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2020 Senior Bowl North Player Profiles

Written by The Blitz Team Scouting Staff


RC: Roy Countryman

JB: Jack Bourgeois

CM: Cody Manning

AA: Alexander Amir

RL: Ryan Lippert

CH: Chad Hahn

PV: Peter Vandeventer

AJ: Ali Jawad

AP: Anthony Pupo

Anthony Gordon: QB, Washington State

+Quick ¾ delivery


+Ability to extend plays



-Consistency in Accuracy

-Going through progressions

-Ill-advised throws in tight windows

Summary: Competitive player with upside as he can make all the throws and can develop into a good NFL QB with time and coaching

Projected Round: 3-5

Player Comparison: Luke Falk *CH*

Shea Patterson: QB, Michigan



+Play action movement

+Off script plays


-Arm Strength

-Ball Protection

-Decision making

-Reading defensive schemes

Summary: Physical limitations with small upside. Lacks NFL arm strength. His NFL ceiling is as a backup.

Projected Round: 5-7

Player Comparison: Rex Grossman *CH*

Jordan Love: QB, Utah

+Arm Strength


+Throwing on the run

+Sideline throws

+Back shoulder throws

+Tight Throws

-Holds the ball too long

-Forces too many throws


-Happy Feet

-Needs to relax in the pocket more

-Needs to be more decisive

Summary: Love has all the traits that can help take an offensive unit to the next level if he can find more consistency. He can make all the throws and isn’t afraid to give his man a shot to catch the ball. If a coach can hone in his skills, he could be a deadly quarterback at the next level.

Projected Round: Late 1st-2nd round

Player Comparison: Patrick Mahomes *CM*

Darius Anderson: RB, TCU



+Pass catcher

+Big play ability



-Ball Security


Summary: projects as a change of pace/3rd down back in the NFL. Big play ability if used in space.

Projected Round: 4-6

Player Comparison: Giovanni Bernard *CH*

JaMycal Hasty: RB, Baylor

+Elusive/Quick first step


+Pass catcher

+Big play ability

+Aggressive outside runner

-Once contacted goes down easily

-Physical limitations limit him to be a 3rd down back

-Pass Protection

Summary: RB who will be mainly utilized on 3rd down or on special teams as a kickoff returner.

Projected Round: 5-7

Player Comparison: Jalen Richard *CH*

Joshua Kelley: RB, UCLA


+Change of direction

+Lowers shoulder at point of contact


+Ball security

+Production 15 plus carries every game

-Wasn’t heavily utilized as a receiver just 11 passes caught in 2019

-Pass protection


Summary: RB that simply knows where he is going on the field and will fight for yardage after contact. Didn’t make much of an impact in the passing game.

Projected Round: 4-6

Player Comparison: CJ Anderson *AJ*

Michael Pittman Jr.: WR, USC

+Great Size/NFL Prototype


+Tough willing blocker

+Strong hands


-Get off is slow



-Route running

Summary: Possession receiver with the ability to develop into a #2 WR but needs to work on the nuances at his position. He needs more development to realize his upside.

Projected Round 3-5

Player Comparison: Mike Williams *CH*

Chase Claypool: WR, Notre Dame

+Big/ Physical WR

+Ball skills

+Catch radius


+Hands catcher

-Release at LOS


-Top-end speed

Summary: Physical WR with some upside. Wasn’t utilized as much because of his college system. Excels at 50/50 balls.

Projected Round 5-7

Player Comparison: Mike Williams *CH*

Antonio Gandy-Golden: WR, Liberty

+Catch radius

+Ball Skills

+Willing blocker

+Boxing out (Must play BBall)

+50/50 balls



-Goes down easy for his size

-Route Running

Summary: WR that has the size and ball skills but struggles against press coverage. Route running is not good. Strong but doesn’t drive legs well when blocking.

Projected Round 5-7

Player Comparison: Cody Latimer *CH*

Denzel Mims: WR, Baylor

+Catch radius is outstanding

+Body control/ Balance

+Ball Skills/ High points ball

+Speed/ Acceleration

+Excellent size

-Route Running


Summary: With proper coaching/system can become a #1 or #2 WR in the NFL.

