his route running ability as well as add some more bulk for the next level to be able to combat stronger DBs.

TE: Mitchell Wilcox: USF

Wilcox Is one of the best TEs in this year’s draft class. His skillset and the way it was utilized at USF reminds you of the way the Philadelphia Eagles use Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert. He has very good speed to stretch the field vertically. His hands are terrific as well as his ability to adjust and control his body to off-target throws. He can be deployed all over the field as a blocker and is a willing contributor in that aspect of his game. His route running is savvy and he knows how to use small subtleties to get open as well as being able to identify coverage schemes to adjust his routes to.

OT: Jack Driscoll: Auburn

Grad Transfer from UMass who found himself as one of the best OL in the SEC last year at RT for the Tigers. He uses good technique, intelligence, and mirroring ability to be able to match with some of the best pass rushers in that vaunted conference. In the running game, he runs his feet on contact and can open up wide rushing lanes. Plays with a mean streak and will seek to bury opponents if the opportunity arises.

IOL: Luke Juriga: Western Michigan

A fun OL to watch due to his ability to flow and fit at the 2nd level of defenses. He is quick and agile in space and plays with even keel playing demeanor that allows him to play at a consistent level no matter if he gets beaten on one play. Extremely smart and recognizes blitz concepts, a leader out on the field. He seeks to finish his blocks with attitude. He has bloodlines to the NFL in that his dad was an NFL OL who started a Super Bowl.


Edge: Kendall Coleman: Syracuse

Wow! What a set of bookend pass rushers Syracuse had last season, his teammate Alton Robinson gets a lot of the press, but don’t sleep on Coleman. He is a tightly wound pass rusher who has a high revving motor, heavy hands, and a litany of pass-rushing moves to get into the backfield. He understands how to get skinny through gaps, and his bend is impressive as well. Will not stick to just one way of attacking the QB, he will adjust to how OTs try to combat him. He has experience rushing as a DE as well as standing up as a 3-4 OLB. As a run defender, he brings his lunch pail and can set a hard edge out wide to funnel the play back towards the pursuit.

IDL: McTelvin Agim: Arkansas

Outstanding first step quickness allows this big man to make a ton of plays in the backfield. His motor is red hot at all times and he is the rare DL who knows how to slip off blocks quickly. Hands never stop working and can shed blockers with ease. Is a finisher, and will lay some big hits if given the opportunity. His explosiveness and upfield penetration though at times leave him screaming right past the play.

LB: Shaquille Quarterman: Miami (Fl.)

Alpha male on the field, and the emotional leader of the Miami defense for his entire career. He has good athleticism to be a run-stuffing force at the next level. He is at his best pinning his ears back and filling downhill fast. He trusts his eyes and can click and close in short order. He at times takes himself out of pursuit with poor pursuit angles.

CB: Lavert Hill: Michigan

Man cover corner who doesn’t back down from any opponent. He doesn’t have elite size, but has a scrappy playing style and will fight for all 60 minutes. He has clean footwork, and good fluidity to be able to mirror and match one on one. He is somewhat slight and can struggle against bigger-bodied WRs whose game is predicated on strength.

CB: Syheim Carter: Alabama

A swiss-army knife DB, who aligned anywhere from outside CB, Nickel, or S. He is a super aggressive corner who loves to fly downhill in pursuit. Sticks with his assignments by getting physical with them early and often in the route. He doesn’t back down from matchups where he knows he is at a disadvantage and has the instincts to be around the ball a lot.

S: Damar Hamlin: Pittsburgh

Terrific single-high FS prospect. He has great range and ball skills to be a playmaker on the backend for any team interested. He trusts his eyes and reacts in an instant. Is a sure tackler and really excels at bringing down ball carriers in the open field. Field general on the backend and will get his teammates lined up in a position of strength.

S: Myles Dorn: North Carolina

Safety prospect with great size, strength, and athleticism to be able to be a good combo safety at the next level. He has the length to match up with TEs, the instincts to play the single-high safety, and very good tackling ability and pursuit skills to play down in the box. His games remind me a lot of Tre Boston who is constantly undervalued.

Special Teams

K: Cooper Rothe: Wyoming

Outstanding consistency with this kicker, anything from within 50 yards is almost automatic with his accuracy. He has good leg strength but anything over 51yds+ he will struggle, also may not be the best option as the kickoff specialist.

P: Tommy Townsend: Florida

Pedigreed punter whose family has a decorated history of punting. He has very good leg strength to flip the field position and is adept at varying his punts with hangtime or more directional. Is not afraid to run down in punt coverage pursuit.

RS: Joe Reed: Virginia

Is an absolute fear factor as a return man due to his field vision, speed, and elusiveness in the open field. He isn’t just a return specialist though and has had a lot of success as a pass-catcher at Virginia. He is a receiver you get the ball to early in the route and then allow him to be a menace in the open field for defenders to try and corral.



