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2020 Senior Bowl South Player Profiles

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Written by The Blitz Team Scouting Staff


RC: Roy Countryman

JB: Jack Bourgeois

CM: Cody Manning

AA: Alexander Amir

RL: Ryan Lippert

CH: Chad Hahn

PV: Peter Vandeventer

AJ: Ali Jawad

AP: Anthony Pupo

Jalen Hurts: QB, Oklahoma




+Touch on throws

+Decision Making

-Deep ball Throws

-Squeezing in tight windows

-Looks to run after the first read

-Pocket Awareness

-Passing Vision

Summary: Hurts will bring plenty of experience at the next level and has the mobility that the new-age quarterbacks have. He does need things to be perfect around him in order to excel and needs to improve as a passer. He can be a quality backup in the right offensive scheme.

Projected Round: 4th

Player Comparison: Dak Prescott *CM*

Justin Herbert: QB, Oregon


+Arm Strength



+Throwing on the run

+Ball placement on lofted passes

-Locks on his first read often

-Could add more weight to his frame to limit injuries

-Working through progressions

Summary: Teams will be impressed by Herbert’s skill set, but it’s a matter if he can put his tools to full use in the NFL. Nevertheless, Herbert has the tools to play at the next level and if in the right situation should be a quality starter in the NFL.

Projected Round: 1st round

Player Comparison: Marcus Mariota *AJ*

Steven Montez: QB, Colorado

+Arm Strength


+Tough/High Character

+NFL Size

+Pocket Awareness


-When breaking the pocket doesn’t look downfield/ Becomes runner

-Processes progressions slowly


-Accuracy consistency

Summary: Has Physical tools but lacks footwork, mechanics, and consistency.

Projected Round 5-7

Player Comparison: Paxton Lynch *CH*

Eno Benjamin: RB, Arizona State

+Balanced runner

+Run after catch ability


+Short yardage quickness


-Pass Protection

-Stiff hips

-Doesn’t switch ball away from defenders

-Relies too much on jump cuts


Summary: Projected NFL backup, special teams player that can contribute to the team in various ways.

Projected Round: 4-6

Player Comparison: James White *CH*

Antonio Gibson: RB, Memphis


+Contact Balance



+Special Teams

-Plays too high


-Need to see Pass Protection

-Route running as a WR


Summary: Gibson is a playmaker once he gets the ball in his hands. Very hard to bring down and has big-play making ability with his explosiveness. He should be used as a weapon at the next level and his special teams play will help him land on a roster.

Projected Round: 4th-6th

Player Comparison: DJ Moore *CM*

Lamical Perine: RB, Florida


+Runs strong/Decisive


+Willing blocker

+3 down back/ Can catch


-Pass Pro Technique

Summary: Starting caliber RB with all the traits to be a 3 down back in the NFL. Needs to keep the weight he lost off.

Projected Round: 2-4

Player Comparison: Lamar Miller *CH*

Ke’Shawn Vaughn: RB, Vanderbilt

+Aggressive vision

+Burst/Quick first step

+Speed in open field

+Keeps legs moving after contact



-Lack of receptions in college

-Tries to bounce plays outside too much, looking for big plays.

Summary: Starting potential in NFL in RPO/ Spread offense. He needs to take what’s given to him more and explode from there.

Projected Round: 3-4

Player Comparison: Marlon Mack *CH*

Collin Johnson: WR, Texas

+Big physical WR at 6’6

+Catch radius

+Athletic for size


+Body control

-Release against press coverage

-Catches with his body instead of hands too much

-Route Running

-Vertical speed

Summary: Possession receiver with a possible jump to TE if he puts on 20 lbs. A difficult one on one matchup for defense due to his height. Red zone target.

Projected Round 4-6

Player Comparison: Marques Colston *CH*

Jauan Jennings: WR, Tennessee

+NFL size

+Good Hands

+Body control


+Competitive and tough

-Release against press coverage

-Speed/ Agility

-Needs work in route running

-Suspended by NCAA

Summary: WR has good hands and not afraid to get physical. Not a speedster but has good size. Roster spot possibly and has special teams potential.