Projected Round 2-3

Player Comparison: Devante Parker *CH*

K.J. Hill: WR, Ohio State

+Yardage After Catch




+Knows how to get into open space

+Adjusted to 4 different QBs at OSU


-Limited Route Tree at OSU

-Benefits from underneath routes

-Relies mostly on speed for seperation

-Could improve vs press coverage

Summary: Fast, quick, and elusive WR who can turn a 5 yard pass into a 50 yard pass. Versatility is a key factor can play out wide, slot, and serves as a punt returner.

Projected Round: 3rd-5th

Player Comparison: Golden Tate *AJ*

Quartney Davis: WR, Texas A&M

+Lateral quickness

+Field awareness


+Open field agility

+Great balance

-Needs improved route running

-Can struggle on the boundary

-Lets ball come into the body for catch

-Not a willing blocker

-No major production

Summary: Davis has a chance to be a playmaker out of the slot at the next level due to his elusiveness and overall athleticism. He can be used on gadget plays and has great awareness of where he is on the field. He can be a solid 3rd wide receiver for an offensive unit.

Projected Round: 4th-5th

Player Comparison: Curtis Samuel *CM*

James Proche: WR, SMU

+Great hands/ Ball Skills

+High points the ball nicely

+Good route runner

+Catch radius

+Body control

-Difficulty beating press coverage

-Not big

-Not fast

Summary: WR that can do a lot of good things but will struggle a lot in the NFL if he doesn’t improve in creating separation from the defender once he gets hands put on him.

Projected Round 2-4

Player Comparison: Jarvis Landry *CH*

Brycen Hopkins: TE, Purdue

+Very Good Speed to threaten the field vertically

+Savvy router runner

+Understands how to shield defenders away from the ball

+Soft and sure-handed pass catcher

+Will hang out to catch even when he knows he is gonna take a big hit

+Gives good effort as a blocker

-Lacks lower body bulk

-Is more of an oversized WR than pure inline TE

-Will drop a pass from time to time

-Needs to sustain blocks longer

Summary: Hopkins is one of the best pass-catching TEs in this class, but he will need to continually add quality strength and bulk to combat NFL sized defenders if he wants to contribute in-line.

Projected Round: 2-3

Player Comparison: Hunter Henry *RC*

Adam Trautman: TE, Dayton

+Rare athleticism for such a big build

+Uses strength throughout his route running to get open

+Soft Hands

+Good effort and technique when blocking in-line.

+Deployed from a number of positions across formation.

-Some stiffness in and out of his breaks

-Can get jammed by strong defenders

-Prone to occasional focus drop

-Needs to sustain blocks longer

Summary: Trautman is a small school prospect that dominated his competition. His athleticism, pass-catching prowess, and effort while run blocking though translates no matter what level you play at.

Projected Round: 3-4

Player Comparison: Mike Gesicki *RC*

Sean McKeon: TE, Michigan

+Good blocker, and knows how to get after guys

+Big body, and has the ability to win in contested catch situations

+Is quite fast for such a large man

+Hard-working player, and takes his academics seriously

-Needs to develop better footwork at the next level, in order to help himself separate from defenders

-Not much productive in Ann Arbor, which makes you question how good can he be at the next level

-Stiff, and is not very fluid

Summary: McKeon has a chance to be drafted in the later rounds, due to his size. If he goes undrafted, he should be in the mix to make a roster.

Projected Round: 6th, 7th

Player Comparison: Zach Gentry *AP*

Charlie Taumoepeau: TE, Portland State

+Good speed and elusiveness

+Versatile, Deployed as Slot WR, in-line TE, and move TE.

+Is hard to bring down after the catch

+Good bulk in his build

+Soft Hands

+Fluid mover in space

-Is underdeveloped as a blocker

-Shorter than ideal TE size

-Lacks elite length

Summary: Taumoepeau is an intriguing pass catching option due to his athleticism and fluidity. He is a strong runner after the catch and will break tackles or run away from second-level defenders.

Projected Round: 4-5

Player Comparison: Jonnu Smith *RC*

Matt Peart: OT, UConn

+4-year starter/durability




-Needs to add strength

-Hand technique

-Leverage/ Driving the block

-Competitive fire

Summary: Experienced starter in college that is reliable and is well balanced at guard or tackle. Can be looked at as a multiple position player that does well with his footwork. Developmental prospect.