QB: Mason Fine: North Texas

One of the most decorated QBs in Conference USA history. He has good arm strength, but the ball doesn’t always zip out with elite velocity. He throws with great ball placement and anticipation. He threw a lot of passes on single reads but has shown the ability to process and roll through progressions. He has terrific footwork that helps him have such good accuracy. He is diminutive in size standing only at 5’11” in height.

RB: James Robinson: Illinois State

When you watch Robinson run the ball from the small FCS school it reminds you of a few seasons ago when David Johnson came out of Northern Iowa. They are both big-bodied RBs who runs with power and strength, but also have the nimbleness of a much smaller back. He has soft hands and was a consistent target in the passing game. He also has experience as a return man and with his build, he is a load to bring down.

WR: Juwan Johnson: Oregon

The Penn State transfer is a big-bodied target who uses his size and strength to his advantage by boxing out DBs and shielding them away to give his QB an open target. He can absorb contact and run through arm tackles. He has adequate speed but it is his strength throughout the route and at the catch point that allows him to make big plays.

WR: Binjimen Victor: Ohio State

Victor is a HUGE target with long gangly arms and a catch radius that seems like the equator. He had to bide his time behind a lot of talented pass catchers but was able to find a niche to where he was a red-zone weapon. He has good speed and strength to strike fear into smaller DBs trying to bring him down. He really excels at high-pointing passes over DBs.

TE: Dominick Wood-Anderson: Tennessee

A little-used receiving target that was a prized JUCO transfer he has a lot of traits to like. He has good speed to be a threat down the seam. He is sure-handed and possesses a thick and bulky build to be able to rumble after the catch. Where he was used primarily at Tennessee was in the blocking department and showed fine technique and strength in-line in the running game as well as chipping in on pass protection.

OT: Calvin Throckmorton: Oregon

A seasoned veteran from Oregon who played all along the OL. He has good length, punch, and foot quickness to be able to be a steady contributor as an RT or even as an IOL. Very intelligent and can sort and sift through stunts and twists without a whole lot of confusion.

IOL: Kevin Dotson: Lousiana

A tall and long IOL, who can simply unroot and move DL off their places. He has tremendous strength and power to open up huge rushing lanes. He also is very intelligent who uses good technique and leverage to bully pass rushers who try and battle him inside.


Edge: Bryce Huff: Memphis

Huff has an impressive first step off the ball that gets enhanced due to his ability to convert speed to power. He has a well-defined body type that has the strength to rock OTs backward, and he also has the necessary bend to not let them key in on one move.

IDL: John Penisini: Utah

An absolute rock in the middle of the defense, his primary job while at Utah was to clog up running lanes and two-gap to allow the faster playmaking LBs make plays behind him. Big and bulky build, and has shown he can push the pocket with his power if he is left in on passing downs.

LB: Kyahva Tezino: San Diego State

The heart and soul of the Aztecs defense over the course of his playing career. He holds his teammates to a high standard, the same he plays at. He is a force in run defense and is a heat-seeking missile in pursuit. He is a sure tackler who can range to the far hash to get to the ball carrier. Is able to stack and shed, and has the power to separate the ball from the rusher.

CB: Luq Barcoo: San Diego State

Barcoo is a converted WR and you can see it with the way he plays the ball in the air. He came down with an astounding 9 INTs in 2019. He has all the traits you look for in a long, press corner with his great length and athleticism he would be a terrific late-round pick for a team with established starters he can continually learn from.

CB: DeMarkus Acy: Missouri

A tall and uber-athletic cover corner who plays the position with a terrific natural feel for how the WR is going to attack him. He has good fluidity, and speed to carry his assignment downfield without much separation, and ball skills to be able to change momentum. He is not afraid to stick his nose in on run defense as well.

DB: Jace Whittaker: Arizona

Scrappy and savvy cover corner, who also has taken some reps at safety. He is super aggressive and has great short-area quickness so he could see an immediate role as a nickel corner in his first season. He has the instincts to create turnovers and will fly down in run pursuit.

S: Patrick Nelson: SMU

The prototype for a multi-dimensional defender. He aligned up as a safety, nickel, OLB, ILB, and flashed from just about everyone one of them. He has good speed and strength to be able to contribute on rushing downs if the team wants to stay in nickel, and he has the awareness in coverage to be able to be a playmaker as well.

Special Teams

K: Dominik Eberle: Utah State

A former standout soccer player who has a big leg and is consistently accurate. He has made a multitude of 50yd+ FGs and has the leg to handle kickoff duties.

P: Alex Pechin: Bucknell

He has a big leg who can consistently boot the ball 50yds+ with good hangtime, he also excels at pinning opponents inside the 20.

RS: John Hightower: Boise State

A multi-faceted playmaker. He is dynamic as a return man with speed to burn in the open field and the field vision to set up his blockers ahead of him. As a WR he is a big play waiting to happen especially on deep patterns because he has the speed to put DBs back on their heels. He is not only a one-trick pony though as he seems to glide in and out of his breaks at full speed and creates a ton of separation. In the open field, he can make cuts that break ankles and make highlights.

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