Projected Round 5-7

Player Comparison: Jordan Mathews *CH*

Brandon Aiyuk: WR, Arizona State

+Agility in open space

+Quick first burst

+Attacks the ball

+Doesn’t oversell routes

+Return Ability

-Needs to improve footwork

-Not an effective blocker


-Needs to be more physical on routes

-Can be inconsistent at times

Summary: Aiyuk can be effective in the slot at the next level because of his elusiveness and explosion in a short space. He can also be a deep threat in an offense. He can be a team’s 3-4 wide receiver while providing special teams value with his return ability.

Projected Round: 3rd-5th

Player Comparison: Jermaine Kearse *CM*

Van Jefferson: WR, Florida

+Release/ Separation

+Route Running

+Intelligent setting up DB’s




-Catches too much in his body

-Jumps too much in traffic

Summary: WR that has upside but he doesn’t have a lot of speed but still makes people miss and has good hands and is an intelligent runner with the ball.

Projected Round 3-5

Player Comparison: A.J.Brown *CH*

Devin Duvernay: WR, Texas

+Straight-line explosiveness

+Tough runner/ Physical

+Ball Skills/ Big hands

+RAC ability

+Catch radius



-Release moves

-Hip/ ankle tightness

Summary: WR that is built differently and has top-end speed that can equate to be a KR in the NFL. Physical and looks to run you over after the catch. Tight hips limit agility.

Projected Round 6-7

Player Comparison: ArDarius Stewart *CH*

Kalija Lipscomb: WR, Vanderbilt

+Route Running

+Willing blocker


+Sudden movement


-Uses body to catch too much


Summary: Tough, competitive player that needs some fine-tuning. WR that his ceiling would be as high as #3 WR.His floor is battling for a roster spot.

Projected Round 5-7

Player Comparison: Zach Pascal *CH*

Jared Pinkney: TE, Vanderbilt

+Big, Strong and well put together frame

+Terrific high-point ability

+Can slip tackles after the catch

+Impressive fluidity for his build

+A quality run blocker who has the size and effort to win in-line

-At times struggles to locate blocks at 2nd level

-Is not an open field menace due to a lack of elite quickness

-Needs to refine his pad level while blocking

Summary: Pinkney is the best combination TE in this class. He makes a number of plays in a variety of roles and plays the ball with a my ball mentality.

Projected Round: Late 1-2

Player Comparison: Benjamin Watson *RC*

Harrison Bryant: TE, Florida Atlantic

+Has been a productive player

+Big bodied guy who knows how to win with his size

+Has experience running a variety of routes

+Athletic mismatch

+Linebackers have trouble keeping up with him down the field

Is not overly aggressive as a blocker

-Needs to work on strength and technique, in order for him to be a complete Tight End

-Didn’t catch a lot passes

Summary: Bryant is more of a WR right now, and needs to improve his ability as an in-line player

Projected Round: 2nd, 3rd

Player Comparison: Greg Olsen *AP*

Stephen Sullivan: TE, LSU

+Tall (6’6”) and long athlete

+Good speed

+Decent fluidity in his route running

+Can high point passes effectively

+Huge catching radius

+Converted WR

-Little to no experience lining up in-line

-Thin build

-Can be knocked off his route

-Needs to refine his route running

Summary: Big WR who is still new to the TE position. He has all the measurables and speed to be a mismatch nightmare if he can add more strength and bulk.

Projected Round 6-7

Player Comparison: Allen Lazard *RC*

Josiah Deguara: TE, Cincinnati

+Very good speed to stretch the field vertically

+Terrific fluidity in the open field

+Quality Wham Blocker

+Reliable target

+Able to adjust to errant throws

-Shorter than ideal build

-Used more as a move TE than purely in-line

-Lacks strength to combat DL

Summary: Deguara was a go-to target while at Cincinnati and made a host of big plays due to his athleticism and sure hands, he will be best deployed as a move TE and mismatch against linebackers and safeties.