Projected Round 3-5

Player Comparison: Dennis Kelly *CH*

Colton McKivitz: OT, West Virginia

+Great length


+Competitive/ Toughness


-Had a harder time at Tackle better NFL position could be Guard.

-Leverage against power rushers

-Hand Technique

Summary: Colton has a much better senior season and became the leader of their line. Tough player that needs developing. Can develop into a backup all over the line.

Projected Round 4-6

Player Comparison: Jesse Davis *CH*

Josh Jones: OT, Houston

+Length at height of 6’7”

+Moves well in space



+Experienced starter





Summary: Raw physical skills to be a starter at OT but is far away from being a consistent starter as he needs technique training with hands and leverage.

Projected Round 2-3

Player Comparison: Greg Little *CH*

Justin Herron: OT, Wake Forest


+Consistent punch


+Framing pass rushers

-Run blocking/ Point of attack

-Body control


-Narrow base

Summary: More of a pass protector than run blocker. Like the flexibility and length. Needs coaching and looks the part of an NFL backup at multiple positions which is valued.

Projected Round 5-7

Player Comparison: David Quesenberry *CH*

Charlie Heck: OT, North Carolina

+Quick “Happy” feet out of his stance

+Understand leverage concepts and knows how to use his length well

+High motor athlete

+Decent lead blocker and quick enough to pull across the line.

+Decent burst off the line

-Chopy kickslide

-Lacks lateral recovery

-Absorbs punishment more than he delivers

-Rarely asked to maintain blocks in passing game

-Struggles to maintain run blocks

-Weak punch

-Too often caught lunging with his head down

Summary: An athletic OT with a well rounded skill set and 43 career starts. At 6’8” 315 lbs, he’s got the length, strength, and quickness scouts are looking for but needs a ton of refinement. His previous system was very O-line friendly and Charlie will need to show he can maintain his blocks during five and seven step drops.

Projected Round: 6-7

Player Comparison: Jared Veldheer *JB*

Trey Adams: OT, Washington

+Big, Sturdy LT with good athleticism

+Great length

+Terrific Quick Set

+Can get movement in the running game

+Good lateral agility and can be used to pull

+Strong Punch

+Struggles with quick pass rushers

-Lunges out of his stance

-Has a notable injury history

-Can struggle to combat pass rushers with great bend

Summary: Well seasoned, and quality LT who was a reliable performer when on the field. Must continue to refine his technique against pass rushers.

Projected Round: 2-3

Player Comparison: Morgan Moses *RC*

Hakeem Adeniji: OT, Kansas

+Get-off is quick

+Heavy hands



+Stays engaged

-Hands sit low

-Undersized for tackle

Summary: Talented player. Has all the tools to become an instant starter at Tackle it Guard. Solid NFL starter

Projected Round 2-3

Player Comparison: Charles Leno Jr. *CH*

Jonah Jackson: OG, Ohio State

+NFL size

+Can play Guard and Center

+4 year starter 3 at Rutgers, 1 at OSU



-Power rushers give him problems

-Technique can get sloppy at times


Summary: Experienced lineman that is well balanced and is a consistent player with good footwork. Not very flexible and has trouble with power rushers. Projected as a backup or low end starter with some developing.

Projected Round 4-6

Player Comparison: Brandon Fusco *CH*

Ben Bredeson: OG, Michigan



+Getting out of his stance

+Plays to the whistle

-Struggles against quicker players

-Needs to play with better pad level


Summary: Breedson has a lot of experience coming into the NFL. Is one of the best Guards in this years Draft.

Projected Round: 3-6

Player Comparison: Connor McGovern *AP*

Nick Harris: C, Washington

+Great agility for an IOL

+Smooth operator in space, excels in short trap game

+Highly Intelligent and is an excellent pre-snap communicator

+Footwork is light and coordinated

+Hands are active and quick

-Shorter than ideal

-Lacks elite length

-Lacks the lower body bulk to anchor against stronger IDL

-Will lunge at targets at time

-Can struggle with IDL with an elite first step.