Projected Round 3-4

Player Comparison: Charles Clay *RC*

Prince Tega Wanogho: OT, Auburn

+Great length

+Upper body strength

+Pass Protection


+Competitive/ Toughness

-Carrying out blocks

-Lower leg strength lessens his push


-Hips are a little stiff

-Hand technique

Summary: Raw talented player that has the length, athleticism and toughness to develop into a starter. Natural fit at LT or LG in the NFL.

Projected Round 3-5

Player Comparison: Julian Davenport *CH*

Alex Taylor: OT, South Carolina State

+Incredibly large at 6’9 310 lbs


+Uses good leverage surprisingly for his size

+Quick feet

+Aggressive/ Physical

-Delayed reaction to blitzes

-Raw talented player

-Hips are a little stiff at times

Summary: Raw prospect that has been playing football for around 5 years. Seems to learn quickly and can develop into a quality starter in the NFL.

Projected Round 4-6

Player Comparison: Demar Dotson *CH*

Terence Steele: OT, Texas Tech

+Good athleticism

+Great size

+Good footwork


-Consistent leverage

-Late reactions on blitzes

-Can get caught backpedaling too much

Summary: Has the NFL size and toughness. Needs some technique work and has all the tools to become a starter at Left Tackle or Right Tackle.

Projected Round 3-4

Player Comparison: Le'Raven Clark *CH*

Tyre Phillips: OT, Mississippi State

+Big size in 6’6 350 lbs



+Run blocking

+Competitive/ Physical



-Pass Protection

Summary: Big powerful linemen with some upside. Can develop into a spot starter or quality backup in the NFL.

Projected Round 4-6

Player Comparison: Darryl Williams *CH*

Logan Stenberg: OG, Kentucky

+Tough/ Competitive


+Finishes blocks well


+Run blocking


-Space limitations

-Pass protection


Summary: Logan has a lot of nastiness at the line and excels at run blocking. Has excellent size and is projected to be an instant starter in the NFL.

Projected Round 2-4

Player Comparison: Brandon Linder *CH*

John Simpson: OG, Clemson

+Former High School Wrestling Champion

+Has experience playing both LG and RG

+2019 Consensus All-American

+Big and Stocky build with power throughout

+Is a dominant drive blocker

+Uses a wide base

-Struggles with speed

-Is a phone booth player

-Lack of elite foot quickness

-Has a problem with leaning too far out in stance

Summary: Simpson is a well respected IOL who is great in a phone booth and will go 10 rounds with his opponents with vigor. He understands his shortcomings and works towards his strengths.

Projected Round: 3-4

Player Comparison: D.J. Fluker *RC*

Ben Bartch: OG, Saint John’s (Division III)

+Plays with good technique

+Good foot quickness

+Flashes ability to sit down in stance and anchor.

+Flashes a mean streak, looks to maul opponents into submission.

+Heavy hands, when he gets his hands on you it is over.

-Not an initiator of contact, will catch rushers.

-Susceptible to spin moves

-At times will lean shoulders over hips leaving him open to being off balance.

-Lacks elite length

Summary: Sturdy and competitive small school LT who will most likely have to slide inside due to a lack in great length and foot quickness. If cast in a role in short areas he has tremendous upside due to his skill set.

Projected Round: 3-5

Player Comparison: Joel Bitonio *RC*

Damien Lewis: OL, LSU

+His solid base allows him to anchor well in pass protection vs bullrush

+Ultra physical at point of attack

+A true road-grader who’ll thrive in a power run scheme

+Maintains blocks with an elite level grip

-Inadequate pass blocker who’ll need mechanical refinement to succeed

-Lacks speed

-Struggles in zone schemes and pulling across the line of scrimmage.

-Susceptible to speed rushers

Summary: A Juco transfer rightfully named the “Man Child” because of his freakish power, an ability to move bodies, open running lanes, and stonewall the best D-linemen in the SEC. He’s a powerhouse, who’s as wide as he is tall but needs to improve his footwork and quickness in order to make it as an NFL starter.

Projected Round: 4-5

Player Comparison: Richie Incognito

Tremayne Anchrum: OL, Clemson

+Low Center of Gravity and know how to utilize leverage to his advantage

+Above average agility

+Does a good job of blocking into the 2nd level of defense.