Summary: Harris is a highly decorated and respected IOL who started 50 games in his career, and has the added value of having experience at OG in addition to the pivot. He will be highly coveted by teams who utilize zone blocking principles.

Projected Round: 2-3

Player Comparison: Rodney Hudson *RC*

Matt Hennessy: OL, Temple

+Natural strength


+Interior blocking



-Needs to add strength



Summary: Best NFL position for Matt Hennessy is at intelligent, consistent and a good interior blocker. Needs some technique coaching and put in a proper scheme and he will battle for a backup and eventual starting center position.

Projected Round 4-6

Player Comparison: Greg Manz *CH*

Joshua Uche: Edge, Michigan

+Quick outside pass rusher


+Point of Attack

+Well balanced rush with power and finesse moves

+High motor




-Takes too wide of angles

Summary: Could be a potential steal in the draft with proper coaching. Has a nice mixture of pass rush moves. Flexibility is a plus and can play either as a 4-3 DE or 3-4 Edge rusher. Can immediately threaten others for playing time.

Projected Round: 3-4

Player Comparison: Shaq Barrett *CH*

Jason Strowbridge: Edge, North Carolina

+Quick first step/LOS

+Gap penetration

+Converts power to speed

+Powerful punch

+Occupying blocks


-Refine Rush Repertoire

-Lateral mobility


Summary: Jason is best utilized as a run defender, powerful ouch and penetrates gaps well. I don’t see the stand up rush ability but solid linemen that can stick in the NFL.

Projected Round: 3-5

Player Comparison: Allen Bailey *CH*

Alton Robinson: Edge, Syracuse

+Explosive first step



+Size/Prototype Edge rusher

+Gap discipline

-Block shedding

-Needs to develop more pass rush moves


-Play recognition

Summary: Has the physical tools to develop into a good power rusher and run stopper from the EDGE position. Needs an NFL coaching staff to develop him in multiple areas. Potential to be a starter.

Projected Round: 4-6

Player Comparison: Jason Babin *CH*

Trevon Hill: Edge, Miami (Fl.)

+Snap anticipation


+Converts speed to power well

+Active hands


-Run defender

-Gap integrity

-Play strength

-Clean up hand technique

Summary: His rushing ability will translate well in the NFL. Nice flexibility and snap anticipation. Active hands and creates good leverage. Could push for instant playing time depending on which team he’s drafted to.

Projected Round: 2-4

Player Comparison: Bruce Irvin *CH*

Bradlee Anae: Edge, Utah

+Pass rush moves


+Hand usage

+Sets the edge


-Overall athleticism


-Balance & control

Summary: Low ceiling, high floor prospect that has a pretty good repertoire of pass rush moves. Will likely find his way into the starting lineup due to his hustle and hand technique, but will not be a team’s feature pass rusher.

Projected Round: 3rd

Player Comparison: Lamarr Woodley *AA*

Kenny Willekes: Edge, Michigan State

+Extreme high motor

+Great leverage

+Lateral mobility

+Run defender


-Pass coverage

-Needs to build up rush arsenal


Summary: Kenny has a big time motor, plays with excellent leverage, can tackle and I believe he is one of the best pass rushers in this draft. Instant starter as a 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB/Edge rusher.

Projected Round: 1-2

Player Comparison: T.J.Watt *CH*

Carter Coughlin: DE, Minnesota

+Quick first step

+Lateral Mobility

+Finesse rush ability

+Position flexibility



-Power rush moves

-Hand power

-Pass rush repertoire

Summary: Carter can move all over the line of scrimmage and be effective if given space. Doesn’t possess a counter when you get ahold of him but can create havoc if he has 1-2 steps ahead of a line.

Projected Round: 4-6

Player Comparison: Andrew Van Ginkel *CH*

Larrell Murchison: DT, North Carolina State

+High energy/ effort

+Hand technique

+Gap shooter


+Finds the ball well

-Play strength


-Block shedding

-Lower body strength

Summary: High motor player that has explosiveness that finds the ball well but needs to play with better leverage and gain more power to be effective in the NFL.

Projected Round: 4-5

Player Comparison: James Looney *CH*

Neville Gallimore: DT, Oklahoma


+Quick hands and feet

+Pass rush repertoire

+Play speed

-Gap integrity

-Disengaging in blocks

-Not as dominant vs Run

Summary: A dominant interior Lineman who has the size to play at NT in any system. Gallimore has shown this year that he can be a three-down defender and provide a lot of pass rush help from the interior.

Projected Round: Last 1st - Early 2nd

Player Comparison: Grady Jarrett *PV*

Leki Fotu: DT, Utah



+First step explosiveness

+Gap integrity

+Anchor & balance

-Short area quickness



-Ability to disengage

Summary: A mountain of a man who consistently requires a double-team to keep him at bay. Overwhelming strength and power is on full display but needs to improve technique if he is to become a 3-down lineman. Easy projection as an early-down NT, with potential for 3-tech.

Projected Round: Mid-2nd

Player Comparison: Linval Joseph *AA*

Darrion Daniels: DT, Nebraska






-Football IQ




Summary: Projects as a nose tackle, needs good coaching in the NFL to make a team and stick on a roster. Has good size, strength and quickness for his size.

Projected Round: 5-7

Player Comparison: Mike Purcell *CH*

DaVon Hamilton: DT, Ohio state

+Can hold up with double teams

+Creating interior pressure





-Lateral movement


Summary: Does Not mind doing the dirty work and does a good job of holding up double-teams. Does a good job with leverage and has some upside to become a starter in time. Needs to develop.

Projected Round: 3-5

Player Comparison: Davon Godchaux *CH*

Zack Baun: OLB, Wisconsin

+Can convert speed into power

+Closes edge


+Solid pass rush set

+Can play zone coverage

-Overall athleticism

-Can take bad tackling angles

-Suspect to one juke move in space

-Can get dominated by bigger lineman

-Settles if 1st pass rush move fails

Summary: Baun has the capability to be a solid edge defender at the next level. He has the strength to close the edge and can use a variety of pass rush moves to get to the quarterback. He may not be a star, but can be a cog to a team’s defensive unit.

Projected Round: 2nd

Player Comparison: Ryan Anderson *CM*

Evan Weaver: ILB, California


+Great size

+Sure tackler

+High motor

+Block shedding

-Lateral movement

-Coverage skills

-First step quickness


Summary: Weaver has a high motor and above average instincts that will land him a job long term in the NFL between ILBer and special teams

Projected Round: 3-5

Player Comparison: Nick Kwiatkoski *CH*

Malik Harrison: LB, Ohio State

+Sure tackler

+Short-burst explosion

+Reading the offense

+Stack-and-shed ability

+Strong base

-Lacks sideline-to-sideline speed

-Not effective on the blitz

-Can take bad tackling angles

-Gets lost in open space

-Can struggle in man-to-man coverage

Summary: Harrison can be an effective run stopper at the next level. His short-burst explosion allows him to fill gaps and he uses great tackling form to bring his man down. He needs some development, but can work his way to be a 3-down starter one day.

Projected Round: 3rd round

Player Comparison: Zach Cunningham *CM*

Francis Bernard: LB, Utah

+Hyper aggressive in run support

+Very good closing quickness

+Can slip off blocks

+Versatile can play a number of positions in both the 3-4 and 4-3 looks.

+Can Stack and Shed

+Shows good speed to range laterally

-Had some off the field issues to vet

-A little leaner than ideal

-Can be consumed by blocks by OL with heavy hands

-At times takes bad pursuit angles

Summary: Hyper LB who has good athleticism and instincts to be a quality run-stuffing LB at the next level. Was a vocal presence on the Utah defense, and at the minimum should excel on special teams. Past was checkered with off the field issues, but seemed to mature at Utah and put the past behind him.

Projected Round: 5-7

Player Comparison: L.J. Fort *RC*

Logan Wilson: LB, Wyoming

+Good strength to take on blocks

+Adept at using his hands to keep himself clean of blocks

+Has experience being the MLB in a 4-3 and ILB in a 3-4

+Does a great job of communicating defense pre-snap

+Very good straight line speed and closing quickness

+Heady player in coverage, gets good drops and can feel where routes are going

+Sure Tackler

-Will take poor pursuit angles

-Shows some stiffness in hips when dropping in coverage

-Better at moving downhill than laterally

Summary: Heady player who flashes leadership skills on defense. Does a great job of staying clean of blocks and putting himself in a position to make a play on the ball carrier.