+Quick feet that can match pass rushers

+Can blow open wide rushing lanes when down blocking

+Can sit down in stance and anchor against pass rushers

-Lacks length

-Shorter than ideal for OT (6’2”), so may be forced to move inside

-Can be beat by inside moves due to lack of length

Summary: A rock solid RT for a perennial championship caliber program, but due to a lack of length he will need to transition to an interior position where with his skill set he has pro bowl upside.

Projected Round: 4-5

Player Comparison: Kelvin Beachum *RC*

Keith Ismael: OL, San Diego State

+Active IOL and will continually look for someone to block

+Uses a wide base

+Active hands fighter

+Very good pre-snap communicator

+Light feet and good shuffle in pass protection

+Flows and fits adequately to the 2nd level

-Needs to refine his pad level, can be walked back at times with power

-Has a problem ducking his head on contact

-Needs to sustain blocks better, DL with length and press and shed him

Summary: A underclassmen who worked hard to get his degree early, he is a multiyear starter for the Aztecs and has his strengths, but also has some coachable weaknesses that will need addressed by an NFL coaching staff.

Projected Round: 5-7

Player Comparison: Jon Feliciano *RC*

Lloyd Cushenberry IIIl: C, LSU

+Impressive athleticism, agility, flexibility, length, and Football IQ

+Outstanding peripheral field vision against stunts and blitz pickups

+Quick 1st step & burst out of stance

+Strong pass set, knee bend, and low base.

+Powerful run blocker

+Accurate & explosive in the 2nd level

-Inconsistent contact balance

-Erratic footwork & hand fighting

-Struggles to anchor vs the bull rush

-Lack power behind punch

-Struggles to recover when beaten off snap

-Heavily relies on physical traits

Summary: The LSU Center is a two year starter and a blank canvas athlete who possesses all the raw tools but lacks the overall experience, technique, and playing time. Should be somewhat considered a project prospect with NFL starter to pro bowl caliber potential.

Projected Round: 3-5

Player Comparison: Jeremy Zuttah *JB*

Darrell Taylor Jr.: Edge, Tennessee

+Quick first step




+Active hands

-Hand power


-Leverage/Block shedding


Summary: Quick edge rusher with plenty of athleticism and has active hands when engaging. With NFL coaching can develop into a starting caliber Edge rusher.

Projected Round: 3-4

Player Comparison: Tyus Bowser *CH*

D.J. Wonnum: Edge, South Carolina

+High motor/Competitive

+Powerful player

+Active hands

+Good leverage


-Run defending


-Hands Technique

-Functional strength

-Pass Rush Plan

Summary: Highly competitive player that has active hands and plays with good leverage. Has the length needed to succeed and disrupt.

Projected Round: 4-6

Player Comparison: Sam Montgomery *CH*

Jonathan Greenard: Edge, Florida

+Setup moves


+Calculated pass rusher

+Competitive/ Tough


-Burst at LOS



-Durability concerns

Summary: Athletic LB that can rush the passer and athletic enough to drop into pass coverage Competitive player that can generate pressure in a variety of ways. Needs work on technique and anticipation. Starting caliber Edge rusher in the NFL.

Projected Round: 1-2

Player Comparison: Dante Fowler Jr. *CH*

Marlon Davidson: DE, Auburn

+Good open-field tackler

+Solid use of hands

+Explosive off LOS

+Decent size and upper body strength

-Lack of pass rush moves

-Struggles to get off blocks

-Very little bend

-Low motor

Summary: Raw defensive end prospect that has the physical tools but will need time to develop at the next level.

Projected Round:Late 2nd-3rd

Player Comparison: Trey Flowers *RL*

Jabari Zuniga: DE, Florida

+Strength/ Hands



+Converts speed to power well

+Balanced rusher

-Slow release at LOS

-Awareness/ Play recognition

-Counter rush moves

-Plan of attack- Pre snap

Summary: Balanced rusher which will succeed faster playing DE in a 4-3 compared to standing up. With development can potentially become an NFL starter.

Projected Round: 4-6

Player Comparison: Jachai Polite *CH*

Trevis Gipson: DE, Tulsa

+Good motor


+Closing speed/Acceleration

-Lacks bend ability

-Pass rush repertoire

-Hand technique

-Consistent leverage

-Instincts/Football IQ

Summary: Trevis can play either as a 4-3 DE or stand up as 3-4 Edge rusher but he lacks in a lot of areas. Will battle for a roster spot. Don’t see him on a roster long term.

Projected Round: 5-7

Player Comparison: Demone Harris *CH*

Javon Kinlaw: DT, South Carolina

+Upper body strength

+Pass Rush technique


+Lateral movement

+High motor



Summary: Projects as a starting defensive lineman. Can be a starter as DT in a 4-3 scheme or DE in a 3-4. He could develop into an impact starter.

Projected Round: 1

Player Comparison: Leonard Williams *CH*

Benito Jones: DT, Ole Miss

+Quickness out of stance


+Moves well laterally

+Penetration ability



-Pass rush

-Dense frame

Summary: Limited due to his length but has early-down potential to stuff the run. Projected NFL backup

Projected Round: 5-7

Player Comparison: Daylon Mack *CH*

Raekwon Davis: DT, Alabama


+Wingspan at 6’7 height

+First step quickness

+Tackling ability

+Mental processing

-Hand technique

-Block shedding

-Consistent motor


Summary: Promising prospect that is a developmental starter. His best position would be as a 3-4 DE. He has a passion for the game but lacks a consistent motor. If he puts it together he can be a problem for opposing offenses.

Projected Round: 2-3

Player Comparison: Arik Armstead *CH*

Josiah Coatney: DT, Ole Miss


+Run stuffer


+Gap integrity


-Lateral Movement


-Consistency in technique

Summary: Josiah is a big powerful defensive tackle that can stop the run. NFL coaching will find a role for him as a 3-4 Nose Tackle. Instant backup that can potentially become a starter

Projected Round: 4-6

Player Comparison: Angelo Blackson *CH*

Robert Windsor: DT, Penn State

+High motor

+Gap penetration

+Interior pass rushing




-Football IQ


Summary: Robert has a high motor and can disrupt plays with his effort and gap penetration. He needs to work on his awareness, consistency, and strength. Projection is NFL backup.

Projected Round: 4-6

Player Comparison: Jonathan Bullard *CH*

Davion Taylor: OLB, Colorado


+Spacial Awareness

+Coverage Skill (zone)

+Does well as buzz defender

-Doesn’t see the game well around the LOS

-Can get grabby in man coverage

-Route Concepts

-Lack of hand usage (too much shoulder)

Summary: As an All Pac12 sprinter, Taylor has a unique skill set that will allow him to play all over a defense. Currently looks like a sub-package defender, should add some more muscle and develop more as a run defender.

Projected Round: 4th

Player Comparison: Darius Leonard *PV*

Akeem Davis-Gaither: OLB, Appalachian State


+Quick feet

+High Motor

+Sure Tackler


-Undersized for an LB

-Mental Processing

-Run Fits

-Doesn’t fight as much with his hands as he could

Summary: Davis-Gaither’s is a tweener that needs to get more experience at his desired position of LB. Doesn’t have a lot of the mental aspects and nuances of the game. But other than that, he is a great athlete who has pop, quickness and a high motor. Expect to start off as a special teamer before contributing meaningfully on defense.

Projected Round: 5

Player Comparison: Telvin Smith *PV*

Cameron Brown: OLB, Penn State



+Looks to force turnovers

+4-year player

+Defended pass plays out wide

-Tackling form needs work

-Lack of balance

-Improvement of stack-and-shed ability

-Lean frame, could need more size.

-Doesn’t use length to his advantage

Summary: Brown has the long and rangey body that NFL teams seek in today’s linebackers. He has the athleticism to cover the whole field. He has much more room to grow as a player and is more of a project at this point. If he can add some size and improve as a player then he could be a starter one day, or at least play in special teams.