Projected Round: 4-5

Player Comparison: Joe Schobert *RC*

Troy Pride Jr.: CB, Notre Dame

+Can play man or zone coverage

+2-year starter

+Hip fluidity

+Reads WR’s eyes very well

+Quickness in short space

-Doesn’t fight through blocks

-Can get boxed out by bigger WRs

-Allows an easy inside release

-Not physical at release point

-Not a willing tackler

Summary: Pride Jr. offers a team an athletic corner that can keep up with most wide receivers, but lacks the physicality to battle with stronger and bigger players. He is more fit to be a CB4 or CB5 as he can come in on dime packages or if a team suffers an injury.

Projected Round: 7th/PFA

Player Comparison: Nate Hairston *CM*

Michael Ojemudia: CB, Iowa

+Great build for outside CB, tall with very good length

+Comfortable in both man and zone schemes

+Willing run supporter

+Good hip swivel

+Patient in coverage, is not over anxious

+Is willing to get physical with his opponent

-Can lose track of where the ball is coming from

-Doesn’t have the quickest feet

-Decent ball skills

Summary: Ascending cover corner who has all the ingredients that press schemes look for. Will need to keep his physicality in check with his combative ways with his assignments because it could lead to penalties.

Projected Round: 4-5

Player Comparison: Charvarius Ward *RC*

Lamar Jackson: CB, Nebraska

+Arm length

+Ball skills

+Plays physical

+Willing tackler

+Great at jamming the receiver

-Struggles with inside routes

-Overall speed

-Lack of explosiveness

-Reading plays as they develop

-Speedsters are a problem for him

Summary: Jackson fits teams that want big and long corners that can battle with the bigger receivers. He has his limitations as an athlete and can struggle with more athletic players. He can be an effective player in the right defensive system.

Projected Round: 5th-6th

Player Comparison: Tre Flowers *CM*

Essang Bassey: CB, Wake Forest

+Excellent ball skills

+Quick burst

+Can flip his hips with ease

+Solid tackling form

+3-year tackler

-Struggles with bigger receivers

-Needs more effort to fight blocks

-He can be inconsistent with his play

-Not much of a jammer

-Needs more INT production

Summary: Bassey is an experienced corner that has the athleticism to lock on receivers and has a knack for getting his hands on the ball. He isn’t the most physical player, could struggle with bigger receivers at the next level, but could thrive in the slot. If he continues to develop then he could be a CB3 or CB4 on a roster.

Projected Round: 4th-5th

Player Comparison: Jamal Agnew *CM*

Terrell Burgess: DB, Utah

+Route recognition

+Great communication

+High-motor guy

+Good pursuit angles


-1-year starter

-Not as comfortable away from the box

-Occasional arm tackles kill him

-Struggles with speedy receivers

-Suspect to fall for fakes/play action

Summary: Burgess is a solid strong safety when he is playing in the box or lining up against his man in the slot. He understands his role in the defense and is a great communicator to make sure everyone is in the right spot. He can make an immediate impact on special teams and if he can improve his overall game by year 3 then he could work his way into the starting unit.

Projected Round: 4th-5th

Player Comparison: Siran Neal *CM*

Josh Mettelus: S, Michigan

+Aggressive open field tackler


+Extremely versatile

+Always around the ball

+Great instincts

+Heavy hitter

-Tweener box safety / outside linebacker

-Strug zone coverage skills

-Unreliable in zone coverage

-Allows a high catch rate

Summary: Jack of all trades, master of none. Metellus played multiple positions, rushed the passer, was asked to cover WR’s, TE’s, and RB’s in man coverage, play single-high safety over the top, and stop the run as a linebacker. He’s a physical, ultra athletic tweener who’s an undersized OLB but a liability in cover as a safety.

Projected Round: 4-6

Player Comparison: Jabril Peppers *JB*

Khaleke Hudson: S, Michigan

+Position flexibility (S/LB)




+Redirects WR/TE well in press

-Man coverage

-Filling gaps

-Tackle angles need to be more consistent

Summary: Hudson can stick on a roster due to his position flexibility and competitive toughness. Ultimately a backup LBer and special teams player.