Projected Round: 6th-7th/PFA

Player Comparison: Audie Cole *CM*

Anfernee Jennings: ILB, Alabama

+Thick frame

+Strong hands/ Hand technique

+Power rusher

+Competitive/ Toughness

+Run defending

-Mobility in hips

-Stand up ability

-Pass Coverage

Summary: Can develop into a starting DE in a 4-3 scheme or a 3-4 OLB that plays the run. Lacks hip mobility as a stand up LB and dropping into coverage. Defends the run very well.

Projected Round: 2-3

Player Comparison: Matthew Judon *CH*

T.J. Brunson: ILB, South Carolina

+Stack-and-shed ability

+Great hand work

+Filling up gaps


+3-year starter

-Lack of sideline-to-sideline speed

-Can struggle in open space

-Agile players give him problems

-Man coverage

-Injury History

Summary: Brunson is a physical run stopper that does a great job of utilizing his hands to shed lineman and can fill gaps quickly. His tape didn’t show sideline-to-sideline speed which could be a detriment for him at the next level. He can be a solid 2-down linebacker at the least for a team.

Projected Round: 5th-7th

Player Comparison: A.J. Klien *CM*

Terrell Lewis: LB, Alabama

+Excellent length

+High motor/ Competitive



+No fear

-Too frantic at times

-Technique consistency

-Injuries led to lack of film

Summary: Exciting prospect if he can stay healthy. Extremely competitive and has a very high motor. Needs technique work but is gifted athletically. Potentially a starter at either 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB.

Projected Round: 2-3

Player Comparison: Lorenzo Carter *CH*

Kindle Vildor: CB, Georgia Southern

+Good flexibility

+Speed in man coverage

+Coverage Awareness

+Solid ball skills


-Struggles to get off blocks

-Gets extended too easily


Summary: Fast, athletic coverage corner that uses his speed to lock down his side of the field. If he can get stronger/more physical, he can be a very good corner in the league.

Projected Round: 5-7

Player Comparison: Donte Jackson *RL*

Dane Jackson: CB, Pittsburgh


+Getting hands in for PBUs

+Willing tackler

+Size & Length

+4-year player

-Suspect for DPIs

-Allows an easy release

-Doesn’t read eyes well

-Needs to use body to his advantage more

-Didn’t make any ‘splash’ plays

Summary: Jackson has the size and length that teams like in their corners, but he doesn’t use it to his advantage as much as you would like to see. He is solid at getting pass deflections and will help in run support. He can be a solid backup at the next level if he can develop further.

Projected Round: 6th-7th/PFA

Player Comparison: LeShaun Sims *CM*

A.J. Green: CB, Oklahoma State

+Good footwork

+Ball skills




Summary: Green is one of the more under-rated prospects in this year's Draft. With a good week in Mobile, he could improve his stock severely

Projected Round:2-4

Player Comparison: Sean Murphy-Bunting *AP*

Darnay Holmes: DB, UCLA

+Quickness in short space

+Hip fluidity

+Attaching himself to WR’s hips

+Ball skills

+3-year starter

-Doesn’t fight through blocks

-Needs to be more physical

-Allows an easy release, suspect to fades

-Lack of effort on some plays

-Size could be a problem vs bigger WRs

Summary: Holmes has the athleticism that could allow him to succeed at the next level but he needs to put it all together. He can tackle when he wants to, but needs to show more competitiveness to get physical with blockers and attacking the run. He is better suited for nickel and dime packages.

Projected Round: 5th-7th

Player Comparison: Jamar Taylor *CM*

Reggie Robinson II: DB, Tulsa

+Physical, Press Man CB

+Very good length

+Good fluidity on backpedal

+Shows awareness to drive on the ball

+Willing run supporter

+Strong jam at LOS

-Can get to physical throughout the duration of the route, could lead to penalties

-Can be caught off balance in transition

Summary: Robinson II is a long and physical cover corner who was able to run step for step with a ton of quality WRs. He is strong at the LOS and will offset the release of his opponent. He recognizes when to drive on the ball and will close in a hurry.

Projected Round: 3-4

Player Comparison: Daryl Worley *RC*

K’Von Wallace: S, Clemson

+Experience playing everywhere in the back end

+Tad under-sized

+Aggressive attacking the football


-Run Support

-Facing bigger body WR’s

-His position at the next level ?

Summary: Wallace is like Mayden from Alabama, he has experience playing everywhere in the back end. He was one of the leaders on that Clemson Defense. He has the traits to be an effective player at the next level.

Projected Round: 3-7

Player Comparison: Damon Webb *AP*

Jared Mayden: S, Alabama

+Better closer to the los

+Physical - fills the alley in the run game

+Good body physique

-Has experience everywhere in the back end, so teams might not be sure where to play him

-Ball skills


Summary: Mayden is “Mr. Do it All” for the Tide. He has experience in man, zone, and in the box. Will be interesting to see where he will play in the NFL

Projected Round: 4-7

Player Comparison: Johnathan Abram *AP*

Kyle Dugger: S, Lenoir Rhyne

+NFL size 6’2 215lbs

+Fast/ Acceleration

+Physical/ Hard Hitting


-Lateral movement

-Hip mobility

-Lack of competition

Summary: Safety that can play LB as he likes to hit and hit hard. Physical freak compared to his competitors in college. Will need coaching and discipline to sustain an NFL career but if he can put it together, he can potentially become a starter. If not he can excel at special teams.

Projected Round: 2-3

Player Comparison: Deone Buchanon/Devin Bush(LB) *CH*

Brian Cole II: S, Mississippi State

+Closes on routes well

+Does a good job shedding blocks on the outside


+Great timing when blitzing off the edge

-Not a great finisher in the box

-A lot of play is exclusively from the Nickel position

-Bites too much on double moves

-Only had 1 full season of D1 ball

Summary: The former Michigan WR turned DB found his way to Mississippi State. Cole doesn’t have a lot of experience but he has shown growth over the 1 ½ years and is learning the details of the game from that side. Cole has a future in the NFL as a special teamer and Nickel corner, and could play safety if given more time. Certainly has the size for it at 6’2 210.

Projected Round: 4

Player Comparison: Eric Rowe *PV*

Antoine Brooks Jr.: S, Maryland

+Solid tackler

+Fluid within the box

+Plays very physical

+Stack-and-shed ability

+3-year starter

-Overall game speed

-Loses skill set away from the box

-Struggles with speedy receivers

-Ball skills

-LB in a Safety body

Summary: Brooks Jr. has the body of a safety, but plays like a linebacker. He is a sure tackler and loves to get physical in his gameplay. He will take on linemen and shed them for a tackle. He struggles in coverage as he can’t keep up with faster players. He is better fit for a team that wants him to play closer to the ball.

Projected Round: 5th-6th

Player Comparison: Adrian Phillips *CM*

Blake Ferguson: LS, LSU

+4-year Starter

+Extremely Intelligent (Finalist for Academic Heisman)

+Great size and build

+Good Pace to snaps

+Consistently Accurate on snaps

+Not afraid to get down and make a tackle

Summary: Decorated Long Snapper since high school that has the build and consistency NFL talent evaluators look for.

Projected Round: 7-PFA

Player Comparison: Jake McQuaide *RC*

Rodrigo Blankenship: K, Georgia

+2019 Lou Groza Award Winner (Nation’s Top K)

+Semifinalists for the 2019 Wuerffel Trophy, which is an award for community service.

+Accurate kicker (Never missed a PAT, and a career 82.5% FG %.)

+Has very good leg strength with

+Can handle kickoff duties

+Not a line drive kicker gets good height off his foot.

Summary: Consistent and clutch kicker from the vaunted SEC. He has very good leg strength and can knock down 50yd+ FGs and be a force on kickoffs.

Projected Round: 5-7

Player Comparison: Zane Gonzalez *RC*

Joseph Charlton: P, South Carolina

+Multi-sport background (Soccer and Basketball in addition to Football

+Great athlete (Reportedly runs in the 4.6 range in the 40 yd. dash)

+Unique personality and loves joking around

+Very good leg strength (Career average of 45.5 yds.)

Summary: Likeable jokester who when out on the field takes his craft seriously by getting off quality punts with hang time and direction. Has NFL caliber leg strength.

Projected Round: 6-7

Player Comparison: Bryan Anger *RC*

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