Projected Round: 4-5

Player Comparison: Blair Brown *CH*

Jalen Elliott: S, Notre Dame

+Solid tackling form

+Has experience playing all over the field

+Great in zone coverage

+Relies on his instincts

+3-year starter

-He struggles in man coverage

-Takes poor pursuit angles at times

-Suspect to jukes & fakes by runners

-Needs improvement in deep coverage

-Could improve his ball skills

Summary: Elliott is more suited to play the strong safety role at the next level due to his size and how he plays the game. He is a solid tackler but will need to not be over aggressive in his approach so he doesn’t take himself out of plays. His testing numbers will be vital to see if he can matchup with the athletes in the league.

Projected Round: 5th-7th

Player Comparison: Shawn Williams *CM*

Ashtyn Davis: S, California





+Room for growth

-Play recognition

-Ball Skills

-Needs work on zone coverage

-Can take bad angles on tackles

-Tackling form

Summary: Davis is a physical safety that isn’t afraid of contact and has the quickness to fly all over the field to make plays. He is versatile enough to line up where a coach wants him in his defensive unit. He has a lot of room to grow and could have some untap potential under the right coaching.

Projected Round Late 2nd-3rd:

Player Comparison: Justin Evans *CM*

Jeremy Chinn: S, Southern Illinois

+Hip swivel is smooth for biger DB

+Good size and length

+Hard hitter who plays closer to the LOS than deep third

+Excellent hustle and doesn’t give up on tracking ball carriers down

+Terrific timing and closing quickness on delayed blitz

-Will take poor pursuit angles

-Was underutilized in coverage, was tasked with filling rushing lanes

-Will get stuck on blocks

-Will get grabby downfield rather than trust his positioning

Summary: Chinn is a well put together safety that has the athleticism and transitional skills to be able to match up with athletic TEs one on one, but was heavily utilized in that manner at Southern Illinois. He was used as a downhill run defender which he does well, but he has more upside to be unlocked.

Projected Round: 4-5

Player Comparison: Bradley McDougald *RC*

Alohi Gillman: S, Notre Dame


+Has success near the los

+Good tackler

+Takes appropriate angles


-Ball skills

-Not much experience in man to man

Summary: Gilman is a transfer from Navy, and has been a solid player for the Irish. Gillman looks like a LB, playing S, and will most likely be a Box Safety, or get moved down to WLB.

Projected Round:5-7

Player Comparison: Clayton Geathers *AP*

Steve Wirtel: LS, Iowa State

+Grizzled veteran who has started since true freshman

+Has NFL Bloodlines (Brother John was a LS in NFL)

+Terrific build (6’4”/235lbs)

+Outstanding consistency and pace

+Accuracy is spot on both in FGs and Punts

+Willing to get down field in coverage

Summary: Consistency, Consistency, Consistency. He uses nearly flawless technique and has a prototype build to be an NFL LS.

Projected Round: 6-7

Player Comparison: John Wirtel *RC*

Tyler Bass: K, Georgia Southern

+Good leg strength (Career long is only 50 yds.

+Accuracy is generally good inside 40 yds.

+Not a line drive kicker, gets good height off the foot

+Clutch kicker when called upon in big moments.

-Does not have a big leg

-Accuracy dipped as a senior

-Had two seasons where his accuracy was below 80%.

-Small build

Summary: A gritty and clutch kicker from the Sun Belt. He doesn’t have the biggest leg, and has had more missed FG than you would like, but comes through when you need him.

Projected Round: PFA

Player Comparison: Nick Folk *RC*

Braden Mann: P, Texas A&M

+2018 Ray Guy Award Winner (Nation’s Top Punter

+Absolute Cannon for a Right Leg (Career average of 48.4yds)

+Had 15 career punts of 60yds+ and a career long of 82yds

+Great Hangtime

+Does a terrific job at pinning opponents inside the 20

+Was deployed as a Kickoff Specialist

Summary: A weapon in the punting game, and will be a 10+ year veteran before all is said and done, he has the ability to affect the game by flipping field position.

Projected Round: 4-5

Player Comparison: Michael Dickson *RC*



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